Tri-Rivers Honors Outstanding Alumni

Tri-Rivers Outstanding Alumni recipients were honored at the 2017 Board Dinner, Wednesday, April 19 in the Multi-Purpose Room at the Career Center. The Tri-Rivers Outstanding Alumni awards recognize Career Center and Adult Center graduates who have contributed to their communities, are outstanding in their career fields and/or have furthered their educations. These individuals are Tri-Rivers Success Stories.

Four individuals were honored at Tri-Rivers Outstanding Alumni:

 • Tyler Lowe

“I have the pleasure of telling you about a young man I have watched grow up into a productive citizen,” said Terri Mantey, Tri-Rivers VOSE Coordinator. “He went to school with my kids. I have watched him play sports. I watched him walk across the stage at graduation. Then, I did not see him for a while, unless he attended his brother’s games and events at the school.”

Mantey said she was pleased to see him sitting in the adult education classroom one afternoon as she was leaving school. “He was now, officially, a Tri-Rivers adult education student studying paramedics.”

Mantey continued, “Last September, my husband, Joe, had a bad accident loading heifers in the trailer at the barns on Patten Pike. My son, Jacob, called as school was letting out to tell me to come right over, dad was bad. Keep in mind, through all the years I have never received such a phone call.”

“I went over to find my husband sitting on the ground in pain, telling us to give him a minute to catch his breath. No one had called for help, because he did not want help. Well, I have never been good ignoring accidents. I called 9-1-1,” Mantey said.

A short time later, Mantey heard the ambulance and emergency vehicles heading down the road, getting closer.  The person who took care of her husband and talked him into going to the hospital was Tyler Lowe.

She said he was very patient but matter-of-fact with Joe. “Tyler talked to Jacob and me about what was going on. Soon, they were on their way to the hospital, sirens blaring. I headed out to the hospital also,” said Mantey.

“While I sat in the waiting room, worrying, waiting to go back to sit with Joe, Tyler came out to tell me what was going on. Again he was very informative and kind.” Mantey continued.

Long story, short, Joe’s accident was very dangerous. He had 6 broken ribs, 2 in several places. His spleen burst, nearly killing him, and had to be removed. Then he had blood clots that went through his heart and nearly killed him. We spent 14 days in Trauma ICU and 3 more in Trauma unit. He healed and returned to work.

Mantey said Tyler did not just take Joe to the hospital and leave. He stayed in contact with my children to see how he was doing. That dedication to a trauma patient who was also a family acquaintance are part of what makes him good at what he does.

Tyler attended Hocking College and then Tri-Rivers Adult Education. He started his career as a volunteer at Fort Morrow Fire in Waldo in 2003 and he continues to volunteer there. He worked at Marion Township Fire from 2004-2007 and throughout paramedic school. First Consolidated Fire District hired him in 2007 as a full-time firefighter/paramedic and he continues that employment. He is on the Marion County Sheriff Tactical SWAT Team Medic from 2012 to present. He received the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Lifesaving Award from Sheriff Tim Bailey in 2017.

Tyler is pictured above with his wife, Brittany, his mother and father, Pam and Terry, his mother-in-law and his father-in-law Patricia and Mish Muir,   Joe and Terri Mantey, and Richard George.



• Logan Mitchell

“My first encounter with Logan was in 2010 when I was a substitute in the Diversified Health Occupations program,” said Billie Fields-Baer, Patient Care Technician Program Coordinator.

“When I first met Logan, he lacked confidence and doubted his own abilities. However, I knew after a few interactions with him, that he would excel in the health care field,” said Fields-Baer.

Logan is a 2010 graduate of Elgin High School, he also attended Tri-Rivers Career Center, Diversified Health Occupations program. Upon graduation, Logan chose to continue his education in our Adult Education, Patient Care Technician Program, where he earned his credentials as a State Tested Nurse Aide, Certified Home Health Care Provider, Patient Care Technician, Medical Administrative Assistant, Clinical Medical Assistant and as a Phlebotomist. After graduation, he began his career at Memorial Hospital of Union County in Marysville, where he utilized his Medical Assisting, Medical Administrative Assisting, Patient Care Technician and Phlebotomy certifications. It was during this time that Logan realized that phlebotomy was his passion, and then he pursued career as a Phlebotomist at The Ohio Reformatory for Women. During his time at ORW, Logan was promoted to Lead Phlebotomist, and director of the phlebotomy lab.

Currently, Logan is employed by Quest Diagnostic where he is a phlebotomist in a private physician’s office. Logan also provides training and coverage to other local Quest Diagnostic office labs. Logan continually gives back to his community, he still provides training to all new hires at ORW, and provides approved continuing education to the correctional nurses. Logan is an active member of our High School and Adult Education Advisory Boards, where he offers input to insure that our curriculum includes current policies and procedures within the Phlebotomy and Lab occupations.

Logan continues to give back by allowing our current Patient Care Technician Students a clinical site setting at his facility. Logan is living out our mission of contributing, advancing, and succeeding; of being a community member who stays involved in his profession, contributing back to Tri-Rivers and our community by sharing his skills and knowledge.

Logan is pictured with his parents  Craig and Melody, grandparents; Bea Sigrist and Joyce Mitchel, Aunt & Uncle; Linda and Tim Disbennett, and Aunts; Teresa Fleming and Becky Bonds, Richard George and Billie Fields-Baer.

• Candice DeWitt

Candice DeWitt is a graduate of the Career Center’s Business Program. When Candice was a student at Tri-Rivers, the business program was a combination of business/computer programming/hardware modules.

“What I remember most about Candice during her years as a student was that she was smart. Really smart,” said Ellen Messenger, Director of Communications.  “In fact, I met her when her instructor came to me and told me about a student who was finishing her work too quickly and seemed to know the lessons or lab assignments before they were even taught. In other words, she was keeping her instructors busy trying to keep her busy and engaged.”

“But, nothing was working. So they asked if I would like this young lady to intern with me, said Messenger.  “Needless to say she was an awesome intern. She jumped right in and helped with our website and really anything I asked her to do. She was mature and a huge asset.”

Since leaving Tri-Rivers, Candice has continued to excel and grow. She became the Lead Website Designer for NuWave Media/Marion Online, then started Neighborhood Image and purchased Marion Online in 2010.

She also worked as the fiscal specialist for the Delaware County Auditor’s Office from 2009-2016.

In 2016 she became the Budget Director for the Marion County Sheriff’s Office where she replaced a long-time employee and accepted the challenge and responsibility of managing the day-to-day financials of the multiple departments at the sheriff’s office. Sheriff Bailey says she does an outstanding job in analyzing budget issues and solving problems.

In fact her work was so exemplary that in December she was named “Civilian of the Yea” by the Sheriff’s Department. Quite an honor and indicative of what she accomplished that first year.

She and her husband, Sean, continue to operate Marion On Line, while working full-time jobs. They are both dedicated to the Marion community.

In fact, most recently they donated their time and expertise to create a website for the MarionMade initiative. You can check it out at She continually gives back to the community by offering low cost or free websites and internet marketing services and training for local non-profits.

Candice is truly MarionMade…and a blessing to the community. She is a Tri-Rivers success story. Above, Candice is pictured with her husband, Sean.

• Dylon Caudill

Our next recipient, Dylon Caudill is a graduate of our Engineering Technologies program. He has been an exceptional asset to his community, state and country in the area of robotics.

Dylon first attended the Vex Robotics World Championships in Anaheim, California as a high school Senior, and then as a college student at Marion Technical College. While in college Dylon also worked for Ridgedale schools as their Information Technology expert. He also helped their Vex Robotics team and worked many of our area events.

Two years ago the Ohio Vex leadership team recommended him to the Robotics Engineering Competition Foundation to be the Ohio representative. There were 6,000 Vex Robotics teams worldwide and 180 teams in Ohio at that point. Dylon quickly became invaluable to the world organization because of his work ethic, professionalism, personality, enthusiasm and knowledge of robotics and the competitions. They made him the Midwest Director for the Robotics Engineering Competition Foundation in 2015.

He now travels around the world helping with professional development, camps and competitions. This year, with Dylon’s leadership, Ohio now has more than 400 Vex Robotic teams and there are 18,000 teams world-wide.

Dylon helps run the largest robotics competition in the world in Louisville each Spring. It is hard to believe how much this young man has accomplished in his 22 years.

Mr. Ramey, his former Engineering Instructor at TRCC, says “Dylon assisted in writing the Straight A grant, as well as writing a grant to partner with Columbus for professional development, training camps and competitions over the next 10 years. He also was a part of the team that developed the national robotics curriculum and certification for career tech in robotics education.”

Mr. Ramey said that Dylon truly represents what career technical education is all about.”

Dylon was unable to attend the event as he is at the Worlds Vex Robotics Competition in Louisville, Kentucky.







TRCC honors Distinguished Service

Tri-Rivers/Lautenslager Distinguished Service recipients were honored at the 2017 Board Dinner, Wednesday, April 19 in the Multi-Purpose Room at the Career Center.

2017 Tri-Rivers/Lautenslager Distinguished Service Awards

The first Distinguished Service Award was presented in 1993 to Jack Lautenslager, who is oftentimes referred to as “Mr. Tri-Rivers.”  Lautenslager spearheaded the efforts to pass the original levy that provided the funds to build the Career Center that opened in 1976. He continued to share his expertise and talents with Tri-Rivers his entire life. Today the Distinguished Service Awards are presented in his memory to individuals or groups who donate their  time, resources and/or talents in order to make Tri-Rivers Career Center and Center For Adult Education successful.

Three groups/individuals received Distinguished Service Awards:

Fairhaven Community

One the necessities for implementing a successful nursing program is to have an effective collaboration that expands traditional clinical education boundaries and leads to new opportunities for nursing education and practice, said Richard George, the Director of Adult Education. “For over 15 years, the Fairhaven Community Nursing Center has provided a great deal of support to the Tri-Rivers Center for Adult Education nursing programs. They have partnered with us by allowing our nursing students many opportunities for hands-on clinical training. The varying levels of patient care allow nursing students to refine skills learned in classroom and laboratory.”

Fairhaven’s commitment to our school and the community extends to providing student preceptorship opportunities.  Preceptorship is a practical clinical experience, in which, a practicing nurse volunteers to give personal instruction, training, and supervision to a nursing student.

We sincerely appreciate the support that Fairhaven provides to our students – friendly staff, amazing facilities, high tech environment, and a highly reliable and efficient communication system. The best part is that when you walk through the doors, it feels like home, said George.

• Christy Biller, RN at Fairhaven Community Nursing Home

Christy Biller, RN, receives a Tri-Rivers/Lautenslager Distinguished Service Award. Presented by Richard George, Director of Adult Education at Tri-Rivers.

Another necessity for implementing a successful nursing program is to have an effective program advisory committee, particularly for programs that serve to enhance the workforce, said George.

“The opportunity to obtain input, feedback, ideas, and different perspectives from individuals with a vested interest in the success of our programs and most importantly, our students, is paramount to the success, growth, and improvement of a career school, as well as the design, development, and improvement of the programs of study,” said George.

It was an honor for us to recognize Christy Biller, a Fairhaven employee who has been a member of our healthcare advisory board for over 10 years and in 2015 accepted the position to serve as the Chair of the Healthcare Program Advisory committee.

Christy has a great professional reputation and is associated with a very reputable employer; she has been the Staff Development Coordinator and Unit Coordinator for rehab at Fairhaven Community Nursing Center.

Christy’s commitment is evident as she consistently attends meetings, is prepared and provides a meaningful review of the Healthcare programs in key areas including equipment, facilities, program curriculum, and student outcomes. She has assisted in scheduling, arranging, and managing meetings.

Her participation in our Healthcare Program Advisory Committee helps ensure compliance with our accrediting and regulatory agencies. She understands the skills and knowledge required in the profession and can connect that with the health and nursing program of studies.

She has been a great advocate for the Career Center and its students and shows a vested interest in the success of our institution. She is always willing to help out and her service in providing advisement and support of our programs and students is very much appreciated. She is a very deserving of the honor of receiving a Tri-Rivers/Lautenslager Distinguished Service Award.

• Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson has played an active role in providing technology training to area students. He has partnered with Tri-Rivers for years and has been a huge supporter of Tri-Rivers and RAMTEC,” said Chuck Speelman, TRCC Superintendent.

Mark has been teaching Industrial Technology at Harding High School since 2004. He has consistently worked at the National Robotics Challenge held at the Marion Veterans Coliseum and Fairgrounds.

He helped to host the original Vex Contest for Ohio at Harding in 2009. He has also helped to run every Vex Robotics camp since our first one in 2012. His support of RAMTEC includes being involved in RAMTECOhio Vex programming and being a teacher for Vex Robotics Train the Trainer.

His support of RAMTEC is one of the main reasons we had such a successful Level I Engineering Tech program this year. He sent us eight very well trained engineering students. He is part of the pipeline to fill the skills gap in Ohio.

Robinson truly was a very important piece on the creation of RAMTEC. He has helped us develop a great relationship with Harding High School. He is a tireless worker and has always been involved in all our contests, camps and events.

Mark was unable to attend the ceremony due to being at the World Vex Robotics contest in Louisville, Kentucky.






TRCC’s FFA Car Show April 29

Tri-Rivers FFA Chapter’s  Annual Car Show is Saturday, April 29 at the Career Center, 2222 Marion-Mt. Gilead Rd, Marion, Ohio, 9am-1pm in the parking lot. Admission is FREE.

All cars and trucks are welcome, according to FFA Advisor Carrie Heimlich. “The proceeds will go to Nationwide Children’s Miracle Network.”

Registration is $10 per car and will be available upon arrival. Dash plaques will be provided for all entries. There will be trophies and 50/50 drawings.

For more information, call  FFA Advisors at 740-389-4681: Jim Rittler, x7182 or Carrie Heimlich, x7240.

The rain date for the event is May 13, 2017.


Auto Tech attends International Auto Show

The Tri-Rivers Automotive Technologies students attended the 2017 Columbus International Auto Show at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, March 17, 2017.

They had the opportunity to see the latest and greatest models and to check out the new technologies in the Automotive Industry.

Among the display were: Subaru’s “A Lot to Love” Ride and Drive Event; Toyota’s Get Behind the Wheel display; Nissan’s Electric Experience; RAM Truck Experience; Accessory Avenue Display; World’s Fastest Corvette; Art on Wheels, as well as the Ultimate Tailgate RV.

Featured cars at the show included: Acura, Audi, Buick, Cadillac, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Dodge, Fiat, Ford, Genesis, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Indian Motorcycles, Infiniti, Jaguar, Lexus, Lincoln, Kia, Nissan, Polaris, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Toyota, RAMT, Volvo, Jeep, Volkswagen, Mazda, Porsche, and Victory Motorcycles.

Automotive Technology students at Tri-Rivers receive several industry-recognized credentials through the program from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE): Service Technology, Automatic Transmission/Transaxle, Brakes, Electronic/Electrical System, Engine Performance, Engine Repair, Heating and Air Conditioning, Maintenance & Light Repair, Manual Drive Train & Axles, and Suspension and Steering.

The program teaches students through hands-on and related work how to diagnose, service and repair a wide range of vehicles, along side a certified Master Technician, Instructor Lucas Bledsoe.

Learn more about the Automotive Technologies program at Tri-Rivers. automotive-technology

TRCC is now CLOSED, Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Due to weather conditions, Tri-Rivers is CLOSED Tuesday, March 14, 2017. Be safe.

10TV features Criminal Justice program

Tri-Rivers welcomed 10Tv’s Angela An to the Criminal Justice program. She interviewed students about their career pathway and their fitness workout called StryKO.

See the entire story on Channel 10’s website

New High School Catalog Available

2017 Course Catalog

The 2017 Course Catalogs will be delivered to our associate schools soon. If you would like to receive a high school catalog, we will gladly mail one to you. Just contact our Director of Communications, Ellen Messenger at

Tri-Rivers Career Center specializes in helping students discover and develop their unique skills and interests into solid careers. Tri-Rivers programs have been designed to offer different pathways for success, while saving money and time after graduation.
Tri-Rivers’ programs combine hands-on training and college prep academics to prepare students to continue their education or go right to work after high school.
How would you like to spend part of your day doing something you love? Tri-Rivers’ programs allow you to spend half of your day in lab working on hands-on projects…that are really fun!!
Tri-Rivers has students from Cardington, Elgin, Highland, Marion Harding, Mt. Gilead, Pleasant, Ridgedale, River Valley and North Union, as well as students who are open enrolled or are home schooled.
Tri-Rivers has a diverse culture and plenty of students who share the same goals and interests you do.

You can also view programs right here on the website:

2 Hour Delay Monday Dec. 19, 2016

Due to the weather conditions, Tri-Rivers will be on a 2-hour delay Monday, Dec. 19, 2016 Be safe. (Remember your furry friends as well)

Home Schoolers Invited to Campus to Explore Careers

Tri-Rivers invites home schooled students and their families to a Career Exploration Campus Tour event Thursday, January 19, 2017. There will be two sessions that day—a morning session from 8:30am to 10:30am and an afternoon session from 12:30pm to 2:30pm. Each session will begin in the career center’s auditorium.

“There is a growing interest from home-schooled students to gain hands-on experience in a career tech program,” according to Ellen Messenger, director of communications for Tri-Rivers. “This summer several home-schooled students and their families stopped by our displays at county fairs and expressed interest in attending Tri-Rivers to acquire relevant career skills. We already have home-schooled students who are currently in programs or have graduated and are doing quite well. So we felt having a day geared toward area home-schoolers and their families would assist in answering their specific questions and provide an opportunity for them to see our programs and talk to current students.”

Our counselors, career connections coordinator and other staff will be available to answer questions about college credits, industry certifications, entrance requirements, academics and the benefits of a career tech education, said Messenger. “We encourage students 12 and older to attend with their families; however, all ages of children are welcome.”

Messenger said prior to the tours there will be a question and answer session, viewing of an informational video and time to talk with home-schooled students who are currently at Tri-Rivers. “The format will be casual; we want to allow interaction and time to answer all questions.”

“Modern career tech programs, like the ones we have at Tri-Rivers, are designed to prepare students for success,” said Messenger. “We empower students to learn a skill while in high school, in addition to providing opportunities for earning free college credits, relevant industry certifications and leadership opportunities.”

Career Tech programs for juniors and seniors at Tri-Rivers include: Advanced Machining @ Tri-Rivers RAMTEC; Ag & Industrial Power Technology; Automotive Technology;  Computer Networking Electronics Technologies (CNET); Construction Trades Academy—also available for sophomores; Cosmetology; Criminal Justice; Culinary Arts; Digital Media & Entertainment; Engineering Technologies @Tri-Rivers RAMTEC—also available for sophomores; Esthetics (Skin Care)—one year program; Health Careers Academy; Hospitality; Veterinary Science and Welding @ Tri-Rivers RAMTEC.

Sign-up for the sessions is required. Home-schooled students and their families can call Career Connections Coordinator Jane Galyk at 740-389-8582 or 740-751-3325 or email her at to sign up for a morning or afternoon two-hour session on Jan. 19, 2017.

Tri-Rivers is an extension of nine schools—Marion City, Elgin, Pleasant, River Valley, Ridgedale, Mt. Gilead, Cardington, Highland and North Union as well as serving home-schooled students and students who open enroll. Tri-Rivers is located at 2222 Marion-Mt. Gilead Rd, Marion, OH 43302.



2 hour Delay Thursday Dec 15, 2016

Due to wind chill factors, Tri-Rivers Career Center is on a two-hour delay, Thursday, December 15, 2016. Stay Warm, Stay Safe!