Tri-Rivers Career Center Receives Generous Contribution from Honda to Enhance Student Driver Education

Caption: Students at Tri-Rivers embrace the future of driver education with enthusiasm as they engage with cutting-edge driving simulators, above, to learn safe driving habits.



[Marion, Ohio, August 16, 2023] – Tri-Rivers Career Center, a respected institution known for providing comprehensive career-focused education, is pleased to announce a significant contribution from Honda, a prominent figure in the automotive industry. This collaboration marks an important step in further enriching the student experience through an innovative driver education initiative.

“This remarkable contribution from Honda will enable Tri-Rivers Career Center students to gain practical driving experience and develop safe habits, ensuring they are well-prepared for their forthcoming Ohio driver training tests,” expressed Jennie Rinnert, C.E.I. Aide and a primary proponent of securing this contribution. She continued, “The simulators open new avenues for our students to learn in a controlled and engaging environment.”

It is only the second day of classes at Tri-Rivers, and the initiative has been met with enthusiasm from both students and educators alike. The installation of cutting-edge driving simulators adds a practical and immersive dimension to the curriculum, allowing students to engage in realistic driving scenarios and experience a range of scenarios they might not normally be able to experience prior to being licensed.


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