Board Members

If you have questions, contact your area Board representative:
The Board meeting the third Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm

Glenna Plotts (representing MOESC) Email

Vice President
Eric Park (representing Ridgedale) Email 

Board Members:
Mickey Landon (representing NCOESC) Email
Shelly Ehret (representing North Union) Email
Quinn Maceyko (representing Cardington-Lincoln) Email
Jim McFarland (representing NCOESCEmail

Debbie Good (representing Elgin) Email
Keith Rogers (representing Mt. Gilead) Email
Bob Haas (representing River Valley) Email
Ted McKinniss (representing Marion City Schools) Email 
Gary Sims (representing Pleasant) Email
Tara Dyer (representing Marion City Email
Pam Pinney representing NCOESC) Email