Ashley Kube, RN. —Outstanding Alumni 2020-2021

Ashley Kube, RN, is a nurse leader and nurse educator in our community. Graduate of Tri-Rivers PN and LPN to RN programs

The Tri-Rivers Outstanding Alumni Award is the highest honor our school presents to a graduate, and it is given in recognition of a graduate that has brought honor to Tri-Rivers through their professional achievements, community impact and leadership. We are honored  to celebrate Ashley’s achievements as a Tri-Rivers graduate, nurse leader and nurse educator in our community.

Ashley initially enrolled in Tri Rivers School of Nursing as an advanced standing student in January of 2013 in our Practical Nursing, or LPN, program. Her Tri-Rivers Instructor, Lori Conte, said, “It became immediately apparent to me that Ashley was a very dedicated, thorough, and caring future nurse. She was always striving to learn more, to do more and just be the best she could be, volunteering for extra assignments and doing extra research to make sure she gave safe care.”

Ashley graduated in June of 2013, and upon receiving her LPN license, immediately re-enrolled in the LPN to RN program at Tri-Rivers in the fall of 2013. Ashley not only graduated from our RN program the following year, but her clinical and academic performance was so outstanding that she was selected as the recipient of the Registered Nursing program’s highest award, the Judith Ryan Higel Award. The Judith Ryan Higel Award is given to a student who is exceptional academically, as well as clinically, supportive of their classmates, and a true role model for other students.

After graduation, Ashley worked at Marion Manor as Registered Nurse, MDS Coordinator and charge nurse, where she put her heart into her work. She quickly became known as a patient advocate, providing meticulous and compassionate care to the patients assigned to her. At the same time, Ashley continued her education, graduating from Ohio University with her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing in 2019. Not only has she shown a lifelong commitment to continuous learning, but she has also demonstrated that another strength she possesses is the ability to teach and inspire others. Ashley joined our own clinical faculty in 2016, teaching groups of students in various clinical sites over the next 3 years.

Her emphasis on patient safety and critical thinking made a lasting impact on the future nurses she taught during that time period. Ashley is currently working as a nurse leader and nurse educator at Avita Bucyrus Community Hospital. She has worked there as a Med Surg nurse, an ICU nurse, and now has the position of Student Nurse Residency and New Graduate Coordinator. During her time so far at Avita Health System, she has received advanced IV placement training, and has already been the recipient of a Daisy Award, a highly regarded award given to nurses for providing “above and beyond compassionate care to patients and families.”

Ashley has had a tremendous community impact in her career so far since her graduation from Tri-Rivers. She has influenced our community not only through the excellent nursing care she has provided, but also through her guidance on many future and new nurses through her teaching efforts.

Ashley is truly a distinguished alumna and deserving of this award. She teaches, guides, encourages, and mentors new nurses and helps their own passion for the field of nursing to be nurtured. She continues to be a role model in prioritizing patient safety, patient advocacy, and compassionate care. Ashley always speaks highly of Tri Rivers and never hesitates to encourage future Tri-Rivers students with her story. We are all honored to have walked with her for a time in her nursing journey, and we look forward to celebrating her future accomplishments with her.