Construction Trades Academy 

Customer Service is available during the school year, program is closed during the summer and other school breaks.

Services Available:
The Construction Trades Academy program selectively accepts customer service orders for all aspects of residential and light commercial construction. The Carpentry program has a selection of stock and custom designed storage sheds.

All orders will be of a nature that promotes student exposure to new skills, the opportunity to practice previously learned skills, and to promote the development of teamwork and quality workmanship.

Service Limitations:

The Construction Trades Academy program cannot accept requests for work of a commercial nature, requests that do not meet the guidelines for student learning, or any request that might jeopardize student and/or staff safety. The customer should keep in mind that students perform all customer service work and are supervised by qualified instructors. Because our students perform the work and are learning, certain tasks may take longer than expected and materials may not be used efficiently. These factors can effect delivery time and cost.

While it is the policy of Tri-Rivers Career Center to not charge for labor, we do add a 10% surcharge to the retail cost of materials used. This charge is used to offset the cost of equipment repair and miscellaneous supplies used during production. A miscellaneous hardware charge may be assessed to cover items that are not included on a materials list. Mileage fee for transporting students to and from a job-site off campus is $1.00 per mile.

For details:

Larry Hickman