Career Connections/Advising/Readiness

career_developmentBridging Education & the World of Work!!

Ohio’s Career Education Program establishes bridges between education and the real world. Studies done in Ohio show that students who have been involved in a career education program have greater career maturity. They can relate what they are learning in school to jobs, understand career options, and make informed decisions.

Middle school students have the opportunities to:

  • Participate in career exploration activities through our advisory groups.
  • Tour Tri-Rivers as 8th graders


What is an Individual Career Plan?
The Individual Career Plan-ICP-is a process that will guide students in planning for their education and preparing them to enter the world of work. Students will begin their ICP document prior to entering the ninth grade. The ICP folder will contain assessments of the student’s interests, aptitudes and achievements and will be updated each year throughout high school.

What is the purpose of the ICP?
The ICP will help students focus on information which will enable them to establish appropriate goals. As students develop their ICP and receive guidance from parents, teachers, and counselors, they will be better prepared to make informed educational and career decisions as they approach the work world of tomorrow.

How will the ICP be used?
This ICP folder, which documents career-related experiences, will be maintained by each student. The ICP will be updated annually by the student with assistance from parents, teachers and counselors. By graduation from high school each student will have produced a valuable document which clearly defines personal career and educational plans for achieving those goals.

What are the key concepts which lead to the development of the ICP?
A local Individual Career Planning Team, consisting of counselors, teachers, administrators, and career education specialists, will determine how best to address these key concepts:

  • Self Awareness · Self Assessment· Career Information
  • Career Exploration· Academic Planning· Reduction of Biases
  • Future Employment Trends· Employability Skills/Attitudes· Community Involvement
  • Goal Setting/Decision Making· Vocational Orientation· Economics and Personal Finance
  • What can I do as a parent or guardian ?

You are your child’s most vital resource. Please review the Plan each year when it is time to help your child select a class schedule. This will help your child make the very best choices, and it will help you to monitor his or her progress.

Important tips for parents

  • Attend open house to meet teachers.
  • Help your child identify attitudes and skills that employers look for in job applicants, and visit your local colleges. Discuss post-high school plans and set goals with your child.
  • Establish a quiet study area in your home.
  • Learn the high school graduation requirements, as well as the entrance requirements for vocational, technical and college programs.
  • Make sure you review these with your child before it is time to select classes with your child.
  • Meet with your child’s school guidance counselor to make sure your child is on the right educational path.
  • Encourage summer work or volunteer experience.
  • Identify colleges and technical schools through the Ohio Career Information System (OCIS), available at your child’s high school..
  • Know college entrance test dates (PSAT, SAT, ACT).
  • Review aptitude and interest assessments with your child.