International Business Academy

Business is global!  New program for 2018-19

  • Explore international concepts & careers through innovative courses related to global issues
  • Participate in job shadowing, internships, business networking & youth leadership
  • Experience travel to a destination to learn about diverse groups, cultures & business practices.

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You will gain knowledge of other cultures and processes  crucial to being a successful International Businessperson.

Students in the International Business program will have the opportunity to become the global leaders that this society needs! Besides the studies in business, economics, ethics, marketing students will also learn about new cultures and societies and laws and perspectives. This knowledge will certainly make them a more appealing prospective employees in this global world.

Knowledge students will learn in International Business will lead them to use their skills in a global context. They might learn about business transactions between and within countries; the laws and logistics of international trade; or investments made in foreign markets.

The International Business program teaches how every country connects with other countries by importing, exporting or lending money in hopes of stimulating the economy. It also teaches the basic types of business ownerships and how each type is set up and run.

Many universities offer internships at overseas companies, so students might be able to actually see what it’s like to work in a foreign business environment.

Prepare for the exciting world out there by becoming one of us!

Courses in this program will include:


– Cross cultural understanding

– Introduction to business & Entrepreneurship

– International economics

– Global Issues


– Global Business

– International Law & Ethics

– Human Resource management

– Cross cultural communication

This program prepares students for a career in any business area out there. Some ideal business careers are export/import compliance specialist, travel agent, human resources representative, government relations specialist, banker, stock broker, hotel manager, and more. There are so many areas!

A College Tech Prep Program

For Information Contact:
Larry Hickman, Chief Instructional Officer