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Drug Free. Hire Me!™ Rally planned for October

A Drug Free. Hire Me!™ Rally will be held in downtown Marion in October. Watch for details.

For this event Tri-Rivers is working with the Marion mayor, county officials, law enforcement, area agencies and many others. Along with the Tri-Rivers Drug Free. Hire Me!!™ club members, students from area city and county schools will be invited to participate in the rally.

What is the Drug Free. Hire Me!™ club?
Tri-Rivers Career Center in Marion, OH created a Drug Free. Hire Me!™ student club. The club is an organized approach to encourage drug free lifestyles. It offers ongoing
incentives throughout the year to motivate students to speak out against drug use, become an example to their peers, and establish themselves as “work ready” to potential employer.

The medical lab, that Tri-Rivers contracts with for the drug testing, predicted Tri-Rivers would have around 100 students participate the first year (2017-18); however, over 220 students chose to join the club. That’s over 47% of our students. This year we have over 260 students, or over 50%, participating with students still
signing up as they recognize the value of the club.

The members sign contracts, are randomly tested during the year and receive certificates in their career passports designating their Drug Free. Hire Me!™ status/participation. Plus, the Drug Free. Hire Me!™ club helps our students meet the first and most important of 15 professional skills required to earn the OhioMeansJobs
Readiness Seal.

We plan special events where members wearing their drug free T-shirts receive fun incentives and can attend educational activities. The incentives and T-shirts through a $6,000 grant from the Marion Community Foundation.

The ultimate goal of the club is to provide students with a safe environment and prepare them to be ready for employment. The students are vowing to say no to drugs and understand they need to in order to be hired.

At the Career Center’s Annual Advisory Committee meeting, business and industry members fully endorsed the club, emphasizing having drug free employees is their number one goal.