Ashley Kube, RN. —Outstanding Alumni 2020-2021

Ashley Kube, RN, is a nurse leader and nurse educator in our community. Graduate of Tri-Rivers PN and LPN to RN programs

The Tri-Rivers Outstanding Alumni Award is the highest honor our school presents to a graduate, and it is given in recognition of a graduate that has brought honor to Tri-Rivers through their professional achievements, community impact and leadership. We are honored  to celebrate Ashley’s achievements as a Tri-Rivers graduate, nurse leader and nurse educator in our community.

Ashley initially enrolled in Tri Rivers School of Nursing as an advanced standing student in January of 2013 in our Practical Nursing, or LPN, program. Her Tri-Rivers Instructor, Lori Conte, said, “It became immediately apparent to me that Ashley was a very dedicated, thorough, and caring future nurse. She was always striving to learn more, to do more and just be the best she could be, volunteering for extra assignments and doing extra research to make sure she gave safe care.”

Ashley graduated in June of 2013, and upon receiving her LPN license, immediately re-enrolled in the LPN to RN program at Tri-Rivers in the fall of 2013. Ashley not only graduated from our RN program the following year, but her clinical and academic performance was so outstanding that she was selected as the recipient of the Registered Nursing program’s highest award, the Judith Ryan Higel Award. The Judith Ryan Higel Award is given to a student who is exceptional academically, as well as clinically, supportive of their classmates, and a true role model for other students.

After graduation, Ashley worked at Marion Manor as Registered Nurse, MDS Coordinator and charge nurse, where she put her heart into her work. She quickly became known as a patient advocate, providing meticulous and compassionate care to the patients assigned to her. At the same time, Ashley continued her education, graduating from Ohio University with her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing in 2019. Not only has she shown a lifelong commitment to continuous learning, but she has also demonstrated that another strength she possesses is the ability to teach and inspire others. Ashley joined our own clinical faculty in 2016, teaching groups of students in various clinical sites over the next 3 years.

Her emphasis on patient safety and critical thinking made a lasting impact on the future nurses she taught during that time period. Ashley is currently working as a nurse leader and nurse educator at Avita Bucyrus Community Hospital. She has worked there as a Med Surg nurse, an ICU nurse, and now has the position of Student Nurse Residency and New Graduate Coordinator. During her time so far at Avita Health System, she has received advanced IV placement training, and has already been the recipient of a Daisy Award, a highly regarded award given to nurses for providing “above and beyond compassionate care to patients and families.”

Ashley has had a tremendous community impact in her career so far since her graduation from Tri-Rivers. She has influenced our community not only through the excellent nursing care she has provided, but also through her guidance on many future and new nurses through her teaching efforts.

Ashley is truly a distinguished alumna and deserving of this award. She teaches, guides, encourages, and mentors new nurses and helps their own passion for the field of nursing to be nurtured. She continues to be a role model in prioritizing patient safety, patient advocacy, and compassionate care. Ashley always speaks highly of Tri Rivers and never hesitates to encourage future Tri-Rivers students with her story. We are all honored to have walked with her for a time in her nursing journey, and we look forward to celebrating her future accomplishments with her.

Congratulations to the Adult Diploma May Grads

Congratulations to the Adult Diploma graduates! They not only earned their diplomas but gained valuable welding skills! You are AMAZING!

Graduates include: Corey Corbin-Adkins, Alex Dodd, Tiffani Hummel, Eric McCurdy and Michael Miller.

The Adult Diploma Program provides job training and an alternate pathway for adults, ages 22 or older, to earn an industry-recognized credential aligned to one of Ohio’s in-demand jobs (after passing the WorkKeys, course requirements, and assessments) AND awarded a state-issued high school diploma.

What makes this program different from a traditional high school setting is the delivery of instruction to adults. Instead of measuring academic achievement through clock hours, seat time or credits earned, the focus is on a competency-based approach that provides a self-paced option. Once competencies have been learned, adults then demonstrate mastery of skill. Each eligible adult works with the provider to create a customized student success plan.

2021 Industrial Maintenance Graduation

Congratulations to the 2021 Tri-Rivers Industrial Maintenance Graduates—Adam Furniss, Ryan Pahl, Matthew Parrish, Brian Salinas, Jerry Stevenson, Jeremy Thomas, Linken Tyler and Matthew Vandeerhoff.


The Industrial Maintenance Adult Education Training 600-hour Program at Tri-Rivers provides the skills necessary to perform industrial maintenance tasks in today’s manufacturing operations.

Furniss and Pahl received Excellent Attendance Awards.

Industrial Maintenance is a complete curriculum. Our professional instructors give you hands-on training in each of our classes—Intro to Robotics, Basic Welding, Advanced Welding, HVAC training, Basic Electricity and Electronics, Introduction to Computers and Hydraulics, Pneumatics, PLC’s, Machine Tools and more. We’ll give you the knowledge and skills to get you prepared for the 21st century.

You’ll do more than read a textbook. You will design, build, test and troubleshoot. You’ll demonstrate your knowledge. Be prepared to learn!


Industrial Maintenance Instructors: Corey Adams, Reddy Brown, Mark Edington, Dakota Elswick, Richard George, Chris Harriman, Larry Honaker, David Isley, Kyle Kanagy, Steve McFarland, Amy Pirnstill, Levi Retterer, Tom Reynolds, Tim Seeley, John Seibel, Larry Strickland, and Larry Wood

Support Staff: Nikki Hamilton, Amy Pirnstill

Program details: Industrial Maintenance-Tri-Rivers

2021 Welding Completers celebrate success

Congratulations to Tri-Rivers-Adult Education’s Welding, Fabrication & Allied Processes program completers. They were recognized at a ceremony held in the Giauque Auditorium January 20, 2021.

(Left to right in the above photo: Instructor Tom Reynolds, Welding completers: Elizabeth Santillan, Jace Chevalier, Brock Howard, Nicholas McCall and Trent Avon. Not pictured, Evan Kalbes who earned Perfect Attendance and Director of Adult Education Richard George.

What a special class! They made it through 650 hours/100 days of skills training during Covid!

Trent Avon earned the High Pressure Pipe Weld Certification—this is a difficult certification to attain and the first time a student has earned it in the Tri-Rivers program. Congratulations to Trent!

Each student received several “tough to attain” welding certificates, including Trent Avon earning the High Pressure Pipe Weld Certificate—a first! Evan Kalbes earned perfect attendance. Their main instructor Tom Reynolds said welding is an art. Watch for a more in-depth story on creative pieces these students fabricated.

Welding & Fabrication is one of the few career choices that is in high demand at all times. Since welders are needed in almost every industry, it gives them the flexibility to switch industries without changing careers. Let’s face the facts; most career choices have ups and downs.

Welding on the other hand has endless opportunities that keep fueling the demand. Welding is a career that offers more choices of industries to work in and advancement opportunities than just about any other career choice. Welders are needed in almost every industry and those who want to advance their career have the ability to do so with additional training.

A few examples of the fields in which Welders can find career opportunities: Inspection, Engineering, Robotics Education, Project Management and Sales.

For program details Click Here: Welding, Fabrication  Allied Processes

Dial in to join April 15th Board Meeting

Tri-Rivers Board of Education will hold the April 15, 2020 meeting as a phone conference meeting due to the Coronavirus—Covid-19, restrictions barring gatherings. Tri-Rivers School Building is closed. 

Dial in number and ID/Password for board meeting on the 15th at 6:30
+1 929 205 6099 US
Meeting ID: 971 8257 5333
Password: 642696

Tri-Rivers is a TechCred training provider. Photo taken in RAMTEC

$$$ Available From the State of Ohio to Upskill Your Workforce through TechCred

Through TechCred, businesses can identify the specific qualifications they need and employees they want to upskill toward a more advanced position. In partnership with a training provider, the employer can apply online at TechCred.Ohio.Gov. The state will reimburse up to $2,000 of training upon completion of a credential.
An initial list of eligible credentials is provided, but employers can request a credential be added to the eligible list by submitting an application for TechCred to be reviewed by a panel of stakeholders.
The online application period runs October 1, 2019 to October 31, 2019. TechCred is a competitive, merit-based program. 
TechCred fulfills a commitment made by Governor DeWine and Lt. Governor Husted to fund the completion of 10,000 microdegrees each year in order to aid in closing the skills gap for growing technology jobs.

No matter your industry, technology is having an impact on the future of your business and the nature of your work. Ohio’s TechCred program gives businesses the chance to upskill current or future employees to help them qualify for a better job in today’s tech-infused economy.

What is TechCred?
The program funds up to 20,000 technology-focused credentials over the next two years.
For a credential to qualify, the credential:
• Must be short-term, less than one year to complete
• Must be technology-focused
• Must be industry-recognized

What’s in it for employers?
Employers know that hiring tech talent is expensive. TechCred helps employers offset the training costs of taking their dedicated
workforce and making them their top tech talent.

How do businesses get started?
1. Identify skills needs and employees
2. Partner with an education or training provider, like Tri-Rivers!
3. Apply online: TechCred.Ohio.Gov
4. Enroll employees in the program
5. Submit proof of completion of credentials
6. Receive reimbursement for completed credentials
Enrollment ends Oct. 31, 2019
Training can be scheduled during the next 18 months.

Tri-Rivers/RAMTEC is a TechCred training provider!

Check out our technology-focused credentials below. Several more manufacturing, healthcare and business credentials are pending!
This is an AMAZING opportunity for companies.

FANUC – Handling, Tool, Operation and Programming
Description: This course covers the tasks that an
operator, technician, engineer or programmer will need to setup, record and/or troubleshoot programs on a FANUC Robot
Cost : $1,936.00—Hours: 62 hours—30 hours online (prerequisite) and 32 hours in class.

FANUC – 2D iRVision Operation and Programming
Description: This course covers the basic tasks of procedures required for an operator, engineer or programmer to set up a vision process, vision application, and vision hardware.
Prerequisites: Handling, Tool, Operation and
Cost: $1935.00—Hours 32 hours in class

Description: Our introduction to Basic Programming and Material Handling with the DX 100 controller. In this course you will learn robotic safety, powering up and down, jogging robot with coordinate systems, modifying points, motion type and sped, how to recover from alarms and errors, copying, cutting and pasting instructions, inserting call and jump statements, inputs and outputs, monitoring variables, creating and working with user frames, defining and using position variables and programming SFTON and SFTOF instruction
Cost: $1900.00—Hours: 32 hours in class

HYDRAULICS—Parker Hydraulics
Description: This course is meant for the maintenance technician that needs hands on exposure to hydraulics pneumatic system found in the modern manufacturing facility. Student hands on labs are meant to expose the students to various problems and design consideration in the hydraulic systems through frequent hands on labs.
Cost: $1000.00—Hours: 32 hours in class

If you have questions about these programs
or about TechCred, contact
Holly Ramey in RAMTEC at 740-389-8590.

Industrial main group 2019

Congrats! Industrial Maintenance grads

Congratulations 2019 Industrial Maintenance graduates!!
Brandan Beaver—99% Attendance Award
Thomas J. Beers
Reginald Bonner II
Cory Bonsel
Allen Guadarrama—99% Attendance Award
Eric Hines—99% Attendance Award
Stephen McDonald
William Christopher Neumeyer—Perfect Attendance
John Roberts
Brandon Tomlin
Ethan Van Gorden—Perfect Attendance
Cody Vulgamore

Attendance Award Winners:
Ethan Van Gorden (Perfect Attendance); Brandan Beaver (99% Attendance); Eric Hines (99% Attendance); Allen Guadarrama (99% Attendance); William Christopher Neumeyer (Perfect Attendance; also traveled the farthest, coming from Grove City)

Learn more about Industrial Maintenance Click Here

The Industrial Maintenance Training Program at Tri-Rivers provides the skills necessary to perform industrial maintenance tasks in today’s manufacturing operations. This is a complete curriculum. Our professional instructors give you hands-on training in each of our classes—Intro to Robotics, Basic Welding, Advanced Welding, HVAC training, Basic Electricity and Electronics, Introduction to Computers and Hydraulics, Pneumatics, PLC’s, Machine Tools and more. We’ll give you the knowledge and skills to get you prepared for the 21st century.

You’ll do more than read a textbook. You will design, build, test and troubleshoot. You’ll demonstrate your knowledge. Be prepared to learn!

To register contact:
Holly Ramey

Assessment Test Dates
Call for dates: 740-389-8590

Tuition Fee: $9,640.00
Lab Fee: $375.00
Application Fee: $95.00
Total: $10,110.00

Monday through Thursday and select Fridays

Orientation: August 1, 2019 @ 5:00pm

Start Date: August 5, 2019 through May 6, 2020

Tuition for Industrial Maintenance includes texts, workbooks, lab supplies, and initial certification tests in Welding and HVAC EPA 608.

Federal Financial Aid is available to qualified students.

better alumni

2019 Tri-Rivers honors Outstanding Alumni

The Outstanding Tri-Rivers Alumni awards were presented to Career Center and Adult Center graduates who have contributed to their communities, are outstanding in their career fields and/or have furthered their educations. These individuals are Tri-Rivers Success Stories.

DeeDee Farmer was a graduate of the first class at Tri-Rivers Career Center in 1977. After graduating from the Secretarial program, she worked in Customer Service at Central Soya in Marion. She then worked for Popped Right Popcorn, now known as Wyandot Popcorn, where she became the Customer Service Manager.

In 1988, while at Popped Right Popcorn, her three-year-old son, Darren, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. She left the workforce temporarily to care for Darren and his siblings, Corey and Nicole. She knew she would eventually have to return to work.

While caring for a child with a chronic illness, working various part-time jobs and raising her family, DeeDee started working on her nursing degree at Marion Technical College and graduated in 1993. After passing her NCLEX exam, she worked in the Oncology Unit at Grant Hospital. She then returned to Marion and worked in the ICU and then the ER at Marion Med Center. She then worked in the ER in Marysville, Bucyrus, St. Ann’s and Marion General.

Sixteen years ago, she started working for Tri-Rivers Adult Education’s Nursing program. She went back to school and earned her BSN. She currently teaches in the Practical Nursing, LPN to RN programs and is the coordinator for the Skills Lab. She also keeps all the records for 150 plus nursing students.

She exemplifies Tri-Rivers mission of educating students, giving opportunities to go forth and be prosperous in our own community. She inspires the students she works with, bringing her passion for nursing and serving as a positive presence in the lives of these students.

Drew Mosley graduated in 2007 from Marion Harding High School and was a top student in Tri-Rivers Engineering Technologies program. He was the student that given a project, drawing, or program problem would figure it out and help all his friends (which was everyone) figure it out. He was and is a natural teacher.

He went to Bowling Green State University (BGSU) and graduated as a Technology Education instructor. He honed his skills by student teaching at Cardington and coaching their Vex Robotics team. While finishing up his degree at BGSU he needed a few courses that he could take at Columbus State. He must have really made a big impression there. He was so good that Columbus State hired him and placed him as a Technical Training Instructor for Honda of America Manufacturing.

He has become a very valued part of the Honda team. He has taken on great responsibilities and is by far the youngest trainer at Honda. He has hosted many tours and has always done a great job with our Tri-Rivers students. He has judged the state SkillsUSA, Vex Robotics and the National Robotics Challenge contests.

This past Fall Drew also taught Mitsubishi PLCs and Yaskawa Motoman Robotics industrial certification courses for Tri-Rivers in the evening.

Wherever he goes, whatever projects he focuses on throughout his life the people around him will always be better off because he one of those people that will make a huge impact on the world around him.

Marion Township Fire Chief Ben Meddles has dedicated his life to public service for our Marion area. He began his Public Safety studies at Tri-Rivers 29 years ago when he enrolled in a Volunteer Fire Fighter Training class. He completed that training and continued right on with his Basic EMT class. After completing those studies, he was employed by the Marion Township Fire Department where he continues to serve our community today. In 1993 Ben enrolled in our Paramedic Program and he graduated from the Paramedic program in June 1994.

Chief Meddles began his career at Marion Township in 1989 as a part-time fire fighter / EMT, then in 1992 he was promoted to Dispatcher, in 1993 to a Career Fire Fighter, in 2004 he was promoted to Lieutenant, and in July 2016 he became Chief of the Marion Township Fire Department.

Chief Meddles values lifelong learning and has received additional training throughout his career; including Hazmat training, Technician Level, Water Rescue Technician, EOC Training and Advanced Fire Investigation training. As a Lieutenant he was in charge of the water rescue team. He has conducted multiple water and ice-rescue trainings over the years. In local paper archives there are articles detailing Chief Meddles commitment to community safety and training. In addition to responding to fire and EMS calls throughout his career, Chief Meddles has provided valuable safety training to instruct the public about fire safety. He has helped teach hundreds of community children lessons in fire safety.

Chief Ben continues to give back to Tri-Rivers by serving on our Public Safety Program Advisory Board.

Kathryn Keller not only graduated from Tri-Rivers Patient Care Technician (PCT) program, she also graduated from the Practical Nursing and the LPN to RN program—earning numerous certifications and licensures.
Through her education and mentoring, Katie has touched many lives—not only her patients, but her family, friends and the students she mentors.
In 2010 she enrolled in PCT program. She always showed excellent leadership qualities, which is a necessity in the healthcare field. With her care and compassion for others, it was obvious healthcare was her calling.
Upon Completion of the Patient Care Technician Program, she chose to enroll in Tri-Rivers LPN Program and completed it in 2012. During this time, she showed how truly driven she was, and no matter what obstacle was placed in front of her she would conquer. Upon Completion of the Practical Nursing Program she began working at a local nursing home. During this time, we were very fortunate to be able to stay in contact with her, while doing clinicals at that facility. The interaction and care she provided to her patients was phenomenal. The residents absolutely loved her, she could make them feel as if they were the only one she was caring for.
After working in the field for a year and completing her prerequisite courses, she then enrolled in Tri-Rivers LPN-RN program in 2013, which she completed in 2014. During this time, she exhibited exceptional growth as a nurse. Upon Completion of the RN program she quickly accepted a job at The Center for New Beginnings at Marion General Hospital.
This was definitely her calling. Not only had Katie dreamed of being a nurse, but she also dreamt of following in her grandfather’s Jim Schuler footsteps. Dr. Shuler was an OB/GYN in Marion for numerous years, and touched many lives.
She is currently working to achieve her BSN at the Ohio University, and is currently giving back to Tri-Rivers, by being a preceptor to our current students. Her lifelong learning goal is to become a Midwife.


Tri-Rivers honors Whirlpool’s Distinguished Service

2019 Distinguished Service Recipients
The 2019 Tri-Rivers/Lautenslager Distinguished Service winners were honored at the Annual Board Dinner Wednesday, March 20, 2019.

This year’s Tri-Rivers/Lautenslager Distinguished Service winners were from WhirlpoolJoseph Hopple, Kevin Slane, David Lehner, Cameron Lee and Darryl Young.

These individuals’ contributions and partnerships with Tri-Rivers/RAMTEC have helped to solidify that the training in RAMTEC brings and keep jobs in our community as well as creating new advanced training for the area manufacturing communities.

On March 15,  2014 Senator Rob Portman visited RAMTEC for a Round Table discussion. Joe Hopple of Whirlpool was at that meeting. It was at this Round Table that bringing Whirlpool’s Apprenticeship program to RAMTEC was discussed.

The meeting was the catalyst to a great partnership between RAMTEC and Whirlpool that has led to high quality training for Whirlpool associates and has also enabled 9 of RAMTEC graduates to earn great paying and highly rewarding careers in robotics, automation and maintenance.

Hopple has also been a great partner in our many initiatives to bring collaborative robotics training and projects to Tri-Rivers.

Hopple, a proud graduate of a Pioneer Career Technical Center, believes in Tri-Rivers/RAMTEC’s mission. His support and input have been invaluable to Tri-Rivers’ RAMTEC.


Tri-Rivers Engineer Technologies Instructor Ritch Ramey met Kevin Slane (not pictured) and David Lehner at an Apprenticeship meeting in 2014. This meeting was the beginning of the RAMTEC secondary and post-secondary training excellence. The RAMTEC Instructors were able to use their state-of-the-art facility to help Whirlpool maintenance and tooling staff get incredible real-world, hands-on training for their Apprenticeship Program.

After Lehner took the RAMTEC FANUC Industrial Robotic Certification class with some of his staff, he asked if his son could still sign up for the high school Engineering Technologies program. Not only did his son, Nick, sign up, but three of his friends also joined the program. Nick excelled in the program and his dad became a valuable member of the Engineering Technologies Advisory Committee.

Cameron Lee started working with the Whirlpool Apprenticeship program in 2017. He has been in constant contact with the RAMTEC Team on the needs and progress of the RAMTEC staff and Whirlpool associates. He cares deeply about the success of the program and students.

Lee, along with Lehner, helped to establish a Summer Skilled Trades program for RAMTEC’s recent graduates. They interviewed nine applicants and hired six of them into great paying jobs and amazing experience.

Darryl Young has assisted by judging at the Chuck Speelman Vex Robotics Middle School Classic. He also brought an advanced robotics project for Whirlpool to RAMTEC students. He challenged RAMTEC’s students and their instructor, Mark Edington, with a “real world” project that when completed would go into the Whirlpool plant. It was a tough assignment, but they pulled it off. A launch day was held with Whirlpool Associates for the unveiling of this project. And plans were made for more research and development projects from Whirlpool for RAMTEC students. The Whirlpool Maintenance Staff has helped Tri-Rivers/RAMTEC create current and relevant training not only for the Whirlpool Apprenticeship Program, but also for Tri-Rivers/RAMTEC secondary and postsecondary students.

l-r:  RAMTEC Instructor Mark Edington, Whirlpool Maintenance Team: Joseph Hopple, David Lehner, Cameron Lee, Darryl Young and Kevin Slane (not pictured) and Tri-Rivers RAMTEC Engineering Technologies Instructor Ritch Ramey.

The first Distinguished Service Award was presented in 1993 to Jack Lautenslager, who is often referred to as Mr. Tri-Rivers. Lautenslager spearheaded the efforts to pass the original levy that provided the funds to build the Career Center that opened in 1976. He continued to share his expertise and talents with Tri-Rivers his entire life. Today the Distinguished Service Awards are presented in his memory to individuals or groups who donate their time, resources and/or talents in order to make Tri-Rivers Career Center an amazing resource for the communities it serves.

class photo

Adult Diploma Welding graduation

The fourth Tri-Rivers Adult Diploma Welding program graduation was  held Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019 in the RAMTEC Legacy Room at Tri-Rivers Career Center.

Students earning the state-issued high school diploma included: John Baylous, William Dunn, Samantha Frazier, Taylor Johstone, Justin Leong and Nathan VanBuskirk.

The Adult Diploma Program provides job training and a new pathway for adults, ages 22 or older, to earn a high school diploma AND industry credentials aligned to one of Ohio’s in-demand jobs.

What makes this program different from a traditional high school setting is the delivery of instruction to adults. Instead of measuring academic achievement through clock hours, seat time or credits earned, the focus is on a competency-based approach that provides a self-paced option. Once competencies have been learned, adults then demonstrate mastery of skill. Each eligible adult works with the provider to create a customized student success plan.

In order for students to get into the program they do not have to pass OGT/Proficiency test, however, they are required to pass the ACT WorkKeys.

Currently Tri-Rivers offers the program with Welding Skills training; however, they will be expanding it to include skills areas such as healthcare.

For more information call Holly at 740-389-8590.