community partnersTRCC’s “mission possible” because of community support

Tri-Rivers’ mission is to prepare all secondary and adult students to contribute, advance and succeed in the 21st Century workforce, to be responsible family and community members, and to embrace learning as a lifelong process. Our mission IS possible because of the community support we receive; without that support it would be impossible.

Each career program at Tri-Rivers has an advisory committee. The committee members, who are active in the business community, provide up-to-date information about current and future education and skill needs to our instructors who, in turn, impart that knowledge to our students.

The functions of the advisory committee include: advising on current and projected job needs, identifying basic skills in the job market, assisting in establishing proficiency standards, assisting in providing related work experience and providing advice on facilities and equipment updates.

The advisory members’ feedback, expertise, suggestions and assistance have been and continue to be a valuable resource as Tri-Rivers strives to develop new programs and improve current ones to better serve students and the community at large.

Local linkages with Marion Technical College and The Ohio State University Marion (as well as other colleges)-help students get a jumpstart on college by earning valuable college credits. This saves students time and tuition as they pursue higher education.

Tri-Rivers students are also reliant on the community for Advanced Placement (AP)—where they earn the opportunity to receive paid, supervised, on-the-job training tied to their career field. AP enhances a student’s chances of being successful in his/her chosen career.

Tri-Rivers emphasizes placing the right student, for the right reason in the right career. Our business communities enhance this goal by providing job shadowing, work experiences, being classroom speakers, offering company tours, setting up apprenticeships and hiring graduates. Our students learn firsthand from direct contact with local industry leaders and employers what it takes to be successful in their chosen career path.

What would we do without your support? Our mission would be impossible.

Your support helps to positively impact the lives of young people—our future workforce and leaders of tomorrow. YOU as a community make Tri-Rivers’ mission possible. As Tri-Rivers works to not just educate students, but to ENGAGE THEM IN THEIR EDUCATION, the support of the communities we serve, makes a world of difference. Thank you.