Job Placement

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Tri-Rivers graduation rate is over 95%+ and placement into a job, college, military, apprenticeship, etc, is over 89%.

In support of career-technical education’s primary goal of preparing students for successful employment, Tri- Rivers Career Center provides a comprehensive employment assistance program.

Services provided to help the school-to-work transition process include job search, placement assistance, and employability skills training for all students and alumni. We also provide résumé updating for current students and alumni.

Upon successful completion of a career-technical program, a Career Passport detailing the student’s training and achievements is provided to the student. These Passports, along with our free résumé updating service, help make the transition from student to employee a smoother and more positive experience.

Employers have grown increasingly concerned with the types of skills potential employees possess. With this in mind, career-technical education now provides a “documentation of skills” for graduates preparing to enter the work force.

The Career Passport lists specific occupational and academic skills of students who complete a career-technical education program in Ohio. The Passport includes skills students have demonstrated through a variety of assessments and on-the-job observations.

The Career Passport serves two primary purposes. It helps students market themselves and experience a smooth transition from school to work. In addition, employers may use it to ensure that applicants possess the skills needed by the company.