Financial Aid

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Along with time, money is one of the primary barriers to returning to college. Although much financial aid information is geared for high school students and their parents, there are no age restrictions attached to most tuition assistance.

Financial aid can come in the form of scholarships, grants, loans, work-study programs and tax credits. We encourage lifelong learning and are trained to help you find the assistance you need to make it happen!

Financial aid is available to eligible students in full-time programs. (600+hours)

The first step to receiving Federal Financial Aid is to complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid FASFA. You can visit the FAFSA on the Web – Federal Student Aid site at

Net Price Calculator

The Net Price Calculator uses institutional data (2018-19 school year) to provide estimated net price information to current and prospective students based on a student’s individual circumstances, please pay particular attention to notes included in the calculation and be advised that calculations are based on the largest program that we offer.

Online Assistance

Refund Policy of Tri-Rivers Center for Adult Education

Unless a double payment has inadvertently been made, no refund will be issued to a student without the student first submitting a request in writing to the director explaining the extenuating circumstances and proof, wherever possible. Any refunds that are issued may take two weeks to process.


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