Max Russell

Engineering Technologies at Tri-Rivers RAMTEC
Vitro in Crestline
2020 Tri-Rivers graduate
Max was hired as a maintenance tech with plans to become a general maintenance mechanic. He works on servicing and fabricating the equipment used in the production of the automotive glass.
From the first day to the last, we never stopped learning new things in Tri-Rivers’ RAMTEC. Whether it was about Industrial Robots, PLCs, Digital Electronics, or Life Skills, we had an opportunity to learn every day. The instructors at RAMTEC and Tri-rivers are amazing and passionate about what they do; they take pride in teaching the next generation. My favorite part about RAMTEC and Tri-Rivers is that the instructors treated us like adults, which helped tremendously, it gave me a view into the real world and helped me learn how to become an adult. I also loved all the opportunities to be involved in extra clubs and other events.  The Drug Free. Hire Me!™ club was one I was involved in; it was great to be able to show future employers that I was drug free through high school. I was also in the Ambassador Club, where we gave tours to the incoming 8th graders, 9th graders and 10th graders. Being in the Ambassador Club helped me to sharpen my public speaking skills as well as my people skills. RAMTEC has set me up a great future and helped me get placed in a great career!

Matt Smith

Culinary Arts
Matt Smith, CEC, CCA / Executive Chef

Named Chef of the Year for the Columbus, OH area by the American Culinary Federation
2001 Tri-Rivers graduate

From a Steakhouse in Marion to running one of the largest food service operations in Columbus, Ohio, Chef Smith has had a very exciting and challenging career. After Tri-Rivers, he continued his education at Hocking College. From there he rose through the ranks at the Hyatt hotels and resorts to become an Executive Sous Chef before taking over his own properties with the Westin, and Sheraton respectively; he now currently manages a 1.8 million square foot operation in the heart of downtown Columbus. Chef Smith has been nationally recognized five times for his efforts and contributions to the Culinary field, education, and community involvement.

…Tri-Rivers opened doors to a career path that suited what I enjoyed and hadn’t really thought of as a career. The
hands-on approach and fundamentals in the trade classrooms at Tri-Rivers offer an exponential leg up. Then I continued in post-secondary education. The end result is that the toolbox that Tri-Rivers offered me has been a huge asset to my success…


Kai Davidson

Criminal Justice
Kai Davidson, School Resource Officer in the Pleasant School District

2013 Tri-Rivers graduate

Kai said Tri-Rivers helped her along her career pathway in law enforcement.  When she graduated, she worked as a dispatcher for the sheriff’s office. She then joined the Navy Reserves Military Police for six years. Eventually, she became a deputy sheriff. Today, she is a School Resource Officer (SRO) and loves making a difference in students’ lives. She believes in using a positive approach and enjoys talking to students and helping them make wise decisions.

…I would not be where I am today without Tri-Rivers. My instructor was a role model to me. I liked the smaller class size and the academics. Plus, SkillsUSA helped me to develop leadership skills.

Breanna Napper

breanna1Breanna Napper

Engineering Technologies student at RAMTEC. Her goal is to work for Honda.

Tri-Rivers isn’t like a typical high school; that’s the best part about it. My program challenges me on a daily basis through various types of learning styles. I wake up every day excited to learn more about engineering and machining. I feel that it will help me in my future career. But I have to say my favorite part of Tri-Rivers is how passionate everyone is about their programs and future careers.

Derek Johnson

Derek Johnson

Derek, is a graduate of Tri-Rivers Engineering.  A graduate of Tri-Rivers/Marion Technical College Engineering. He also received a BS in Mechanical Engineering form The Ohio State University. He is currently the Engineering Coordinator for FT Precision in Fredericktown, Ohio. He lives in Marion. Several of FT Precisions employees have trained in Tri-Rivers RAMTEC. Here’s what Derek had to say about the training:

“I have received only positive feedback from our personnel who attended the three training sessions in Tri-Rivers RAMTEC.  From a business standpoint, we are already receiving payback from our investment due to the increased number of individuals recovering robots and eliminating downtime associated with recovery.”

Ben Meddles

Ben Meddles

Marion Township Fire Chief is a Tri-Rivers Paramedic graduate.

‘I, along with numerous members of the Marion Township Fire Department, received my training at Tri-Rivers Career Center.   During the ceremony, Brian Thomas, a 1996 EMT and 1999 Paramedic graduate of Tri-Rivers, was also sworn in as a lieutenant. “

Katie Keller

Katie Keller
Patient Care Technician, LPN and LPN to RN Adult Education Graduate

“The Nursing programs at Tri-Rivers made it possible for me to fulfill my dream of becoming a nurse. The teachers are very involved and want you to succeed. I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my grandfather who was an ob/gyn doctor in Marion. I’m now working in my dream job as a labor and delivery nurse and walking the same halls he did.”