Tri-Rivers NOW CLOSED, Tuesday, Jan. 16

Tri-Rivers is NOW CLOSED, Tuesday, January 16, 2018 due to weather conditions.

Ti-Rivers Closed Today, Jan. 12

Due to fog and the expected icy/snowy conditions coming, Tri-Rivers Career Center will be closed today, Friday, January 12, 2018. Be safe today and this long weekend.

TRCC Closed Friday, January 5, 2018

Tri-Rivers Career Center will be closed on Friday, Jan. 5, 2018 because of severe cold weather conditions. Be Safe. Be Warm. And keep your pets warm, too.

Earned Industry Certifications=HS Diploma

2018 Certifications Catalog

There are now two components of graduation requirements: credits & assessments
1. The credit component requires all students to successfully complete a minimum of 20 high school credits—(local boards can increase this amount.)
2. The assessment component provides teens three ways to be eligible for a high school diploma. He or she must minimally meet one of the three pathways to earn an Ohio diploma:


At TRI-RIVERS—in-demand industry credential(s) & passing WorkKeys
At Tri-Rivers teens can earn their graduation points by attaining a state approved, industry-recognized credential or group of credentials in a single career field and a workforce readiness score on WorkKeys, a nationally recognized job skills assessment or

Points on Ohio State Tests
Earn 18 out of 35 points on seven end-of-course state tests. You can earn up to five points on each test. You need a minimum of four points in math, four points in English language arts and six points across science and social studies or

College and career readiness tests
Earn remediation-free scores* in math and English language arts on the ACT or SAT. Your district chooses either the ACT or SAT. You will take one-time statewide spring test in grade 11 for free. *Ohio’ university presidents set these scores, which are subject to change.

How can a student earn a high school diploma under the “credential” Option?
In order to qualify for a diploma under the credential option, a student needs to do two things:
• Earn a minimum score (to be determined by the Ohio Department of Education) on WorkKeys—a three-sections work readiness test that many employers use.
• Earn an ODE industry-recognized credential or a group of credentials totaling12 points.

Can a student mix and match credentials?
Yes, a student may choose any combination of credentials that total to 12 points within a single career field. Students can consult with a counselor, teacher, or other professional to aid in choosing the bundle of credentials that best suits their career aspirations.

Why can’t a student mix and match credentials from different career fields?
The goal is for students to exit high school with a coherent bundle of credentials that leads to meaningful employment or post-secondary options. For example, obtaining a Taser certification (for law enforcement) along with a couple of IT certifications and the ServSafe (for food handlers) as a bundle would not have an obvious use or application in the workforce.

2 Hour Delay Wednesday, Jan 3, 2018

Tri-Rivers will be on a 2 hour delay Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2018, due to the extreme cold. Be sure to keep your pets warm, too!

Construction Trades Invites Employers for Lunch

Construction Trades Academy invites employers and vendors to “SNOW DAYS” Tuesday, December 12, 2017 anytime between 8:15am and 2:45 pm to meet the programs’ Construction Trades students—the next generation of the professional construction trades workforce. Lunch will be served. Please RSVP to

Construction Trades Academy offers:

  • Multi-Trade—Work in all aspects of construction and related careers, including: estimating, roofing, interior finishing, heavy equipment operation, electrical, plumbing, masonry, concrete form work
  • Interpret blueprints and specifications to build residential structures
  • Do commercial metal framing & residential wood framing
  • Gain skills to become a leader in construction—from a Construction Foreman to a Construction Manager
  • Senior Capstone Project—community-based
  • Note: We also offer this program as a Construction Trades Academy—Grade 10. So you can come as a sophomore to jumpstart your construction career. 
  • Click here to ENROLL TODAY!

Open House Thursday, Dec. 7, 5:30-7:30pm

Tri-Rivers Open House—Focus on Your Future Night—will be Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017, 5:30-7:30pm The event is open to the public.

During the evening all Career Tech labs will be open with demonstrations and contests, refreshment and door prizes.

During the evening sophomores are encouraged to apply online in the Computer Lab, with assistance from Student Services personnel, in order to get into the program of their choice for 2018-19. We also encourage 8th, and 9th graders and their families to attend to learn more about Tri-Rivers and the programs offered.

Modern Career Tech Schools and programs are designed to prepare students for success. We empower students to learn a skill while in high school, in addition to opportunities for earning FREE college credits and industry-recognized credentials. This sets students on a career pathway that gives them options after graduation. Career Tech is now viewed as a smarter pathway to career success.

Two programs are also open to stuedents who will be sophomores next fall—Engineering Technologies and Construction Trades Academy.

New programs this year include: International Business Academy  and Teacher Academy.

Students in the International Business program will have the opportunity to become the global leaders that this society needs! Besides the studies in business, economics, ethics, marketing students will also learn about new cultures and societies and laws and perspectives. This knowledge will certainly make them a more appealing prospective employees in this global world.

The  Teacher Academy lab  will be located in a large modern classroom with large planning and work areas at Dayspring Wesleyan Church, across from Tri-Rivers. Teacher Academy gives students an authentic look at becoming an educator. Beginning with classroom instruction on different learning styles and classroom methods, students will progress to working side by side with a teacher/mentor in the classroom.

Other programs to visit include: Advanced Machining, Ag & Industrial Power Technology, Automotive Technology, CNET (Computer Networking), Construction Trade Academy, Cosmetology, Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts, Digital Media & Entertainment, Engineering Technologies, Esthetics (Skin Care), Health  Careers Academy, Veterinary Science and Welding.

Santa’s Lil Shoppe will also be open Thursday, 3:30-7:30pm. Our elves will assist youngsters while they do their holiday shopping.  Santa will be there for photos 5-7pm. Santa’s Lil Shoppe will also be open: Friday, Dec. 8, 3:30-7:30pm and Saturday, 10am-4pm. Santa will be there 5-7 pm on Friday and Noon to 3pm on Saturday. Photos are $5 each.


Rep. Pelanda visits to discuss Robotics Tech pilot program

Representative Dorothy Pelanda visits Tri-Rivers RAMTEC to discuss the RAMTEC Robotics Technician Training (RRTT) pilot program with L to R Mark Edington, Larry Hickman, and Ritch Ramey. Rep. Pelanda has been a very important supporter of Career Technology Education (CTE).

She recently sponsored a bill to guarantee students will be exposed to CTE program options at all Ohio Schools.

The RRTT program will help create entry level robotics technicians with FANUC, Yaskawa Motoman and OSHA 10 certifications in 15 days of training. These new Robotic Techs would help fill the critical shortage of these great paying careers in Central Ohio.

Fall Robotics Camp Nov. 22–Register Now!

Tri-Rivers RAMTEC will be holding a Fall Robotics Camp, November 22, 10am-2:3opm at RAMTEC.

The camp is open to students in grades 6th through 10th.

Students will rotate through the following sessions: Yaskaw Motoman Robotics Operation; FANUC Robotics Operation; NAO Humanoid Robot; Universal Robot and 3D Printing.

Cost of the camp is $20. All participants will receive a T-shirt and pizza for lunch. Fifty participants will be accepted.

To register call Holly Ramey at 740-389-8590 or email:  Registration Form is Below.

RAMTEC Fall Camp form 2017

Culinary & Business Collaborate: Making French Cuisine

Tri-Rivers’ C.C. Bistro was all about French Cuisine during a recent collaborative project. Suzie Arehart, the Career Center’s Business Communications Instructor, has been discussing France and the country’s culture and food with her students. So it just made sense to her that they learn more about the cuisine by working with Chef Sheila Hamm’s Culinary Arts students. “We decided our students should get together and make crêpes,” said Arehart.

The Culinary Arts students practiced the art of making crêpes and then the Business Communications students joined them in kitchen to learn the process. “Crêpes are made by pouring a batter onto a frying pan or flat circular hot plate, often with a trace of butter or vegetable oil on the pan’s surface. The batter is spread evenly over the cooking surface of the pan or plate either by tilting the pan or by distributing the batter with a spatula. Cooking takes 30 to 60 seconds, then it is turned over to cook the other side. You can flip it in the air by swinging the pan,” explained Chef Hamm. “Some of the students were actually pretty good at flipping the crêpes.”

“When students learn from students, it really is wonderful thing,” said Chef Hamm. “Both my Culinary Arts students and Mrs. Arehart’s Business Communications students did an amazing job for together.”

Arehart said her students not only learned how to make crêpes and all about savory types of fillings for the pancake-like creations, but they also had the opportunity to sample macaroons and French onion soup made by the Culinary Arts students. “They were also introduced to what it would look like to eat in a French restaurant with four forks at each place setting,” said Arehart.

“It was as much fun for the Culinary Arts students as it was for the Business Communications students,” said Principal Carol Bebout. “I loved seeing how as peers the Culinary Arts students shared how to make the food and the Business Communications students really listened and asked questions. ”

Bebout said, “Collaborative projects like this one have such a positive impact on students.”