Early College High School Parent Info Night Jan. 25

Attention: Sophomores!

Earn Your Associate Degree for FREE through The University of Akron while a high school student at Tri-Rivers.

Introducing: Early College High School at Tri-Rivers in partnership with The University of Akron

Are you eager for a challenge and prepared to tackle college-level academics in high school? 

If so, Early College High School may be a perfect fit for you.

Attend the
Parent Information Night/
Open House
at Tri-Rivers Career Center, 2222 Marion-Mt. Gilead Rd. • Marion, OH 43302
January 25, 2022—5:30-6:30pm
in the Multi-Purpose Room (Cafeteria)

Q & A Session • Application Assistance

Tour The University of Akron/TRCC Learning Lab

Can’t attend in person? Join us virtually:
To join the Zoom Meeting
Jan. 25th at 5:30pm Click Here

For more information:
Tri-Rivers Career Center
Martin Dzugan, Director
CTE & Student Pathways


The University of Akron
Kelly Herold, Director
Educational Outreach


Learn more about Early College High School: https://tririvers.com/earn-your-associate-degree/


Apply Now! Marion Community Foundation Scholarships

Marion Community Foundation Scholarship Program – Application is OPEN


Marion Community Foundation offers an annual scholarship program for high school seniors and graduates in Marion and other surrounding counties. The annual scholarship program includes more than 140 endowed and non-endowed funds, each with different eligibility requirements and selection criteria. In recent years, the funds have collectively awarded approximately $475,000 to 225 students. The application period is open through February 24, 2022 at noon.

Marion Community Foundation Scholarships Available. Click Here to Learn More:  https://marioncommunityfoundation.org/scholarships/


In 2022, the scholarship program will include 140 scholarship funds.

·       Each scholarship has different eligibility requirements and selection criteria. Please  review the list of available scholarships on the Marion Community Foundation website to determine which scholarships or how many you are eligible.

·       Scholarship award amounts vary and will not be determined until early March.

·       Like previous years, the Whirlpool Corporation/One Energy STEM Scholarship, Marion Rotary Club, and Marion Noon Kiwanis scholarships will be administered by the Marion Community Foundation. To apply for these scholarships, students should fill out the Marion Community Foundation application by the deadline.


ApplicationsThe application process is similar to previous years. One application makes students/graduates eligible for all scholarships for which they qualify. Only online applications will be accepted. The application does not have to be completed all at once. Students can save and return to answer more questions or correct information previously entered. The application does require recommendations, essays, financial information, and more. Submitting FAFSA information is optional but highly encouraged.


Start early so these time-consuming items can be completed.


The online application can be found at: Scholarships – Marion Community Foundation The application is now open!


DeadlineThe 2022 Marion Community Foundation scholarship application DEADLINE is Thursday, February 24, 2022 at noon (12:00 p.m.).


Guidance Counselor RecommendationsThe application for high school students does require Guidance Counselors to provide the student’s GPA (based on 4.0 scale), class rank, ACT and/or SAT scores, and a HS transcript. This recommendation will be an electronic email request from Smarter Select. Students’ applications will not move to the SUBMITTED Status until this information is received. Please be timely with these so students can submit their application.

Applications also require the students to receive two recommendations (teacher and community member). If you can let teachers know of the importance and need for timeliness, we would appreciate it.

It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the recommendations are completed in their application. Students should contact, call, or text their recommenders to make them aware that an email was sent to them to fill out a recommendation on their behalf.


Fill in the Application Now!

Start Early! Begin the Marion Community Foundation scholarship application now and follow through to complete the application

Parents, encourage your students to apply now.

Graduates, remember you can also apply


QuestionsIf you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Large in Student Services at Tri-Rivers.


Updated Covid-19 Guidelines

January 3, 2022


Dear TRCC Families,

We hope you all enjoyed Winter Break! We are very excited for 2022 and all the opportunities a new year brings to our students, school, and community. Over the course of the last two weeks, the number of COVID-19 cases has dramatically increased, but we have decided to continue with masks being optional. The health and safety of our TRCC students and staff is our top priority and we follow the data provided closely. The CDC has recently announced new guidelines regarding isolation and quarantine that Tri-Rivers will be following. Please see below for the new guidance:

If You Test Positive for COVID-19 (Isolate)
● Stay home for 5 days (absences within this 5-day period of time will be excused)
● If you have no symptoms or your symptoms resolve after 5 days (and you have no fever for 24 hours), you can return to school on day 6.
● Continue to wear a mask for 5 additional days while at school
● After the 5 days, if you do not have symptom improvement or are not fever free, please email daily to report your absences.

If You Were Exposed to Someone with COVID-19
● If no symptoms are present, you can remain at school
● Wear a mask for 10 days
● If symptoms are present, please report your absence daily to and stay home until you have symptom improvement or have a negative test result.
● If you tested positive within the last 90 days you are excluded from isolation, quarantine, mask requirement, and any COVID-19 testing.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Health Services Coordinator, Chris Pemberton, at .

How to fill in the FAFSA

Here is a presentation about Understanding Financial Aid and Navigating the FAFSA for the 2022-23′ academic year.


Video will be posted soon!

University of Akron & Tri-Rivers Announce Partnership

Photo: Signing the agreement with University of Akron is, left to right: Tammi Cowell, CFO/Treasurer; Dr. Charles Speelman, Superintendent; and Glenna Plotts, Board President. Below John Wiencek, executive vice president and provost for UA can be seen signing the agreement.


The University of Akron (UA) and Tri-Rivers Career Center (TRCC) entered into an agreement that will allow Marion and surrounding area students the opportunity to complete college-level academic courses while in high school, earning valuable college course credits toward a degree at UA. The new partnership is called the Tri-Rivers Early College High School. The official signing was completed virtually at a ceremony, Monday, December 6, 2021.

“We believe all students deserve the opportunity to have access to a college education as a way to expand their future career options,” said John Wiencek, executive vice president and provost at UA. (pictured below) “The goal is to create reliable pathways that produce more college- and career-ready citizens. And we have achieved great success with this at our other Early High Schools, with more than 80% of students graduating with an associate degree within days of high school graduation. The impact of this for our students and our expanded communities is significant.”

“This program will offer an unprecedented opportunity for qualified students to earn a FREE Associate Degree from the University of Akron while completing their high school experience at Tri-Rivers Career Center,” according to Dr. Charles Speelman, superintendent for Tri-Rivers. “Each Associate Degree has a path to a Bachelor’s Degree with additional education opportunities at The University of Akron and other institutions across Ohio. If a student plans to go to college, this is an opportunity to learn technical skills, attain industry certifications, prepare for a career, and earn a college degree upon graduation from high school at no cost.”

The new partnership formed between UA and Tri-Rivers is a bold approach to education that blends high school and college in a rigorous yet supportive program, shortening the time it takes to complete a high school diploma and the first two years of college.

Early College High School students will earn technical credits through their career technical program and complete their academic general education requirements in the Center’s distance learning lab where they will connect with UA faculty. The program provides a personalized educational plan that works with the high school schedule, has strong support systems built in, is completely tuition-free for families, and shortens the time it takes for a student to complete a degree.

The program begins in the fall of 2022 with a cohort of around 30 students. Tri-Rivers will start accepting applications for the Early College High School program with AU in January.

This is the University’s fifth early high school partnership in Ohio, and the first one outside of its regular service area. The others are located at the Portage Lakes Career Center in Uniontown (2016), Barberton High School (2017), the RG Drage Career Center in Massillon (2018), and on the UA Campus (Akron Early College High School – 2007).

Tri-Rivers and the University of Akron will reach out to area sophomores with more details and application information in January.







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TRCC students “Paint the Plow”

Tri-Rivers Interactive Media students participated in the Marion County Engineer’s Paint the Plow program.
We are proud of TRCC’s plow that was created by Bryson Higgins and Chris Hulls! Thanks to them, Tri-Rivers will be represented on the roads all winter long! Awesome job!
Also shout out to the other area schools and groups who participated in the program.
Thanks to Mrs. Eckard from the Marion County Engineers for sharing these photos with us.
Also, a big shout-out also goes to TRCC Maintenance/Warehouse Department’s Josh Spore and Jimmy Thiel for helping coordinate all of the behind-the-scenes logistics. It’s no small feat moving, storing, and working around a 1,000lb steel blade sitting in your school!

CCP Session Available


TRCC’s College Credit Plus(CCP) Session on Dec. 7 is for Juniors and Sophomores and will be held 6-7pm in the Multi-Purpose Room (Cafeteria). This is for EVERYONE who is interested in CCP next year. Remember that even if you are in CCP THIS year you MUST attend a session EVERY year you want to take classes. If you are interested in College Credit Plus please attend a session.

If you have questions, you can also reach out to Mrs. Lauthers in Student Services.


Congrats! 1st Quarter Honor Announced

All A’s, Quarter 1

Nevaeh Alvarado

Ashton Arick

Nathaniel Arnold

Elijah Axline

Jillian Bailey

Ashley Ball

Remington Beam

Silas Beckman

Nathan Beeney

Megan Benson

Blake Berthold

Jesse Bertram

Andrew Bledsoe

Brooklynn Brammer

James Brokaw

Brandon Browning

Madison Bruhnsen

Trevor Brumfield

Mackenzie Bumgarner

Jacob Camp

Liberty Carpenter

Drake Cerny

Casey Clark

Megan Clark

Corbin Clark

Colton Collier

Katie Combs

Jackson Conley

Benjamin Conrad

Peyton Correa

Rebecca Davenport

Coulter DeBoer

Breauna Drake

Hunter Dudgeon

Nicolas Emigh

Haley Esche

Dylan Farrell

Megan Fox

Matthew Grandstaff

Haylei Green

Madison Hack

Tasheena Hale-Funk

James Hallabrin

Lucas Harbolt

David Hawkins

Matthew Hebauf

Tiffany Hix

Nygil Horn

Christina Hulls

Daniel Hundley

Reagan Kellogg

Evelyn Lamphere

Kaitlin Lanum

Ziah Lawhun

Bailey Lawson

Adia Levingston

Emmalyn Long

Benjamin Luchene

Coen Marsh

Lloyd Jr Mattox

Storm McGinniss

Randy Meade Jr

Indigo Midworth

Stephen Miller

Makenna Mollett

Joseph Montgomery

Averi Moore

Vincent Mullins

Uriah Myles

Caden Nicholson

Brian Norman

Aydyn Oblinger

Lance Oblinger

Christien Osborne

Cameron Potts

BriAnna Ramey

Joena Rauck

Connor Robbins

Jack Rogers

Wyatt Ruth

Jacob Sayers

Regan Schirtzinger

Ashton Schwaderer

Jacob Scott

Ashley Seymour

Kamen Shaw

Madilynn Sherman

Nathaniel Simon

Jasmine Slone

Averi Snider

Chandler Stevens

Kie Stevenson

Olivia Temple

Allen Thomas

Kamry Thompson

Tristen Ware

Dalton Washburn

Angela Waterer

Adaisha Weldon

Luke Wellin

Diesera Wells

Raeanna Wilson

Dalton Wilson

Charlie Woolensnider

Caeden Wrenn


All A’s & B’s, Quarter 1

Samantha Abouhassan

Karci Akers

Joshua Allen

Derrick Alltop

Dyllen Alltop

Matthew Amstutz

Joshua Anderson

Hayden Anderson

Andres Armbruster

Alexis Baldwin

Hunter Barker

Skylynn Barnett

Dylan Barr

Christina Beheler

Caitlynn Berthold

Adon Blevins

Lillian Bollinger

Lukas Bradley

Kaya Brown

Kaden Burton

Abigail Christian

Jadalynn Coldren

Cathryn Collins

Kaitlynn Collins

Robert Copeland

Lillian Corwin

James Crabtree

Derek Crawford

Alexis Crist

Nicholas Croyle

Carly Cummings

Aerianna Darling

Justin Dendinger

Dana Denney

Damien Dexter

Thalia Diaz

Taylor Dunlap

Skyler Elswick

Brennan Fey

Morgan Fleshman

Spencer Floridia

Mathew Freeman

Braiden Frye

Jostyn Gallant

Jenna Gattshall

Allison George

Alec Gordon

Keaton Hall

Peyton Hanik

Kaliann Hardy

Travis Harrison

Alise Harrison

Allison Hatfield

Alex Henry

Caleb Hess

Bryson Higgins

Thomas Hockman

Josiah Hoffman

Jayda Holmes

Allen Holtz

Brooklyn Honaker

Evan Hord

Johnathan Hughes

Haydan Ingle

Angelina Jackson

Matthew Jobe

Heart Johnson

Ethan Jones

Aunna Kasler

Braeden Kellogg

Travis Kendrick

Maverick Kerr

Richard Kindred Iii

Jaylin Kingery

Kevin Kline

Conner Knippel

Emma Kohler

Samuel Lanier

Sierra Lawhun

Preston Leibengood

Evelin Loaeza

Alexis Long

Kennedy Maceyko

Tyler Marriott

Isabella Martin

Nathan Matlack

Hayden McCoy

Austin McGowan

Coll McGowan

Logan McLeod

Kylee Miniard

Allen Miracle

Mason Miracle

Marina Mitchell

Matthew Morgan

Joshua Mullennix

Boston Mullins

Layla Murray

Joe Nininger

Ezekiel Oberdier

Ivy O’Connor

Brooklynn Ostrom

Jaiden Perez

Andrew Perry

Kayla Pickens

John Popovich

William Popovich

Kole Price

Joselyn Prince

Tyler Pritchard

Kelsey Rausch

Faith Reynolds

Abbygail Rigsby

Chase Rizo

Anthony Rodgers

Alex Rose

Taylor Rush

Connor Ryan

Kaelin Schondel

Donald Schultz

Ben Schwartz

Kaydence Shelton

Skye Shipman

Nicholas Sibole

Jared Slone

Jonathan Snyder

Haley Snyder

Daisy Spencer

Lydia Stalnaker

Jaycee Summers

Blake Taylor

Cody Thompson

Skylar Thompson

Sami Torassa

Nathan Tucker

Jasmine Valdez

Hannah Vance

Addison VanTilburg

Arnold Varela

Nathaniel Vaughn

Camren Wallen

Jarrett Walter

Alexia Walters

Amalya Wampler

Robert Ware

William West

Jillian West-Johnston

Austin Whitley

Jordan Williams

Taylor Williams

James Wilson

Zion Winkelfoos

Carter Wolfe