Part-Time Firefighting Courses

ODPS Accreditation #329

Course Description:This course consists of classroom and hands-on training covering all aspects of the job, such as personal protective equipment, engine company operations, ladder company operations, building  constructions, fire behavior, fire prevention, sprinkler systems and communications.
This course leads to the highest level of fire certification in the State of Ohio and meets or exceeds the NFPA 1001 standard for professional firefighter qualifications. Upon completion of this course, individuals will be required to pass a state certification exam which is the minimum requirement needed to function as a full-time paid firefighter in the State of Ohio

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1. Must be 17 years of age and in senior year of high school or older
2. Successful completion of pre-entrance WorkKeys tests: Reading and Math
3. High School Diploma or GED


$ 50 Non-Refundable Application Fee
$ 2,250 Tuition Level 1 & 2/ $1,300 Level 1
$ 180 Books (estimated cost )
$ 450 NFPA Approved Turnout Gear Rental Fee (if applicable)

The student is required to obtain a physical. This physical will include: varicella titer, rubella titer, mantoux 2 step TB test, 8 panel drug screening. A BCI&I and FBI background check is also required, please see form attached. These additional costs will be the STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY. The school strongly recommends that the students should consider completing the series of inoculation for Hepatitis B virus.

Immunizations may be done at: Occupational Health, 1050 Delaware Avenue, Marion on M, T, W, F 8am-12pm or 1pm-5pm or contact your physician.

Unless a double payment has inadvertently been made, no refund will be issued to a student without the student first submitting a request in writing to the Chief of Public Safety Services explaining the extenuating circumstances and proof wherever possible. If a decision is made to issue a partial or full refund, please keep in mind that any refunds that are ultimately issued may take four weeks to process.

*Costs subject to change.

For further information:

, contact Emeline Kelly at 740-389-4682 x5514
or Email:

No financial aid is available for part time classes