What’s a nontraditional field?

Nontraditional fields refer to occupations or fields of work for which individuals from one gender comprise less than 25 percent of the individuals employed in each such occupation or field of work.

For the programs offered at Tri-Rivers that would be:

  • Males enrolled in our Healthcare Programs
  • Females enrolled in our Industrial Maintenance Programs, Welding or RAMTEC
  • Females enrolled in our Public Safety – EMT and Paramedic

Is Tri-Rivers Adult Education For Me?

At Tri-Rivers you will find a very supportive environment as a non-traditional student.

We take the time to make sure that you are comfortable in the classroom and work with you to assist you in being successful in your chosen career field.

According to a 2005 Men in Nursing Study conducted by the Bernard Hodes Group; compensation, personal satisfaction, the challenge of the profession and the variety of career options were among the top reasons given by respondents who would encourage their male friends to become nurses.

What would they communicate to a friend about the profession in order to recruit them:

“Gain great personal satisfaction and growth as well as take advantage of job stability, be in a growth profession, career path and good compensation.”

“For PRACTICAL reasons I would encourage a male friend to become a nurse, because of the flexibility in having a career that allows you to have the freedom to practice in a wide variety of fields, variety of regional locations, including internationally, a wide a variety of work schedules available, as well as the ability to advance professionally within the nursing and/or administrative fields. I also share with friends the salary ranges, and available benefits, including vacation/holiday time off.”

“Forget about archaic gender stereotypes. It’s okay to be nurturing/compassionate and be a man.”

“It is possibly the best job you will ever have.”

“Follow your heart.”