Interactive Media


  •  Design cutting edge multi-media productions using editing, directing and scriptwriting skills
  •  Use your creativity with After Effects, Animate, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator & Premiere Pro
  • Create illustrations, motion graphics, logos, photos, and traditional art for dynamic marketing campaigns
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Amazing Alumni

Is This You?

  • I am creative
  • I am detail oriented
  • I never stop learning
  • I am detail-oriented

Career Opportunities Upon Graduation 

  • Film, photo, video lighting
  • Motion Picture & TV Industry
  • Video Tape Editor
  • Videographer
  • Assistant Audio Engineer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Photographic Editor
  • Production Artist

With Additional Training/Education

  • Director
  • Producer
  • Script Writer
  • Reporter
  • Studio Photgrapher
  • Web Designer
  • Comic Book Artist
  • Animator
  • Package Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Interior Designer
  • Industrial Designer
  • Art Director
  • Filmmaker
 Typical Wages
  • Starting $20,000 to $50,000
  • With Degree—$60,000+, depending on skills and location

Some Area Employers Include:
Ad Agencies (Blue Diesel, SBC Advertising, Resource Interactive), TV Stations, Production Companies (Mills James, SOS TV, Lyon Video), Photography, Self-Employed, Printing & Sign Designers

Certifications: *Earn ODE Credential Points Toward Graduation
(*Earn up to 36 Ohio Department of Education (ODE) Credential Points toward Graduation during your junior and senior years)

• Visual Design, Adobe Photoshop (*4 points)
• Graphic Design & Illustration, Adobe Illustrator (*4 points)
• Video Communication, Adobe Premier (*4 points)
• Multi-Platform Animation, Adobe Animate (*4 points)
• Print & Media Publication, Adobe InDesign (*4 points)
• Web Authoring, Adobe Dreamweaver (*4 points)
• Microsoft Office Word (*3 points)
• Microsoft Office Excel (*3 points)
• Microsoft Office PowerPoint (*3 points)
• Microsoft Office Outlook (3 point

Partnering with:
Marion Technical College
Art Institute of Pittsburg

Career Focus:
Prepared for immediate employment and further education

  • Internships
  • Interactive Field Trips
    Tri-Rivers Career Center  affirms that equal opportunities are offered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, military status, national origin, disability, age, and ancestry of person.
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