Happy retirement, Obra Horn!

Happy Retirement, Mr. Horn! We thank you for 40 years of dedication to Tri-Rivers,
your students, the staff and the community. We will miss you!

● My son, Kyle, and my grandson, Karson, drag race. My granddaughters Taylor and Lily are drag racing with us this year.
● Flipping Houses
● I love to do tournament bass fishing.

● Elaine-wife taught math and the computer lab here at TRCC, Jeni Reely (Ed) daughter, Kyle (Meagan) son, Edward, Austin and Taylor Reely; Karson and Lily Horn grandchildren
● Jeni and Kyle attended TRCC Pre-school
● Edward attended TRCC’s RAMTEC program
● Austin will be attending TRCC next year in the RAMTEC program

Retirement Plans
I will be doing whatever I want to do each day. Spend time with my grandchildren, watching them do sports like football, baseball, t-ball, and gymnastics. Enjoy my lake house in South Carolina. I will also keep in touch with my former students and colleagues.

Words of Wisdom to colleagues
Ensure that as instructors and academic teachers appreciate your students, none of us have a job without them. We are a team when recruiting students because without students; there is no TRCC.

Favorite Quotes
● Give a student a fish, and you feed them for a day. Teach a student to weld, and you feed that student for a lifetime.
● Earl Pitts says, “Everyone of us is the best in the world at something you just have to figure out what that something is.”

• Ohio State University Award for Excellence in Workforce Development

Educational/Job Background
● Attended Harding High School, Instructors: Junior Instructor Franklin Dyer and Senior Instructor Herman Myers
● Attended Harding’s Vocational Welding Program
● Career Technical Instructor Training, the University of Toledo Ohio with Paul Hubaker
● AWS Certifications

Career Highlights
● Mentoring our current welding instructors, Levi Retterer and Dakota Elswick
● Watching many of my students buy a home for their family
● Having welding family members return to the lab to give back to the younger students
● I stress giving back to the trade to all of my students.

Message to your Tri-Rivers Friends
Remember, our students are the best parents have to send us. They are all five-star recruits, so treat them with kindness and help them find their something. Best wishes always, and thank you for helping me enjoy the last 40 years at TRCC.