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Links to great resources to help you pick a career program and learn more about TRCC!

• Questions & Answers About Tri-Rivers Link:Q & A FAQ sheet SY 2022-23

• Meet Your TRCC School Counselors: TRCC School Counselors

• What’s My E?—Enrolled, Employed, Enlisted: What’s My E!

You can also read about our programs and view program videos on this website as well. 

View Our AMAZING Virtual Interactive Tour Video
During the virtual tour you will experience Career Tech programs, meet instructors, learn more about important certifications, and hear from current Tri-Rivers students and alumni. Explore the possibilities and make your dreams a reality.
*Please note social distancing and safety precautions were taken during the filming of this video. Much of the filming was done prior to the pandemic; thus, you will see students close together in some video footage.
* Our VISION program is now called C.E.I. We are in the process of updating our virtual video.
Apply Now for the 2022-23 School Year
After you have read through our course catalog, checked out information on our website and toured through our AMAZING Virtual Video, you’ll be prepared to select the program where you will achieve success and have a pathway in life where you are challenged, rewarded and happy! Click Here For Online Application

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