Online Senior Recognition Video Thursday, May 28 at 7pm

As you know, Senior Recognition 2020 is being celebrated differently this year. Although we won’t be a the Palace Theatre together, we  have created a memorable video filled with messages, awards, special moments & more! On our Facebook and this website Thursday, May 28 at 7pm.

We miss you! Know that you are in our hearts and on our minds!

Tri-Rivers Senior Recognition has always been a wonderful evening of celebration held at the historic Marion Palace Theatre. This year, with the COVID-19 pandemic, things will have to happen differently. Like our Seniors, all of us at Tri-Rivers are sad to forgo this tradition. However, most important to us is the safety and well-being of our students, their families, our staff and community members. We are recognizing our AMAZING Seniors in new unique ways!

The Ohio Department of Education, while understanding the significance, tradition and rites of passage of Senior events, has mandated that schools should hold events virtually rather than conducting in-person events. They have told us that congregate graduation/senior recognitions should not be held. They are recommending that schools hold alternate events. (Click Here for details on ODE’s Statement) 

We are planning to honor our Seniors with an awesome  video that will be here and posted on facebook. After the event we will post additional vignettes of the ceremony on social media and here. We are also featuring all of our Seniors with Facebook posts. The Facebook features are not new this year, we’ve done them for many years, but this year they are definitely even more important.

Senior Recognition 2020 will include a message from Eric Borden, better know as the “Ditch Digger.” 


Speaker: Eric Borden, the “Ditch Digger”

Borden says he is daydreamer and observer of the everyday experiences in his world. “Sometimes it all falls together and makes for a good poem.” A big part of the “Ditch Digger” mission involves public outreach and engagement.

Borden worked for many years as a diesel mechanic and a refrigeration unit mechanic for a trucking company, a field mechanic for an excavation contractor, turned wrenches for Freightliner of Olathe for five years, and drove a boom truck for United Rentals Trench Safety of Kansas City for nine years. He’s a member of the Local 101 Operators’ Union and  currently a heavy equipment operator for a variety of jobs in Kansas City.

He welcomes the opportunity to share his poems, ideas and experiences, and to increase awareness and participation in skilled trades careers.

The Senior Recognition 2020 video features photos of seniors, awards, words of congratulations from instructors and staff and moments of inspiration. When Seniors pick up/receive their portfolios during Portfolio Pick Up Days—Click Here For Details—they will also receive the T-shirt below, a card of messages from staff and a keepsake program/newsletter.

We’ve told our seniors to remember  “A Coronavirus Rocked Our World, But Not Our Tri-Rivers’ Spirit.” In fact, Seniors will receive a keepsake T-shirt that says that on the front. And on the back, it will say:

Class of 2020. This is our story. We entered the world during 9/11.

We are graduating during a pandemic.

These events have shaped us, but they don’t define us.

We are Leaders. We Are Thinkers. We are Doers. We Are Ready For the World.”


Our Director of Student Services, Mrs. Sherrie Dunn, shared these thoughts:
“Not only am I a school counselor for Seniors, I am also the mother of a Senior this extraordinary 2020 year. The senior year is often a time filled with ‘lasts’—last first day, last homecoming, last Career Technical Student Organization Banquet, last convention, last prom, etc. We left school mid-March and we did not get to experience all those important ‘last’ events. When our Seniors pictured their Senior year in their heads, this is not what they pictured. It is not what any of us ever pictured or wanted for them. These are uncertain times but hopefully we have all learned that family, friends, and community are what are really important in life…our Seniors need to keep believing and most importantly, keep dreaming—better days are ahead, They are going to be AMAZING!!

Our Seniors are featured on our Facebook page. Take a look! Click Here  

We want our Seniors to know we love them, we are proud of them, and we know they are going to BE AMAZING!