Independent Study

Independent study for High School Students is an educational option intended as a way to make up credit for high school classes.

High School students in various circumstances turn to Tri-Rivers Center For Adult Education for assistance in earning needed high school credits in order to receive their diploma and get back on track for career success.

High School students needing credits to graduate can earn them by completing the necessary workbook and passing a midterm and a final. Course and credit approval must be given within the local school district. Contact Tri-Rivers Student Services @ 740-389-4681, Ext. 7421 or your local school for a packet of information.

How It Works
A student is provided a book to complete and takes one test and a final for each 1/2 credit to determine if the necessary competencies have been attained. These are high school courses. They are NOT adult education or college courses.

Learn More:
(740) 389-4682, x5500

Independent Study Courses We Offer at Tri-Rivers
All courses are $80 for each 1/2 credit, unless there are two books, then it is $95.

* Reading & Critical Thinking * Writing
* Journeys – Literature * Grammar
* Capitalization * Vocabulary

* Earth and Life * Physical Biology

Social Studies
– 1st or 2nd Semester
* American History * World History
* World Geography * American Government

– 1st or 2nd Semester
* Refresher * Consumer * Occupational Algebra

* Decisions for Health

* Life Skills Reading
* Living on Your Own