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Nearly all of our career-technical programs have agreements in place for students to earn college credit for FREE while enrolled.
You can also participate in Ohio’s College Credit Plus program that allows students to earn college and high school credits at the same time by taking college courses from community colleges or universities.

Application Process Opens Dec. 1, 2018

High School Students—Enrollment for School Year 2019-20 Opens December 1, 2018


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Enrollment for 2019-20 Opens Dec. 1, 2018

If you need assistance, call Student Services at

Students who are enrolled in any of the 9 Career Center District Associate Schools can enroll in our career-technical programs by meeting the criteria established for enrollment which vary by program.

Students who are home schooled may enroll directly to Tri-Rivers. Students may also directly open enroll from other school districts. Level one Career Programs require students to obtain a minimum of 6 core credits for acceptance.

2018-19 Course Catalog TRCC

If you need assistance, call Student Services at

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Education-For-Employment. The Career Center, as a career-technical “Branch Campus” of your home high school, offers you the option to specialize in a career-technical occupation.

A study based on federal income tax data also shows career-technical graduates have predominantly higher incomes than others in the general population who are the same age and have the same number of years of schooling.

From 8:15 to 2:45, you will spend several hours each day in lab and related classroom theory. The remaining time will include lunch, academic classes and leadership activities.

There is no tuition; however, there are expenses such as uniforms. Students may also choose to purchase tools.

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Easy Enrollment Application Opens Dec. 1, 2018
1. For the 2019/20 High School Year Application will be available Dec. 1, 2018 for Career Center High School Application

2. Just fill out the online application, it will go to the Tri-Rivers Student Services Department and your home school guidance counselor.

Advanced Placement
As a second year student in Tri-Rivers Career Tech programs, you may earn Advanced Placement if you have qualifying grades, good attendance and demonstrate proficiency in theory and technique. Advanced Placement, which is the second semester of the Level II programs, gives you the opportunity to demonstrate the skills you have acquired through your training at Tri-Rivers at an actual job site where you earn vocational credit while also earning a wage!

Transportation to Tri-Rivers
Your home school will provide transportation to and from Tri-Rivers. You may drive to school providing you secure the appropriate driving permit from Tri-Rivers.