Hospitality is a program designed for those who are interested in working in the hotel industry. They study everything that is included in working in a hotel – from running the front desk to serving the continental breakfast. They also learn how to service a guest room and operate commercial laundry equipment. Another important part of this class is learning about customer service, industry specific professional appearance, and cash register operations.

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TR Things:

The Hospitality students operate the school store, TR Things. Here they learn the ins and outs of running a retail business. From ordering, to displaying, to selling TRCC clothing items and school supplies. They deal directly with the customer offering professional customer service, operating the electronic cash register, and follow through to complete all transactions. Additionally, they complete the financial side of business operations through counting money, organizing a cash drawer, making deposits, and insuring accurate financial transactions with all customers.

Guest Room Service:

From learning to make the beds to folding towels guest room service is a critical component when working in the lodging industry. Students practice these skills in a state of the art lab setting at Tri-Rivers and within the industry at a host community based site. Hospitality students strive to become industry ready thus empowering them to transition seamlessly from school to the world of work.

When it comes to linen services, the Hospitality students are afforded the opportunity to work hand in hand with the Culinary Arts program by preparing the linens used for community banquet functions. Through the use of industry standard equipment, 35 pound washers, 70 pound dryers, and an 8 foot flatwork ironer, students acquire the skills necessary to prepare clean and sanitized linens. Additionally, stocking, storage, and inventory control procedures are emphasized. From programming the washers to ironing table linens students become adept with the skills necessary to fulfill the demands of these behind the scenes employment opportunities.


Instructor: Barb Bell