Chef Stalnaker earns Silver Medal

Chef Lance Stalnaker, Culinary Arts Instructor at Tri-Rivers Career Center, earned a Silver Medal at the Columbus State Spring Classic held recently. He competed in the KC-4 category, Contemporary Hot Food Category with an entry of Spiced Rack of Lamb with Curry Sauce and Chermoula, Stewed Butternut Squash and Lentils, Confit Bell Peppers, and Candied Squash.

Competitors have sixty minutes to prepare four portions of a finished entrée plate based on the protein of their choosing. The competition is judged by American Culinary Federation Competition Judges which included Lead Judge Sarah Deckert CEC (Certified Executive Chef) and Thomas Peer CMC (Certified Master Chef).

This is Chef Stalnaker’s third ACF Professional Competition and according to him, he does it to help his students with their competitions. “How can I ask them to go and compete, and give them the help they need from me as their advisor if I have never experienced it myself”?

He goes on to say, “Just like I tell my students, you cannot come away from these competitions without being a better Chef in every way, putting yourself out there to be judged is not easy, but it is very fulfilling.” Chef Stalnaker has had two culinary arts teams finish in the top 3 at the national FCCLA Conference and says he owes that success to students who buy in and work hard, and to a supportive administrative staff at this school that supports his continuing education and development as well as that of his students.

Chef Stalnaker CEC, CCE, WCEC is a Certified Executive Chef through the American Culinary Federation and the World Association of Chefs Societies and a Certified Culinary Educator through the American Culinary Federation. He resides in Mount Gilead.

Senior Signing Day May 13, 2022

We invite parents/guardians to attend our Signing Day 2022, May 13, 2022. This event recognizes Seniors who have achieved their “E.”  They are ENROLLED in college, apprenticeships, etc, EMPLOYED and/or ENLISTED. Each Tri-Rivers’ Senior who has achieved their “E” will be recognized by Tri-Rivers Administration,  future employers, reps from colleges and the military. They will be recognized by program. (See the schedule below)

They will receive a letter or certificate from the Governor’s Office, CANDO! and TRCC congratulating them. The event photos will appear on our Facebook page.

We also invited their home school adminstrators and counselors to attend.

Any questions, contact Ellen Messenger, .


Tri-Rivers Community Service Day, Friday, April 22

April 18-22 is Community Service Week

Tri-Rivers Community Service Project – Making a Difference 4/22/2022

A letter from Building Principal Chris Solis to TRCC Families:

We hope all is well with you and your family. We wanted to communicate to our TRCC families that our students will be completing Community Service this Friday, April 22nd. The purpose of the activity is to learn to always give back to their community to serve others in making a difference. We require all Full-Time students to participate in this activity and attendance will be taken at each project site. Please dress appropriately for the day and be prepared for possible weather.

Tri-Rivers enrollment encompasses 9 associate schools. Our Level 1 (Juniors)  and Level  (Seniors) students will be participating in projects located in their communities. We are excited about this first time event that we would like to take place annually at this time. Here is a list of our Associate Schools and their community service project(s):

Mount Gilead – Level 1 and Level 2 Students – Report to the Mount Gilead Administration Building 145 North Cherry Street beginning at 8:15-8:30 am. Completing projects in the Village.

Cardington – Level 1 and Level 2 Students – Report to Cardington High School and you will walk/be transported to the Municipal Building and working at Legion Park at 8:15 am.

Highland – Level 1 and Level 2 Students – Report to Highland High School by 8:00 am. Students will be working on the school grounds with the Horticulture Club.

River Valley – Level 1 and Level 2 Students – Report to one of the following LOCATIONS (proper location is being shared with students)

  1. River Valley High School/Middle – Working at the school mulching, painting, and cleaning around school property. Report by 8:15 am
  2. Baseball/Softball Complex on Route 309 – Raking fields, and cleaning the park area. (12 students have been chosen for this project). Report by 8:15 am
  3. City Parking Lot A (corner of Prospect and Church) – completing city projects (20 RV students have been chosen for this project) Transportation provided at Tri-Rivers and report by 8:00 am. Student drivers need to report to Parking Lot A by 8:15 am.
  4. Center Street Community Health Center 136 W. Center St. – cleaning and landscaping property. (Level 2 Student Drivers have been chosen and need to report by 8:15 am).

Elgin – Level 1 and Level 2 Students – Report to Elgin High School by 8:00-8:15 am. You will be reporting to one of the following LOCATIONS (proper location is being shared with students)

  1. Elgin High School – cleaning school grounds, setting up for Elgin Relays, baseball game, softball game, cleaning admin. building (35 students have been chosen for this location).
  2. New Bloomington for Village and Park clean up/painting and report by 8:00-8:15 – (12 student drivers have been selected for this project)

Pleasant – Level 1 and Level 2 Students – Report to Pleasant High School by 8:45 am in the front of the building. (Location is being shared with students). Mulching and Landscaping around the schools.

Ridgedale – Level 1 and Level 2 students – Report to Ridgedale High School by 8:15-8:30 am. Non-drivers will be transported to the Morral Park Washburn and Brown Park Northeast Street Morral, Ohio 43337. Drivers can meet at the park. Project activities include painting and cleaning up the park area.

Marion Harding Level 2 Students – you will be selected to go to 1 of three elementaries (Specific location is being shared with students). Non-drivers will ride their traditional morning route to Tri-Rivers. At around 8:15 am they will be transported from Tri-Rivers to their specific location to one of the following schools. Drivers can report to their specific location by 9:00 am.

  1. George Washington Elementary (400 Pennsylvania Ave.) – 15 students have been assigned to work on raised garden beds and cleanup around the school.
  2. Taft Elementary (1000 Robinson Ave.) – 10 students have been assigned to work on raised garden beds and cleanup around the school.
  3. Harrison Elementary (625 Brightwood Drive) – 15 students have been assigned to work on raised garden beds and cleanup around the school.

Marion Harding Level 1 Students – students have been selected to go to 2 locations for the day. Non-drivers will ride their traditional morning route to Tri-Rivers. At around 8:15 am they will be transported from Tri-Rivers to their specific location to one of the areas. Drivers can report to their specific location by 8:30 am.

  1. City Parking Lot A (Corner of Prospect and Church) – 39 students have been assigned to complete city projects.
  2. Marion County Sheriff’s Office (100 Executive Drive Marion, Ohio) – 10 student drivers have been assigned to work on projects with deputies. Arrive by 8:15 am.

North Union – Level 1 and Level 2 Students – students have been selected to go to the following locations (specific location will be shared with the students):

  1. Richwood High School – 20-25 students will arrive at North Union High School cafe at 8:15 am for details. Students will be going to Richwood Lake and Park Clean Up.
  2. Magnetic Springs baseball field – 23353 OH-37, Marysville, OH 43040. Arrive at 9:00 am for field clean up. (10-15 students)
  3. Richwood Fairgrounds – 1 Gill St. Richwood, OH 43344. Clean up for facilities (15-20 students)

Home school students / Non Associate School Students / Part-Time students – Level 1 and Level 2 Students – please arrive at Tri-Rivers during normal school hours. . You will be working on projects around our school.
★★ If you are not a part-time student (Homeschool students and non Associate School Students) please arrive at Tri-Rivers during your normal school hours at 8:15 am start.
★★ If you are a part-time student who normally attends in the morning please arrive at Tri-Rivers at 8:15. If you are a part-time student who normally attends in the afternoon please arrive at normal time.


  1. Is this MANDATORY? – Yes and we will be taking attendance for the events. It will be counted as an unexcused absence if the student does not participate and could result in loss of credit and truancy issues.
  2. If my child is sick for this event how do I report their absence? Please send an email to
  3. Will lunch be available for the students? Students will either be fed at their location with pizza or school issued bag lunches.
  4. What if the event ends early? Student drivers will be released and can go home. Bus riders can leave if transportation is provided or they will have to be transported by their Associate High School.
  5. How will we know if the event is CANCELED? You will receive a school text alert from Tri-Rivers in which we would ask for the students to report to school for their traditional school day.
  6. What if I have a Work Based Learning Student? We would ask for those students to participate as much as possible in their school sponsored projects and then leave for their scheduled work.

7. How will I know specifically where my child will be located for their Service Project if there are multiple projects sponsored by the school? A school text alert will be sent to the students prior to Friday.

Seniors! Important Dates/Events

Seniors! Important Dates:

Saturday, April 23, 2022—Prom 2022 (Open to all TRCC students), 6-10pm at Tri-Rivers. (Tickets must have been pre-purchase prior to event)

Friday, May 13, 2022— Senior Signing Day for Seniors who achieved their “E”—They are ENROLLED, EMPLOYED or ENLISTED. They will be recognized with a Signing Event where college reps, employers and military reps will be invited to congratuate them in ceremonies by program throughout the day. Seniors can also invite their parents. The schedule will be posted April 21st as we gather verification of Seniors’ plans.  The event is held during the School Day. More details:

Monday & Tuesday, May 16 & 17— Senior Exams

Friday, May 20, 2022—Senior Breakfast in the Auditorium, followed by a Senior Photo out front, the Seniors will then go the Marion Coliseum for Rehearsal of Senior Recognition, 9:45-Noon
This is most Seniors’ last day unless they have makeup work. Instructors will let them know. Makeup work can be done May 23.

Monday, May 23—Senior Recognition at the Marion Fairgrounds Coliseum. Arrive at 6pm to get in line. Event at 7p.m.

Senior Recognition Seating Chart (Printable): 2022 Marion Coliseum Senior Recognition CTE Seating Chart

Letter to Seniors from Mrs. Kristina M. Lucas,

Executive Director of Operations

Parents/Guardians of Tri-Rivers Senior Students:

We are thankful for our parental support at Tri-Rivers Career Center, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your son/daughter’s educational journey. Even through some of the most trying school years, your student has succeeded. With that being said, Tri-Rivers Career Center will be recognizing our successful seniors at a Ceremony on Monday, May 23th, 2022 at 7:00p.m. at the Marion Coliseum located on the Marion County Fairgrounds: 220 E. Fairground St. Marion, Ohio 43302. All senior completers will be recognized for their accomplishments that evening.

This event is a celebration of their achievements and successes while attending Tri-Rivers. Many of our students have set goals that will move them way beyond the walls of TRCC and for that we are honored and privileged to celebrate them.

We held a Senior Meeting with our current senior students during their lunches at TRCC on Friday, April 8th. We have reviewed the important dates and questions regarding the ceremony and end of the year events.

FAQ’s- Frequently Asked Questions:

What should students wear?
Students should dress formally. Males should wear a shirt with a collar, dress shirt and/or tie, and dress pants. Females are encouraged to wear dresses or skirts of appropriate length, or dress pants. We ask that ALL students refrain from wearing t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants and tennis shoes. For safety reasons NO flip flops or high heels. All students will be asked to wear their Home-School purchased Josten’s gowns during the ceremony. No caps or tassels at the TRCC ceremony—students may wear their NTHS/NHS cords. If students are homeschooled or they do not intend to participate at their home school graduation but are interested in walking at Tri-Rivers Senior Recognition—please send them to Mrs. Rhonda Irey by Friday, April 22nd to place a hold on a robe for the event. 

What time does the event start? The event starts promptly at 7:00 pm. We are asking that all students arrive by 6:00 pm to prepare for the line-up and seating arrangements. We ask that all parents attending remain at the event until the last student crosses the stage. This minimizes the distraction from our students that deserve to be recognized properly.

How long does the event last? The event itself typically lasts about 90 minutes. Please be prepared to stay inside the Coliseum until all students are released. We have many students that have worked hard to be recognized and we would like to make sure we honor them.

Are pictures available? Yes. We plan to have a photographer there to take individual pictures of each senior after they cross the stage. We will post these on our social media for parents.

How many guests may attend? At this time we are allowing each graduate to bring as many family/friend members as they would like.

What if I have a family member with Handicap Accessible needs? We will have handicap accessible parking and seating available. The seating is limited so we ask that only one other person sit with them from your family so that we have room for others with needs.

May I take pictures? Yes, we just ask that you wait until after the ceremony to take pictures with your student.

Again, this is a celebration to recognize our seniors and we want to honor their accomplishments at TRCC. Each student that walks across the stage deserves to have their name and accomplishments heard by all- as a reminder please, keep all cell phones and devices on mute until the ceremony is completed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me via email- or check out our website for updated Senior information.


Mrs. Kristina M. Lucas, Executive Director of Operations 2222 Marion Mt. Gilead Road Marion, Ohio 43302






Acceptance Night for New Students April 28

Acceptance Night is for New Students.

The event will begin at 6pm in the Career Tech labs with presentations by Career Tech Instructors. Arrive promptly so you don’t miss anything!  See details below.

Note: Prior to the meeting, there will be a CCP Session at 5pm in the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR/Cafeteria)

Also, prior to Acceptance Night, the new Cosmetology students will meet in the Student Resource Center at This meeting will last one hour. Click here for details Cosmetology Meeting Flyer  2022

Nikki Hamilton receives Pam Decker Memorial Award

Congratulations to Nikki Hamilton, Adult Education Financial Aid Administrator, for receiving the Pam Decker Memorial Award in recognition of her outstanding and dedicated service to students and the financial aid community. Presented by FACA-Financial Aid Coordinators Association.

Congrats to Adult Diploma Graduates

Congratulations to the Adult Diploma graduates! They not only earned their diplomas but gained valuable welding skills! You are AMAZING!

Graduates include (pictured above with Superintedent Dr. Charles Speelman, Instructor Tom Reynolds and Transitions/Placement Coordinator Amy Pirnstill) l-r : Tammie Dial, Brian Shoemaker, James Clegg, Dallas Day, and Sarah Studer.

The Adult Diploma Program provides job training and an alternate pathway for adults, ages 22 or older, to earn an industry-recognized credential aligned to one of Ohio’s in-demand jobs (after passing the WorkKeys, course requirements, and assessments) AND awarded a state-issued high school diploma.

What makes this program different from a traditional high school setting is the delivery of instruction to adults. Instead of measuring academic achievement through clock hours, seat time or credits earned, the focus is on a competency-based approach that provides a self-paced option. Once competencies have been learned, adults then demonstrate mastery of skill. Each eligible adult works with the provider to create a customized student success plan.

Tri-Rivers honors Presidential Post Acute for Distinguished Service

Introduction by Dr. Emeline Kelly

Presidential Post-Acute was chosen as one of the Distinguished Service Award recipients this year. The core component of nursing education and other healthcare programs is the clinical experience. Through this experience under the guidance of licensed and working nursesstudents can take the knowledge they learned and are tested on in the classroom and now apply it in real situations with real patients.

Implementation of our HealthCare Programs requires collaborative partnerships with our clinical sites. Our nursing faculty believe that success in completing nursing education requires the adoption of an effective hands on approach to familiarize the students with new knowledge and essential needs of the patients they will be caring for.

Implication of collaborative Partnership with Presidential

Presidential Post-Acute has been our clinical partner for many years. This distinguished award reflects both past and current service Year after year, they provide us clinical support in preparing our healthcare students in obtaining valuable clinical experiences; allowing our students the opportunities and privilege to care for their residents. These clinical experiences assist students in developing clinical judgement, and critical thinking as well as cultivating their learned skills.

Pictured: Dr. Emeline Kelly, Tri-Rivers; Hillary Suter, Presidential Post Acute;
Dr. Charles Speelman, superintendent; and Linda Dotson, Presidential Post Acute.

The Clinical site

Presidential Post-Acute is a full-service skilled nursing and long-term care facility within the Marion community. They provide a range of services to their residents including physical, occupational, and speech therapies. As well as long-term, palliative, and hospice care.

Presidential Post-Acute is known for its professional and compassionate team of physicians, registered nurses, licensed practical (vocational) nurses as well as state-tested nursing assistants. The Presidential team provides 24-hour care to ensure that all rehabilitation and skilled nursing needs are being met. The residents that reside here can enjoy the finest in senior living paired with the flexibility needed to meet their needs.

Presidential Post-Acute has repeatedly been recognized as one of the best nursing and senior living homes in the region with outstanding results.

The healthcare team is known for being passionate about the residence road to recovery and providing comfort and understanding every step of the way.

The impact of Pandemic

Their commitment and dedication in supporting our students was even more evident during the pandemic Because of COVID 19 all Clinical sites closed their doors and suspended clinical rotation. This resulted in challenges, practical worries, fewer learning opportunities, and even fundamental doubts among faculty and students.

Presidential Post-Acute was one of the first facilities to allow our students to return and participate in clinical education during this trying time. The Nursing administration and staff at Presidential accepted our nursing faculty and students, provided respectful and professional communication about matters such as responsibility for COVID testing, mitigation strategies, the provisions of uniforms and personal protective equipment, and structurally sharing guidelines with nursing faculty and students to provide safe patient care. Through collaborative efforts between the facility’s and education program’s nursing leaders, a safe, and nurturing learning environment was implemented.


Tri-Rivers honors CenMac Metalworks for Distinguished Service

Pictured: Matt Comer, vice president for CenMac Metalworks, Presenter and Welding Instructor Levi Retterer,

Superintendent Dr. Charles Speelman, and CenMac employee and TRCC Board Member Mick Landon


Introduction by Levi Retterer

Tonight it is my honor and privilege to present a Lautenslager Distinguished Service award to CenMac Metalworks. I was lucky to have been an employee of CenMac Metalworks for several years before I started teaching at Tri-River Career Center full time, and still look back at all of the valuable things that I was able to learn during my time there that has really helped me through my career.


CenMac was started in 1960 under the name Central Machine, and it was primarily a metal stamping and tool and die company that supplied several local companies with hinges and latch mechanisms.


Jerry Galbreath joined Central Machine in 1994, and his son Rod joined the company in 1998 and took over as president in 2012. At that time, they were in a small 7,000 square foot shop at the intersection of st rt 309 and st rt 98 and had 13 employees including Rod and Jerry. In that time between 1998 and present day, the company has grown and continues to prosper.


 When they built their new manufacturing facility in 2003 on Fairground street, I remember Rod reminiscing that he did not know how they were going to fill all 25,000 square feet of new space. Fast forward to today and they have expanded that same shop to 68,000 square feet and are breaking ground on an additional 25,000 square feet. They have gone from having a handful of customers who made up 90% of their sales, to now having their largest customer be only 33% of their sales and no other single customer being more than 6% of total sales, showing how much they have diversified since their inception. 


Today the shop employs over 90 individuals and operates on two shifts. This includes around 20 skilled tradesmen and women in the welding department, a majority of which are TRCC graduates. (I often like to joke with Rod that when I was there, the welding department was made up of one other gentleman and myself, and since I left to come here as a teacher, it took 19 people and 9 Robotic welders to replace me. Rod always reminds me that that may not exactly be the case…) 


CenMac is a shop that many people in the trades strive to work for. They provide living wage jobs and benefits to their employees and have a culture within the shop that makes it a great place to work. It is never uncommon to see the president and Vice president out on the shop floor running the scrubber or cleaning things up when they need to, and whenever I am lucky enough to be able to stop in and visit the shop to check on students that are on advanced placement, I always look at how the employees react when the boss is walking around the floor. No one acts nervous around the boss and you can tell that there is a mutual level of respect amongst all that work there. I have no doubts that this is a huge reason for their continued growth and success.


Throughout the years, CenMac has supported Tri Rivers in a multitude of ways. They have donated practice materials to the welding program which is crucial to our operations. They also employ a number of our alumni from our adult and secondary programs as well as current students who are on advanced placement. I am always able to rest easy knowing that students that we send there to work will be treated fairly, not be taken advantage of and will be in a safe working environment. Numerous members of our advisory boards are employees of CenMac metalworks and they are always willing to give us valuable feedback and insights as to what our program needs to provide to our students to make them successful and employable. We also have a member of our very own board of education who is employed at CenMac, Mickey Landon. 


We are proud to be industry partners with CenMac Metalworks and are thankful for all of their support over the years. Rod was unable to join us tonight, But it is my pleasure to present this distinguished award to Vice President Matt Comer and our own Mickey Landon.