Robotics & Automation

Robotics & Automation Training
(This training is no longer offered)                                               

Class Dates: CLOSED

Total Hours: 56
Cost: $2,995

Earn High-Demand Industry Certifications
• Yaskawa/Motoman Basic Programming & Material Handling Robotic Certification
• Mitsubishi GX Works PLCs

Questions?  Contact Holly at RAMTEC, 740-389-8590 or EMAIL

Yaskawa Motoman Robotics DX 100 Robot Training
Tasks Covered:
Robotics safety
How to Power up and down
Jogging the robot using coordinate systems
Modifying points, motion type and speed
How to recover from alarms and errors
Copying, cutting and pasting instructions
Inserting Call and Jump statements
Programming Inputs and Outputs
Monitoring variables
Creating and working with user frames
Defining and using Position Variables
Programming SFTON and SFTOF Instruction

Mitsubishi GX Works 2 PLC
Tasks covered:
What is a PLC?
How a PLC Operates
Inputs and Outputs
Numbering Systems
Mitsubishi GX Works2 Programming Software
PLC Addressing
Ladder Logic and Mitsubishi Symbols
Connecting to the PLC
Programming a PLC
Saving the PLC program
Introduction to GX Works2 Programming Software
Creating a Project
Online Operations
Program Comments and Documentation
PLC Parameters
I/O Addressing
Ladder Programming
Timers and Counters

Is Tri-Rivers Adult Education For Me?

I’m hoping this training will help me get a more technical job as a Robotic Technician or in Maintenance. My instructor is easy to talk to and so knowledgeable. I plan to take more classes at RAMTEC. This one met and exceeded my expectations. “

—Shane Rose,  Graduate and now hired by Jefferson Industries!

I’ve always thought robots were interesting.   The instructor is so knowledgeable. I’ve learned more here in this class in three weeks than I learned in all of my high school and college classes. The fact that Marion, Ohio has this resource—with nothing else like it in the country—is amazing to me.  “

—Ian Clouse,  Graduate and hired by Jefferson Industries

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