2018 Outstanding Tri-Rivers Alumnus Honored at Board Dinner

Alivia Christian

Alivia Young Christian is a 2012 graduate of Elgin High School, who majored in Tri-Rivers Health Care Professionals, which is now our Health Careers Academy. As a high school student Alivia was a standout—she was an active member of SkillsUSA, earned membership into the National Technical Honor Society, was selected as an Ambassador and a Teen Board member, plus she received one of the coveted Director’s Awards during the Senior Recognition evening at the Palace.

During her Senior year at the Career Center she was also dual enrolled in Marion Technical College. While at Marion Tech she worked at McDonald’s and for a short time she cared for her former junior instructor, Chris Pemberton’s mom. Chris said she completely trusted Alivia who was so caring and compassionate.

She completed her Associate’s degree at Marion Tech and received her RN in June of 2016. Alivia then started working at Marion General Hospital in July of 2016. She started on a medical floor for 9 months, then moved to step-down and just recently accepted a position in the ICU.

Alivia is the perfect nurse. Even in high school she always wanted to do her best. Unless she received a 100% on a test, it wasn’t good enough. She was and is a goal-oriented person and never happy with second best.

Alivia exemplifies our slogan of “A School Where You are ALLOWED to, INSPIRED, and EXPECTED to BE AMAZING!” At Tri-Rivers we truly expect our students to do amazing things. And Alivia with her attention to detail and desire to continually grow as a person and a professional is an AMAZING nurse. In a few weeks she will complete her BSN.


Robert Zwink

Robert Zwink is a 1996 graduate of Marion Harding High School, who majored in Tri-Rivers Electronics program.

Rob was nominated by his friend Joshua Simpkins who also graduated from Harding. Josh had this to say about his longtime friend:

I think Rob demonstrates that kids from modest backgrounds can still be very successful if they are willing to work hard and build a skill set that employers value.

I attended Marion Harding with Rob and then roomed with him when we both lived in Columbus in the late 90s. When I think of a self-made man, Rob is always the first person who comes to mind. After graduating from Tri-Rivers, he moved to Columbus with absolutely nothing—no money, no college degree—although he later earned a Bachelors of Computer Science from Franklin University—and no contacts beyond a few Marion people.

Rob initially got an entry-level job in tech support at Micro Center. Through hard work and determination, he worked his way up through various technology positions in the Columbus area including tech analyst for Lucent Technologies, Lead Software Engineer for Micro Electronics, Inc, and executive director for JPMorgan Chase & Co. He is currently the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and co-founder of SafeChain Financial, Inc.

SafeChain provides executive leadership, architecture strategy and engineering solutions in support of blockchain backed title software devices.

Also, Rob is just a thoroughly decent guy. He’s a committed husband and father of two sons. He’s always willing to help people who need it. He’s never forgotten his roots and for a guy like him—who marches to the beat of a different drummer—Tri-Rivers opened the door to what has become an exceptionally successful career and life.

We at Tri-Rivers share Josh’s sentiments. Rob represents everything an Outstanding Alumni should. He is extremely successful in his field, a good citizen, a committed family person and an active volunteer with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Central Ohio for over a decade.


Billie Fields-Baer

Billie Fields-Baer is not only a graduate of Tri-Rivers Practical Nursing and LPN to RN nursing programs but also a long-time employee of Tri-Rivers. From the beginning of her career journey to several graduations—LPN, RN, and BSN) and licensure, she has grown into the profession as a nurse educator and leader.

Through education and mentoring, Billie has touched the lives of many students. She has a passion for teaching and understands the role of Tri-Rivers in adult students’ lives. She goes above and beyond to ensure that her students have a good understanding of topics and how they affect their everyday practice. She is always on the sideline coaching, cheering and encouraging students to stay positive and believe in themselves. She doesn’t know how to say “no.” She will always find a way to help or accommodate people in need. Her creativity has always provided solutions to any problems encountered.

Billie started her career as a Medical Assistant and Office Manager in one of the local physician’s practice. While working full-time and raising five children, she enrolled in Tri-Rivers first Evening Practical Nursing program. She graduated in 2004 with honors and received the highest award in the Practical Nursing program—the Margaret Helen Gast Award.

In 2012, she made the decision to further her nursing career by enrolling into the Tri-Rivers LPN to RN program. Again, she graduated with honors and received the Judith Ryan Higel award. Soon after graduating from the RN program, she enrolled at Ohio University where she earned her Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing and graduated Cum Laude.

This year she continued her nursing career journey by enrolling in a graduate program at Grand Canyon University with the goal of earning a Masters in Nursing Science.

In addition to her educational accomplishments, Billie has made multiple contributions to Tri-Rivers. Beginning in 2005, she has served as the instructor for the nursing prerequisite programs, Nurse Aide instructor and the Patient Care Technician Program Coordinator. Also, because of Billie’s caring personality and ability to connect and build rapport with students, she was chosen to serve as the success center’s academic and life coach. This year she also served as a clinical instructor in Tri-Rivers LPN to RN Program. It is obvious that Billie is involved in all healthcare programs; however, her main responsibility is being the Patient Tech Program Coordinator.

When she took over that role in 2016, she was able to make great improvements to the program and achieve record high outcomes, according to Dr. Emeline Kelly, the Nursing Director. Tri-Rivers received notification from the National Healthcareer Association commending the PCT program’s 2017 pass rates being above the national averages. It was reported that our 2017 pass rate currently sits at 97%, that is 19 points above the national average of 78%. The agency has requested to use the Tri-Rivers’ PCT program as a model curriculum because of these great outcomes.

Billie serves on the advisory committee for secondary’s Vet Science program and for the Health program at Marion Harding.




Steve McFarland

Steve McFarland is an electrician with over 25 years of commercial and residential experience. He’s a 1987 graduate of Mt. Gilead High School. In 1988 he entered the United States Army where he served as a 31 N 10 Communication System Circuit Controller. Steve served in Germany, was stationed in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War and was honorably discharged in 1992.

In 2010 Steve enrolled in our Adult Education Industrial Maintenance program. He graduated from the program in May of 2011—a 600-hour program with perfect attendance.

In August of 2011 Steve started Steve McFarland Electric LLC which continues to operate today. In October 2011 he began to give back his talents and expertise to Tri-Rivers, when he was hired as a part-time instructor for the Industrial Maintenance program he had previously completed.

Steve is an excellent instructor. He has competed the training and is a NCCER Certified Instructor for Core Curriculum and Electrical. He has not only been a very enthusiastic and reliable instructor for Tri-Rivers, he has  hired some of our students to work for his company!

Steve has always received very high evaluations from his students at Tri-Rivers. One of the questions that is asked on the evaluation is, “What did you like best about the course?” Here is just a small sampling of what Steve’s student’s say: “The Instructor, hands on and demonstrations.” “Inside knowledge from master electrician.” “The theory and knowledge and knowledge that our instructor brought to the classroom.” “Hands on. The excitement of Steve, to teach and his first-hand experiences.”

This past winter, in Steve’s Electrical Control classes it was amazing to see our adult students volunteer to come up front, diagram what they were learning and interact with the class. That just doesn’t happen by itself,  it’s instructors like Steve, who earn the classes’ respect for their knowledge and their ability to share their expertise with students who want to advance in their careers. It’s his passion for teaching  that makes Steve an Tri-Rivers Outstanding Alumni award winner.










2017 Outstanding Alumni Winners

Photo: Logan Mitchell, Candice DeWitt and Tyler Lowe. Dylon Caudill pictured below.

Tri-Rivers Outstanding Alumnus were honored at the 2017 board dinner at the Career Center.

The Tri-Rivers Outstanding Alumni awards recognize Career Center and Adult Center graduates who have contributed to their communities, are outstanding in their career fields and/or have furthered their educations. These individuals are Tri-Rivers success stories.

Tyler Lowe is a graduate of Tri-Rivers Center For Adult Education’s paramedicine program. Lowe attended Hocking College and then continued his training at Tri-Rivers Center For Adult Education.

He started his career as a volunteer at Fort Morrow Fire in Waldo in 2003 and he continues to volunteer there. He worked at Marion Township Fire from 2004-2007 and throughout paramedic school. Since 2007 he has worked for First Consolidated Fire District as a full-time firefighter/paramedic. He also has been a Marion County Sheriff Tactical SWAT Team Medic since 2012. He received the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Lifesaving Award from Sheriff Tim Bailey in 2017.

Logan Mitchell is a 2010 graduate of Elgin High School; he also attended Tri-Rivers Career Center majoring in diversified health occupations. Upon graduation, Logan chose to continue his education in Tri-Rivers Adult Education’s patient care technician program, where he earned his credentials as a state tested nurse aide, certified home health care provider, patient care technician, medical administrative assistant, clinical medical assistant and as a phlebotomist.

“Logan continues to give back by allowing our current patient care technician students a clinical site setting at his facility,” said Billie Fields-Baer, patient care technician program coordinator for Tri-Rivers. “Logan is living out our mission of contributing, advancing, and succeeding.”

After graduation, he began his career at Memorial Hospital of Union County in Marysville, where he utilized his medical assisting, medical administrative assisting, patient care technician and phlebotomy certifications. He then pursued a career as a phlebotomist at The Ohio Reformatory for Women (ORW). During his time at ORW, he was promoted to lead phlebotomist, and director of the phlebotomy lab. Currently, Mitchell is employed by Quest Diagnostic, where he is a phlebotomist in a private physician’s office.

Candice DeWitt is a graduate of the Career Center’s business program. When Candice was a student at Tri-Rivers, the business program was a combination of business/computer programming/hardware modules. She became the lead website designer for NuWave Media/Marion Online, then started Neighborhood Image and purchased Marion Online in 2010. She also worked as the fiscal specialist for the Delaware County Auditor’s Office from 2009-2016.

“Candice is truly MarionMade and a blessing to the community. She is a Tri-Rivers success story,” said Ellen Bryant Messenger, director of communications.

In 2016 she became the budget director for the Marion County Sheriff’s Office and accepted the challenge and responsibility of managing the day-to-day financials of the multiple departments at the sheriff’s office. In December she was named “Civilian of the Year” by the Sheriff’s Department.


Outstanding 2016 Alumni Awards

Tri-Rivers Career Center celebrated Outstanding Alumni at the 2016 Board Dinner held at Tri-Rivers, Wednesday, March 17, 2016. Recipients included: Adult Center Graduate Carey Rhoades and Career Center Graduates Vince Reed and Tonya Boyd.

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Carey Rhoades was the Adult Education outstanding alumnus. She was recognized for fulfilling Tri-Rivers mission of “being a responsible community member and embracing learning as a lifelong process,” Adult Director Richard George said.

Rhoades began her journey at Tri-Rivers in 2005 in the public safety services program, where she became a certified emergency medical technician, George said. At the same time, she was pursuing her studies to become a nurse. In 2006 she completed the practical nursing program and passed a practical nurse exam on her first attempt.

However, George said Rhoades had a desire to continue to advance in her field. In 2009, she earned her license as a registered nurse. Rhoades is now the director of the Orchard Park Facility in Bucyrus.

Tonya Boyd graduated from Tri-Rivers Career Center in 1993 in the accounting computer technology program.

“While a high school student, she was named the Outstanding Senior of the Year. She excelled in contests, was active in clubs and always brightened the hallways with her smile and energy,” said Larry Hickman, chief instructional officer for Tri-Rivers.

Boyd attributes her success to vocational education, or Career Tech as it is now called. “The Career Passport I earned at Tri-Rivers laid the foundation for my future,” she said.

Boyd continued her education at Marion Technical College, where she earned an associate of applied business degree. She then obtained her business management degree from the Mount Vernon Nazarene University and eventually her Ohio treasurer’s license.

She served as assistant treasurer for River Valley Local Schools and the Cardington Local School District. In July 2015, she accepted the position of treasurer for the Crestline Exempted Village School District.

Vince Reed is a 1987 graduate of the marketing program.

“Vince has excelled in his field by consistently being a confident presence in business settings,” Speelman said. “He has worked in customer messaging, sales leadership and market development.

Through the years, he has worked for companies such as Xerox, ACCO Brands Corp, Konica Minolta Business Solutions, Waste Management, Healthspot and currently he is living and working in Marion for HPM North America.”

Reed is a dynamic individual who earns lasting relationships based on mutual respect, Speelman said. “He utilizes those relationships to drive revenue through a multitude of sales channels,” he said. “He also gives back by working with youth at our Juvenile Detention Center and Rushmore Academy.

2015 Outstanding Alumni Celebrated in October

Tri-Rivers Career Center celebrated Outstanding Alumni at the 2015 Board Dinner held at Tri-Rivers, Wednesday, March 18, 2015. Recipients included: Career Center graduates Brent Crum and Becky Diamond. The Adult Center winner was Keith Severns.

Brent Crum

By Dan Hayman, retired Ag Mechanics Instructor.

Brent Crum is from the Ag Mechanics class of 1990. I remember Brent as an energetic, let’s get her done, kind of student. He was always showing respect to his academic teachers, as well as to Mr. Messenger and myself. As a teacher you would love to have a class full of Brents. Always interested in mechanics and learning all he could about it. Brent’s father had already taught him quite a lot about mechanics. And I could always count on “show and tell stuff” from his dad’s business to make our shop learning more productive.

Brent earned his State FFA degree his junior year. Only 2 percent of FFA members earn a State Degree. Brent enjoyed field trips as a student, so it was no surprise he volunteered to help chaperone trips the National Tractor pulls and Farm Equipment Show in Louisville, KY.  Brent has been active in the community after graduation. He was a firefighter on Battle Run Fire Department. He also has been on our the Ag & Industrial Power advisory board for about 20 years.

His work resume reads like this: Started at Isler Farm while in high school. Then Worked at Double “A” Trucking in 1993, which is his father’s business In 1999 he got half ownership of Double “A” and changed it to All State Road Service In 2004 he purchased his own service truck In 2011 Brent left All State and was hired a road technician for Ohio Ag Equipment, now called Ohio Cat…where he is now the Service Supervisor  Brent is definitely a success story.

I’m proud to have had Brent as a student and happy to call him a friend.

Michelle Rawlins, Science Instructor, reading message from Jim Rittler, current Ag & Industrial Power Instructor:

Brent’s dedication to the Ag Industry and to Tri Rivers Ag Industrial Power Program has been unmatched and strong. Whenever we call him for help with Sophomore Career Day he always finds a way to make it in with the newest equipment industry has to offer for students to learn the latest technology. Brent has been a pillar of support the past 20 years as an advisory member. He always has new ideas and opportunities for students and myself. Through the years Brent has become a true friend to me.


By Treasurer Steve Earnest

It was with great pleasure that Mrs. Curtis and I had the opportunity to nominate Becky Diamond as an “Outstanding Alumni” recipient. Becky exemplifies why Tri-Rivers and other career centers are an integral part of the Ohio educational system. After suffering a significant personal loss in her life, Becky was not sure if she wanted, or could, continue her high school education. With some encouragement, Becky decided to enroll at Tri-Rivers.  As Tri-Rivers seemed a better alternative than returning to her home school at that time in her life.

Becky initially enrolled in cosmetology and quickly realized that cosmetology was not for her. She subsequently switched to the business program and has never looked back. As I have heard Mr. Speelman say numerous times, “not all of our graduates leave Tri-Rivers knowing what they want to do for the rest of their lives, but many learn what they do not want to do.” Becky experienced and learned both while attending Tri-Rivers. Becky has been a life-long learner, first working towards an Associates degree, then a Bachelor’s degree and most recently her School Treasurer’s license.

While I know Becky is proud of her educational accomplishments, I also know they pale in comparison to her greatest accomplishment….her family. Which makes Becky’s sacrifice even more admirable as she had to sacrifice precious time with her family in order obtain her educational goals and thus, professional goals. Professionally, Becky has worked her way through the ranks in the fiscal office at Tri-Rivers and currently holds the position of Assistant Treasurer. Becky has the responsibility of processing more than $7 million dollars worth of payroll and fringe benefits for Tri-Rivers and overseeing much of the accounts payable processing as well. With the exception of a brief stint with Mt. Gilead schools, Becky has never left Tri-Rivers Career Center and Tri-Rivers is better for it.

Again, congratulations to Becky Diamond…..well deserved.

Message to Becky by Debbie Curtis

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you one of our outstanding alumni, Becky Diamond. Becky came to Tri-Rivers as a Junior Cosmetology student in 1994. After her Junior year in Cosmetology, she realized that program was not the best fit for her talents, and she transferred to the Accounting program her Senior year. Many of Becky’s teachers at her home school tried to persuade Becky not to come to Tri-Rivers because she was “too smart” for Tri-Rivers.

Thankfully, Becky did not heed their advice. Becky’s father passed away February 17, 1993 and she needed a change. As Chuck has said before, many of our students are either running to something or away from something and Becky said this was her, she was running away from her home school. She needed a change after her father’s death. Becky excelled in the Accounting program and was hired as a part-time employee in the Treasurer’s office. Becky worked part time for approximately four years, after which she was offered a full time position. Becky has served as our Payroll Coordinator for many years until assuming the role as our “Assistant Treasurer” in September, 2014.

Becky has dealt with many health issues in her life, but they have never prevented her from doing her job. Whether she comes in even though she is not feeling well or processes payroll from home, she always get the job done. We are always paid and all of us are extremely grateful for that. Her knowledge of the payroll process, insurance, and other benefits have helped numerous employees. As her home school stated, she is very intelligent and we are very lucky that she shares her knowledge with Tri-Rivers and it’s employees. Becky completed her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Mt. Vernon Nazarene University in June, 2012. She then continued her education at Ashland University to complete the additional coursework to become a School Treasurer, and now holds a Treasurer license.

Becky is married to Justin Diamond and they have 2 children, Max and Molly. She is accompanied this evening by her husband, Justin Diamond, her mother, Clara Horlocker and her father and mother in-law, Buzzie and Diane Diamond.


keithKeith Severns

by Adult Director Richard George

The mission of Tri-Rivers Career Center is to prepare secondary and adult students to contribute, advance and succeed in the 21st Century workforce…to be responsible community members, and to embrace learning as a life-long process.

It is my pleasure this evening to introduce a very special alumnus who has certainly fulfilled that mission.

Our Adult Education honoree this evening is a graduate of several of our Public Safety Services training programs. His first experience with our Adult Programs was completing the Emergency Medical Technician training back in 1987. He returned to Tri-Rivers in 1990 for an EMT Refresher Program and then completed our Tri-Rivers / Marion General Hospital Paramedic training program in 1996. Keith passed both his Practical Skill Exams and the National Registry Paramedicine certification exam and received his National Certification as a Paramedic on August 30, 1996.

Since his initial training at Tri-Rivers Keith has used his skills to assist our community as an Emergency Medical Services provider. His work history includes time at Marion Township Fire Department, Mifflin Township Fire Department, Stofcheck EMS and is currently serving the community at Marion General Hospital.

Keith is the EMS/ACLS/PALS/SIM Coordinator at Marion General Hospital.  He was instrumental in bringing a simulation, experiential training lab to Marion General Hospital. Keith serves as the American Heart Association Coordinator and is regional faculty for ACLS – Advanced Cardiac Life Support, CPR, and PALS – Pediatric Advanced Life Support.

Keith gives back to the community. He is a not only a Paramedic, an ACLS and CPR, and PALS instructor, but is also a firefighter and is qualified as an Arson Investigator. Keith has been an active participant on state committees and work groups. He conducts regular continuing education training classes for our North Central Ohio EMS council. Keith serves on the Tri-Rivers Program Advisory Committee for Public Safety and in his role at Marion General Hospital provides critical support and training for our Paramedic Students.

I know personally that for many years Keith was responsible for the planning of and then hosting an EMS Week Breakfast at Marion General Hospital where all our community EMS personnel were honored. I attended several of these events and I was always impressed by Keith’s organization, leadership and the ever present enthusiasm for Public Safety Services that Keith shares.

Dr. Larry Lewis is the EMS Medical Director for Marion General Hospital and works closely with Keith. I’ll tell you one thing that distinguishes Emergency Medical Personnel, is that they are always busy, always, giving back to the community. Dr. Lewis could not be here this evening as he is down in Columbus today conducting specialized EMS training.

I spoke with Dr. Lewis and he shared some comments about Keith and Keith’s work ethic with me. He shared that Keith is one busy person. He’s not only the EMS Coordinator at Marion General Hospital, but he is heavily involved with the North Central Ohio EMS Council meetings and protocol. Keith teaches continuing education training for area Medics and EMTs, he reviews squad runs at Marion General (you may not realize it, but Marion General Hospital gets an average of 5,000-6,000 squad runs each year). Keith is the primary liaison between Medics and the Hospital.

Dr. Lewis shared with me that he could not do his job effectively without the assistance that Keith gives him. Keith is not only working in Marion County but is assisting with EMS County Protocols in Hardin County. Dr. Lewis described Keith as a “go to person” and noted that he can always count on Keith to get done what needs to be done.

Keith is here tonight with his wife Paula Severns, who is also a Distinguished Alumni of Tri-Rivers Center for Adult Education..

2014 Outstanding Alumni


Steven Blankley – Landscaping/Garden Center—’99

Jeff Houser – Engineering—’97

Melissa Bentley – Adult Education-Paramedicine—’07


Landscaping/Garden Center—’99

Steven Blankley graduated in 1999 from the Landscaping/Garden Center Program. Unlike many of the recipients of this award he did not go on to accomplish outstanding achievements in the Landscaping/Garden Center field. Instead he fulfilled Tri-Rivers’ mission of preparing students to be outstanding community members and citizens. Without a doubt, Staff Sergeant Steven Blankley has done that.

Sergeant Blankley served 13 years of active duty in the US Army including two tours in Iraq during which time he earned his Combat Action Badge for actively engaging or being engaged by the enemy. Following his tours in Iraq, he served as a US Army Recruiter and, in that capacity, he has helped to guide, coach, and mentor over 200 recruits. He has helped students enroll in college and insured that they received tuition assistance and Montgomery GI Bill benefits. He earned the highest award in recruiting, the Glenn E. Morrell Award as recognition of his excellence in recruiting.

He completed training to qualify as a Suicide Prevention Counselor for the Army and completed the Master Resilience Training in addition to being a Middle School Baseball Coach, Salvation Army volunteer and mentor for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. He talks to students about staying in school, and working hard. He never seems to be talking with them in order to recruit someone, rather, he genuinely wants to help them learn some of life’s most important lessons whether they ever intend to join the military or not.

Staff Sergeant Steven Blankley epitomizes the ideals we hope for in all of our graduates—service to both his country and community, dedication, leadership and excellence in his chosen profession.

Co-Founder of Houser Racing.

Jeff Houser grew up with engineering. His dad, John, is a former Dean of Engineering at MTC. When Jeff came to Tri-Rivers his Senior year, he was in the Engineering program. He was also very active in ATV racing and was winning a lot. Born from a true passion for ATV racing, HOUSER Racing was founded in 1998 by Jeff and his dad. The company is a division of John Houser & Associates, a consulting engineering firm that has been designing high-speed equipment for Whirlpool Corporation for the past 20 years. When the young Houser began participating in ATV hare scrambles and motor cross races, both he and his dad caught the bug to win and to find new ways to do it. Like most racers, they pumped up the motor and went a little faster, but they soon realized that having a strong motor wasn’t enough.

To really improve speed and performance, it was going to take the kind of suspension upgrades that empower an aggressive rider. Frustrated with their inability to find the type of quality parts, the father and son began to design and produce components to maximize the performance of their own ATVs. They created the design on the computer, designed and built a fixture, then created and welded the parts and finished them with powder coating. As time went on, more and more of their friends wanted to buy the growing list of innovative products they were making. Today, the company that got its start as a father and son team trying to find ways to push the limits of performance on their own ATVs has become a leader in the industry. As they continue to grow, Houser Racing has grown into larger facilities two times. They now have state-of-the-art equipment like CNC (computer numerical controlled) lathes, CNC mills, powder coat paint systems, robotic welders, and TIG welders. Their expanded facility includes separate assembly, customer service, steel receiving, engineering and shipping departments.

Melissa Bentley –
Adult Education-Paramedicine—’07

Director of Research for Occupational Health & Safety at the National Registry of EMTs
The Mission of Tri-Rivers is to prepare secondary and adult students to contribute, advance and succeed in the 21t Century workforce…to be responsible community members, and to embrace learning as a life-long process. The Outstanding Adult Education Alumnae Melissa Bentley has fulfilled that mission. In 2007, Bentley had already completed a Bachelor of Science degree from Kent State University when she applied to Tri-Rivers/Marion General Hospital School of Paramedicine. While at Tri-Rivers she completed her Paramedic training, passed her National Registry and became certified as a paramedic. That same year she became the third Research Felllow to enter into the NREMT Research Program.

Bentley has continued her life-long learning by completing a Masters in Science in Environmental Health Science from The Ohio State University and is currently finishing up a Doctoral in Epidemiology at The Ohio State University. He love of research and writing is evidenced by her many published articles and research studies.




Levi Retterer

Scott Jones
Machine Trades—’78

Tiffany Manley

Richard Cook
Adult Education
Industrial Maintenance—’08



Jackie Price, RN
Tri-Rivers Marion General Hospital
School of Practical Nursing-’79

Angela Branam
Culinary Arts-’04

Terry Donaugh
Law Enforcement-’82



Matthew P. Smith
Culinary Arts-’01

Cynthia Kay Butterman
Adult Nursing Program-2000


Julie Sites

Clint Canterbury
Adult EMT Basic-’99,
Volunteer Firefighting-’97
& Paramedicine 2000


Andrew Foos
Law Enforcement-’98

Michelle Marko
Adult Nursing Program-03