Staff Years of Service Awards

The 2017 Staff Service Awards were presented at the End of the Year Staff Meeting.


5 Years of Service

Five Years of Service: Eliza Gentkowski, Carrie Heimlich and Jennie Rinnert with Superintendent Chuck Speelman.









2017 10 years of Service

10 Years of Service: Amy Hansen, Julie Myers and Superintendent Chuck Speelman.









Larry Hickman, 15 years of Service

15 years of Service: Larry Hickman and Dee Dee Farmer.









Lori Burkhart 25 yaers of service

25 Years of Service: Lori Burkhart








Ritch Ramey, 30 years of service

30 Years of Service: Ritch Ramey








Retiring staff: Barb Bell, 31 years; Laura Wixtead, 30 years; Cindy Salyer, 23 years; Maria Augustin, 19 years; Toni Kimberling, 18 years; Ted Davis, 17 years; Steve Lawrence, 14 years; Pam Collins, 12 years; Cindy Binns, 9 years.

2017 HS Retirees

2017 HS Retirees

Ted Davis 2017 Retiree

Ted Davis 2017 Retiree