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During these unprecedented times—a global pandemic—we are faced with the challenge to re-invent how we let you know about all the AMAZING programs at Tri-Rivers for the 2021-2022 School Year. In November you will receive a box filled with information in the mail. (If you missed the AMAZING box, click links below for the content:

• #YouBelongHere Link: #TRCCYouBelongHere

• Tri-Rivers Career Programs Catalog Link:

• Questions & Answers About Tri-Rivers Link: Q and A TRCC

• Meet Your TRCC School Counselors: TRCC School Counselors

• Invitation to Exploring Careers Days—Saturday, Jan. 9, 9am-Noon or Saturday, Jan. 23, 9am-Noon: Invite to Exploring Careers Days Saturdays

• What’s My E?—Enrolled, Employed, Enlisted: What’s My E!

You can also read about our programs and view program videos on this website as well. You will receive updates via text messages & emails.

View Our AMAZING Virtual Interactive Tour Video
During the virtual tour you will experience Career Tech programs, meet instructors, learn more about important certifications, and hear from current Tri-Rivers students and alumni. Explore the possibilities and make your dreams a reality.
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After you have read through our course catalog, checked out information on our website and toured through our AMAZING Virtual Video, you’ll be prepared to select the program where you will achieve success and have a pathway in life where you are challenged, rewarded and happy!  Click Here to view the Application Form Now!

Still have questions? Need to visit a lab or two?
Check out: Exploring Careers Days—Saturdays
Select January 9, 9am-Noon or January 23, 2021, 9am to Noon
(Please note, the flyer in your box that you received in the mail had December 12th as a date—the OSU vs. Michigan game is now scheduled for that date, so we moved it to January) 
Registration is Required. Please fill in the form on this page. Be sure to fill in all areas. You will select the Saturday you would like to attend. I will confirm your registration and the time of your session or sessions. You may select up to two programs to visit.
This event replaces our traditional Exploring Careers Days where schools transported students to Tri-Rivers for the hands-on program experiences. With field trip restrictions, we hope this event will offer a modified opportunity for students who still have questions or are trying to decide which program to select for next year, to visit one or two programs.
Each program session is limited to 10 to 15 students, depending on the lab and our ability to have maintain social distancing. You must have your own transportation. Enter thru the front doors and pick up your name tag, welcome packet, and map. For your safety, masks are required to be worn and temperatures will be taken. Each session will last 45 minutes, with 15 minutes between sessions for cleanup and sanitation.

Mrs. Murphy

Admissions & Career Advisor

Exploring Career Days – Saturdays

Registration Form