Tri-Rivers 1.3 mill RENEWAL Levy Passes

Tri-Rivers appreciates our communities support!!







Levy Details and Letters of Support

Tri-Rivers Career Center is seeking approval of the renewal of a 1.3 mill levy on the November 2021 ballot. “The passage of this renewal levy is essential to the continued operations of the Career Center as well as providing necessary funds for general maintenance and necessary upgrades, according to Tri-Rivers Treasurer, Tammi Cowell. “It is a renewal, which means NO NEW TAXES for the communities we serve.”

“Tri-Rivers has been training skilled professionals since 1976. To continue to compete in this economy we must continue to offer cutting-edge programs for 21st-century careers,” Superintendent Chuck Speelman explained.  “With this levy, Tri-Rivers can maintain quality programs and facilities, ensuring our students have the latest training, equipment and skills necessary to meet the needs of area employers.”

Tri-Rivers has a proven track record where more than 90 percent of their graduates go on to enter the local workforce, enlist in the military, continue on-the-job training in apprenticeship programs and/or continue their educations in two-year, or four-year colleges. “Tri-Rivers’ students are required to know “What’s My E”  after graduation—Are they Enrolling in additional education? Enlisting in the military? Seeking Employment in their field? Our students have a plan; they are ready for graduation,” said Speelman.

Along with providing skills training for high school students, Tri-Rivers also provides training for adults, including training Paramedics, Practical Nurses, Registered Nurses, Industrial Maintenance Techs, and Robotics Techs. “Our LPN to RN program has been ranked 1st out of the 96 nursing programs statewide for RegisteredNursing™ in 3 of the last 5 years,” said Adult Director Richard George.

George said Tri-Rivers Adult Education also an Adult High School Diploma program that provides free job training and a new pathway for adults, age 20 and older, to earn their high school diploma, while gaining skills and a certification in welding. “This program is life-changing for the participants.”

Tri-Rivers works directly with local businesses and corporations like Honda and Whirlpool to help provide training and meet the demands of today’s job market,” said Speelman. “It is with the community’s support that we will be able to stay on that path, making sure our students are ready for the ever-changing employment landscape.”

“Tri Rivers provides great value to the communities it serves,” said Board President Glenna Plotts. “With the passage of this renewal levy, we can continue to make a real difference by producing work-ready graduates for real jobs in Marion, Morrow and Union counties.

The levy that is up for renewal is set at 1.3 mills, or 13 cents per $100 on a home evaluation, and would generate an estimated $1.7 million per year.

The passage of this renewal levy—at no additional costs to taxpayers—will provide financial stability and resources necessary to achieve student success, said Cowell. “When students are successful and graduate high school with a plan for success, we all win as a community. With a diploma, a skilled trade, a career passport, and industry-recognized credentials, our Tri-Rivers graduates are ready to become productive members of their communities. I cannot think of a better investment than the skills training of our area youth and adults.”

Letters of Support

September 29, 2021

I am writing this letter in support of Tri-Rivers Career Center’s Renewal Levy. Tri-Rivers will be on the ballot on November 2 for a 1.3 mill Renewal Levy. This levy is no new taxes, but continued funds necessary for student success. With the passage of this renewal levy, Tri-Rivers will be able to continue to make a real difference in our communities by producing “work- ready” graduates for real jobs in our area.

Following my retirement as a superintendent and 28-year employee of a Career Center, I was asked to serve as the board member for Tri-Rivers Career Center. As a Career Center employee, board member and currently board president, I have witnessed first-hand the tremendous opportunities students receive from a Career Technical Education and the economic advantages that it brings to our communities. I have been extremely impressed by the cutting-edge programs that Tri-Rivers offers to their Adult and secondary students. Tri-Rivers understands that skills students learn must prepare them for 21st Century careers in a competitive economy.

Tri-Rivers works directly with businesses in the region, like Honda and Whirlpool, to train students to meet the demands of today’s job market. Working with these businesses and its communities, Tri-Rivers has been vigilant in meeting the ever-changing training needs of the workforce by providing state-of-the-art programs. After graduating from these programs, 90% of Tri-Rivers high school graduates go on to get a job, go to college, enter the military or earn lucrative apprenticeships. These graduates typically remain in the community and become viable members of our society and the local workforce.

Tri-Rivers is a proud partner in the communities that it serves and will continue to be an economic driver in the workforce. Now, Tri-Rivers needs your help by voting “yes” for the Renewal Levy on November 2. This levy will enable Tri-Rivers to maintain quality programs and facilities, ensure that students have the latest training, equipment, and skills necessary to meet the needs of area employers.

I encourage you to visit Tri-Rivers website: to learn more about the programs that lead to a trained workforce that supports the economic growth of your community. To continue this growth, please vote “yes” on November 2.



Glenna Plotts

President, Tri-Rivers Career Center Board of Education



September 30, 2021

Tri-Rivers Career Center students are actively involved in performing community service throughout the year. This past year Tri-Rivers Construction Trades Academy instructor David Willey embraced the opportunity to get his students involved in a complex, meaningful project that would not only provide a great hands-on learning experience but would also enhance the lives of Marion-area seniors for many years to come.

Tri-Rivers’ instructors and students dedicated an entire school year to plan, implement, and volunteer their talents to construct a beautiful new 32’ x 50’ outdoor Activity Pavilion for Marion Senior Center. They arrived in shifts from school most every school day, working painstakingly through inclement weather including rain, sleet, snow, and blustery cold. Their dedication was a wonderful testament to the youth of today (and future leaders of tomorrow). The result is a beautiful new facility that will be used for outdoor programs, events, and activities, bringing joy to area seniors for many years to come.

Many other Tri-Rivers Career Center instructors and students from a wide variety of programs are involved in dozens of community service projects each school year, collaborating with local organizations on projects that improve the lives of citizens in our community.

For their selfless contributions of time and talent to many projects that positively impact our community combined with the life lessons of community service they instill in our future leaders of tomorrow, I encourage you to VOTE FOR the Tri-Rivers Renewal Levy on November 2.

Steve Badertscher

Director, Marion Senior Center


There is so much happening in our world and the education of our children is the best way to prepare them for it. In Marion, the gem we have in Tri-Rivers Career Center is one of the best opportunities to give children, young adults and anyone for that matter the way to find the right future that can be a pathway to a happy and productive life.
Firsthand I have watched my son go from Harding High School to Tri-Rivers and find his life work and a job he loves. Watching the staff there, especially Chef Hamm take him in hand and see the talent not even he saw. Matt Smith is now the successful Executive Head Chef at the Columbus Convention & Visitors Center in Columbus and constantly gives credit to the education, the care and push he received from all of the members of Tri-Rivers.
Keeping this such a great resource in our community and the value it gives is so important.
Voting for the success of our children and their future depends on all of us. Make it count for someone’s lifetime. Vote YES for Tri-Rivers RENEWAL levy. This is an investment in their future. Thank you.
Jean Obenour



I am writing this letter to show my support for the Tri-Rivers Career Center’s renewal, no new taxes levy that is on the November ballot. I’m nearing retirement, having worked at Tri-Rivers Career Center for almost thirty years, first as part-time faculty teaching in Adult Education, then as full-time faculty and Workforce Development Coordinator and the last thirteen years as Director of Adult Education. Over the years, I have seen first-hand the career changing, lifesaving education that takes place at Tri-Rivers.


Whenever I enter a local hospital or nursing home, or see an EMT Squad going on a run, I am reminded of the life changing education provided at Tri-Rivers. I see graduates of our programs working in our community. Our Adult Education training programs strengthen our communities by training these critically needed Licensed Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses, Patient Care Technicians, EMTs and Paramedics.


Our Adult Ed skilled trades programs provide training for Industrial Maintenance Mechanics and Welders and help our local industries by providing the means to upskill their employees with Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing training.


Our High School programs provide both high skill technical and academic training leading to industry recognized certifications, opportunities for college credit and lifelong career pathways. They provide students with many opportunities for further education, meaningful employment, and allow students to build strong career foundations for life.


The no new taxes renewal levy provides critical funds that help support the training that allows Tri-Rivers students, both high school and adult, to learn the skills and training necessary to strengthen our community. Thank you for your support.




Richard George

Director, Adult Education

Tri-Rivers Career Center