What Are Career Pathways?

What are Career Pathways?
Career paths are clusters of occupations that require different levels of education and training. People working in a career path share interests, abilities, and talents. Career paths help you identify a career focus without being locked into a specific occupation.

What are the Career Clusters?

  • Arts & Communications
  • Business & Management
  • Environmental & Agriculture
  • Health Science
  • Human Resources/Services
  • Engineering & Science Technologies
  • Industrial Manufacturing & Engineering Technologies
  • Law & Public Safety
  • Transportation Systems

Why Explore Career Paths?
They help prepare for the future. It is not necessary to choose a specific occupation for the rest of your life—just find out about career paths and opportunities in them.

By exploring different career paths, you’ll see how many of the things you study in school, like math, science, language arts and social studies, are important in lots of careers. If you see a connection between schoolwork and the “real world,” chances are school will mean more to you.

Can you change your mind?
When it comes to careers, it is not unusual to change our minds. Adults may change their occupations seven or eight times during their working years. Some of the jobs that you’ll find yourself doing in the future may not exist yet.

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