New Student Orientation Aug. 10

Tri-Rivers New Student Orientation is Tuesday, August 10 starting at 6 p.m. New students—Transitions and Level 1 students—and their parents are encouraged to attend this important event.

From 6pm to 6:30pm there will be social time with free hotdogs, cookies and punch. During this time students are also encouraged to pick up their schedules, have their ID photos taken, register for parking permits, purchase warehouse items and visit information stations on Teen Institute, Robotics Club, Learning Center, Dean of Students, School Nurse and Technology Resource Center.

At 6:30pm there will be a Welcome Session in the Multi-Purpose Room. Superintendent Chuck Speelman and Executive Director Larry Hickman will provide important information and updates.

At 6:45pm parents and students will have the opportunity to visit labs. Transitions students and parents will stay in the Multi-Purpose Room for additional information. Following the informational session, Transitions students and parents are encouraged to meet with instructors to receive specific program information and to visit various labs.

Sometime during the evening students are invited to pick up two free T-shirts in the Auditorium.  Instructors will have students’ pre-ordered uniforms in their labs and if a student still needs to order unforms, a Dyenamo representative will be available to assist them.

The first day of school for Transitions students, all students in Level 1 programs, all students in satellite programs and all grade 12 students in Job Training is August 17. Level 2 students’ first day is August 18.

For additional information and questions, contact Student Services at 740-389-4681, Ext. 421.


Nursing Graduation 2010

The Tri-Rivers School of Practical Nursing and Tri-Rivers School of Nursing LPN to RN Diploma Program Graduation celebrated the successes of the 2010 graduates at a formal ceremony held at the historic Palace Theatre in Downtown Marion. LPN to RN graduate Aaron Windbigler received the Judith Ryan Higel Award; PN graduates Crystal Black, Nicole Marie Evans, Robin Keaton and Kathleen Denton were recipients of  Margaret Helen Gast Awards.
LPN to RN students graduating with honors included: Jaime Phillips and Aaron Windbigler. Windbigler also received a Perfect Attendance Award.

Practical Nursing students graduating with honors included: Heather Blair, Kathleen Denton, Andrea Schofield and Heather Stiger. PN students with Perfect Attendance included: Blair, Denton, Lindsey Lovett, Deborah Rush, and Ashley Thompson.

Eula Doering gave the LPN to RN student address. Heather Blair gave the PN Day Class Address and Amy Eversole gave the PN Evening Class address.

The Soloist was Jennifer Schaeffer, 1995 School of Practical Nursing graduate. Flowers were presented to each graduate by Twig V. The organist was Angie Carbetta.

Teachers Build Robots

Teachers are on vacation, right? Wrong. Several area math, science and technology teachers are attending a Math Machines Workshop at Tri-Rivers June 14-18—Connecting Math, Science and Technology. They are using algebra and geometric formulas to build a calculator-controlled Science And Math (SAM) vehicle and two other math machines  for use in their classrooms.

The participating instructors are learning to use the SAM vehicle and other materials in activities where students apply mathematics and science concepts to authentic, work-related tasks, explained Ritch Ramey Tri-Rivers Engineering Technology Instructor.  “The SAM vehicle and other math machines give an immediate, physical expression to mathematical functions.”

Ramey said, “The training is the result of a Martha Holden Jennings Foundation Grant and funds from the National Robotics Challenge. The goal is to develop an integrated math curriculum to prepare students for college.”

The overall  mission of Math Machines is to improve the quality of mathematical education, enhance the transfer of mathematical thinking into other classes, and increase students’ ability to apply rigorous mathematics outside the classroom.

Teachers attending  include: Ramey, John  Seibel, Jon Crothers, Michelle Rawlins, Kathleen Reinhard, all of  Tri-Rivers; Shawn Wilhelm from Highland; Kurt Grunert from North Union; Heather Smith from Moapa Valley, NV; Robin VanSickle and Amy Wilson from Grant Middle School; and Amy Washburn from River Valley Middle School. The instructors are Bob Chaney and Fred Thomas.

To learn more about Math Machines visit:

PN, LPN to RN Graduation Friday

Tri-Rivers Adult Education’s  PN and LPN to RN graduation will be this Friday, June 18 at 7:30 pm at the historic Palace in downtown Marion.

The 2010 PN students who will graduate Friday. Watch for photos and video from the event!

Pharmacy Tech Graduation

The Pharmacy Technician  course is designed to prepare students with the knowledge and skills needed to be  successful Pharmacy Technicians. A Pharmacy Technician is a person who works under the supervision of a pharmacist and performs pharmacy related functions. They are employed by retail pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics. It is a 600+ hours (Full-time) program.  We congratulate the spring graduates.

Spring 2010 Adult Education Pharmacy Technician Graduates, front, left to right  Sheri Andresen and Jessica McConnell and back, left to right Sarah Streeter and Tonya Snavely.

This is a web-centered program, which means part of the classes will be completed at the school and part of the classes will be completed in the privacy of your own home, via a software package and the internet. For more information check it out on this site or call Lori McGuire at 740-389-4682, Ext. 5517.

Patient Care Technician Graduation

The Adult Education Patient Care Technician (PCT) program prepares students with a basic entry-level course in health care in order to provide safe, direct care for clients in a variety of health care settings. It is a 700+ hours course.  We congratulate the Spring 2010 graduates.

Adult Education Spring Patient Care Technician Graduates include:  Front Row: left to right—
Susan Coolbaugh, Lindsey Jenkins, Kathy Frankl, Austine Kessell. Back Row: Left to right—
Lisa Beidelschies, Jacqueline Gibbs, Angela Young, Michelle Childers, Jannette Acuña.

The successful candidate may achieve certification in Phlebotomy, EKG, Nurse Aide,  Health Aide, and Coding and Billing. For more information check out the program on this site or call 740-389-4682, Ext. 517.

Student Wins Career Center’s 2010 Incentive Car

Jessica Brockman, a Tri-Rivers Healthcare Professions student from River Valley, won the Career Center’s 2010 Incentive Car.

Students could earn a chances each quarter to win the car by having perfect attendance. The drawing was held during Fish Day, a character education team building activity. The car was a project car for Auto Tech and Collision Repair.


Association Awarded $80,000 Honda Grant

The Ohio Technology Student Association received a Honda grant—$40,000 this year and $40,000 next year—
advancing math scores of students in the Tri-Rivers Career Planning District & consortium schools. Funds will provide “hands on” projects for K-12 curriculum, nspire graphing calculator equipment, professional development and software to math and science programs throughout district.
Read more

Tri-Rivers Community Awards

The 2010 Lautenslager/Tri-Rivers Distinguished Service, Alumni and National Board Certification Awards evening was held recently at the Career Center.

Distinguished Service Awards
The first Distinguished Service Award was presented in 1993 to Jack Lautenslager, who is often referred to as “Mr. Tri-Rivers.” Mr. Lautenslager spearheaded the efforts to pass the original levy that provided the funds to build the Career Center that opened in 1976. He continued to share his expertise and talents with Tri-Rivers his entire life. Today the Distinguished Service Awards are presented in his memory to individuals or groups who donate their time, resources and talents in order to make Tri-Rivers Career Center and Center For Adult Education successful.

This year’s recipients will received plaques and will have their names added to the distinguished group of individuals on the Tri- Rivers Wall of Service and Recognition.

The Recipients include:

Sims Brothers
(Introduced by Kevin Murphy, Adult Education EMS/Fire Instructor)

Sims Brothers, Inc. for many, many years has supported both the Adult Education programs and high school career programs through donations of vehicles for the Public Safety Services, Collision Repair Technology and Automotive Technology programs.

Public Safety Services uses the donated vehicles to practice vehicle extrication. Multiple times within a year Fire Departments deal with minor fender benders, to include: car. vs. semi, car vs. pedestrian, and car vs. tree.

In addition to a physical task, knowledge of old and new models is a necessity. Because constant training is required and only so much can be done through communication and lecture, the vehicles Sims donate are crucial to the training.
Sims also allows Tri-Rivers to utilize their recycling grounds so that the broken glass and sharp penetrating metal is contained. Sims Bros. has also donated cars for students in Auto Tech and Collision Repair to practice and develop their skills to be successful in their career fields.

Sims Brothers is an important partner of Tri-Rivers. We appreciate all you do! Sims Brothers was represented by Gary Sims and Jim McFarland.

Lowell Thurston
(Introduced by Ellen Messenger, Community Relations Director)

Lowell Thurston is best described as a pillar of our community. All of the generosity and expertise that he has shared with Tri-Rivers over the years, he has also—time and time again—shared with other schools, businesses and organizations. Whenever, you attend any fundraiser, you will inevitably see items donated by Carroll’s Jewelers.

Lowell is an integral part of this community and Central Ohio. He’s been involved in Marion Rotary, serving as president and as district governor. He is a past president of the Ohio Jewelers Association and chairman of Palace Cultural Arts Board and City Planning. He’s also served on numerous other Boards over the years. In fact, he even welcomed being “roasted” for a Palace

Perhaps Lowell’s generosity and work ethic was developed while growing up on a farm in Northwest Ohio. Maybe his dedication was honed by serving his country in the U. S. Army in South Korea. And probably his business acumen was enhanced by his degree from Bowling Green. But, I really believe what Lowell gives to Tri-Rivers and this community comes straight from the heart.

He is an accomplished businessman. He served as a General Accounting Manager for GTE before becoming employed by Carroll’s Jewelers. In 1974 he purchased Carroll’s. His extensive knowledge of the business earned him the title of Graduate Gemologist.

He is also a family man. He and his wife, Linda, who is with him tonight are blessed with a son, Lamont, and a daughter Larissa, along with 12 “grandchildren.”

If you know Lowell, you know he is a hard working, fun-loving person who believes in this area—he supports its educational institutions, the cultural arts and the business community.

Lowell is continually optimistic. However, on that February when he watched his landmark jewelry store disappear behind a billowing wall of smoke and fire, he had to be heart sick. Carroll’s Jewelers had operated at that West Center Street location in downtown Marion since 1934.

However, as always Lowell looked forward. He soon had Carroll’s up and running in a temporary location and then once again he opened downtown offering his quality products…but more importantly offering service that is always on a first name basis.

By trade Lowell is a gemologist…but to all of us… Lowell…you ARE a gem. We thank you for your support over the years and thank you for always adding energy to any room you walk into…and any group you belong to. We appreciate you.

Juliet Smith
(Introduced by Laurie Wise, Advanced Health Technologies Instructor)
I would like to introduce award recipient Julie Smith. Julie graduated from Mansfield Business College in 1977 and attended OSU. She received her PHR (Professional in Human Resources) certification through the society of Human Resources Management in 2003.

Julie co-owned a family business and was employed with Smith Clinic as well as with United Church Homes before joining the staff of Marion General Hospital in 2003. She is currently their Recruitment & Retention Specialist.

Her job includes managing all students involved in clinical and job shadowing experiences. She averages 150 clinical students per quarter, in addition there were 115 students that participated in a job shadow experience at MGH in 2009.

The paperwork and state guidelines for managing students in a clinical setting are challenging. Julie has to ensure all students have had TB testing, drug screening, physicals and immunizations. Furthermore, she has to ensure contracts are in place with all institutions sending students to MGH.

Students involved in clinicals are studying healthcare at the college level but Julie has made time and space for TRCC Advanced Health Technologies students to participate in a clinical experience even though they are still in high school. Julie has been invaluable in connecting my students and I with unit managers and healthcare personnel at MGH to make the clinical experience a positive one. She arranges for conference rooms to meet in as well as securing ID badges for the students and arranging for HIPAA training

The clinical experience is important to the education process as it is where the students transfer theory, skills, and academics from the classroom and lab to the workplace. It gives the students the opportunity to apply what they have learned and the satisfaction and pride of functioning as part of a healthcare team.

Julie understands the importance of the clinical experience as a motivator to students and the as a way to expose students to positive role models I honestly believe that without Julie Smith at Marion General holding open the door to opportunity, there would not be the opportunity to participate in a clinical experience. Thank you Julie for all you have done for Tri-Rivers to enhance the learning experience

Carol Bebout
(Introduced by Deb Rellinger, Director of Curriculum, Data & Profession Development)
Carol Bebout, Marion Harding High School Principal, has been a colleague and educational partner for over a decade. Over the years Tri-Rivers Career Center has worked cooperatively with Marion Harding on Tech Prep Satellite Programming. Carol operates with the students’ interests in mind first. Carol is the definition of hard workers as she is the one that I can get an answer from in the early morning hours and often find her at her desk and the last to leave at night. She leads by example. Carol has been my eyes and ears and a true partner for our Tech Prep Engineering and Health programs that are located at Harding.

I asked Ritch Ramey to share his thoughts– Carol has volunteered every year for the National Robotics challenge. She is a tireless worker and vocal supporter of the engineering program at Harding and TRCC. She does it for the kids. Whenever you ask her about possible changes or conflicts she puts the needs of the students first. She has always been very supportive of the students and staff. I always know that she will put the needs of our students above what would make her job easier.

I would also note that she is been an active member of the Engineering and Health Advisory Boards.

Laurie Wise, Tech Prep Health Instructor, added that Carol was instrumental in helping to do a physical expansion of the program as a result of high enrollment yearly and the need for more lab space. Again, Carol is very pro student and displays a positive attitude daily.

Carol started as a special education teacher at Taft Middle School and then became assistant principal at Edison Middle, before becoming assistant principal at Harding and now the first female principal at Marion Harding High School.

Another Marion Harding Instructor noted that Carol does not let any distractions deter her from her job of educating children and supporting her staff to the best of her ability. She makes the workplaces as accommodating as possible. She asks her staff to work hard and give their best to the children of Marion. She supports students academically and in extracurricular activities. Last week we were talking and she told me of a family activity and how she stayed connected with the Marion Harding Basketball Team.

With Carol tonight is her husband Brad Bebout, it is truly an honor to recognize Carol Bebout for the TRCC Distinguished Service Award.

Bob Clement
(Introduced by Charles Speelman, Superintendent)
It is my honor to introduce Bob Clement. Over the years Bob has—from behind the scenes—provided work boots, winter coats, hats, gloves, dress clothes, and other items for senior night or other banquets from either out of his own closet or as a result from a quick trip to Walmart.

He has provided students rides home, alarm clocks, money for field trips, home utilities bills, and even baby supplies. He has volunteered time to help paint the staff lounge as well as the hallways. Also, he has worked bean suppers and stayed to clean-up and was instrumental in establishing the first student “care closet” and provided and even installed the shelving.

Bob’s memberships include:
Lifetime member in American Legion Post 346
Lifetime member and Past President of the Circle M Horseman
Lifetime member of the Ohio Western Horse Assoc.
Chief Steward of the OWHA for 21 years
Former assistant softball coach at Elgin Local Schools

When I think of Bob Clement I think of the Starfish Story: As the story goes with so many starfish on the beach and only one person how could you possibly make a difference. But just as in the story Bob made a difference with one kid at a time!

Here with Bob tonight is: his wife,Eileen; daughter,Denise; son-in-law Donnie; daughter, Danine; daughters Companion,Judith; and son, Dennis.

Gene Wiley
(Introduced by Charles Speelman, Superintendent)
Several weeks ago I received a call and was asked if we could recognize a current board member for the distinguished service award. I couldn’t think of any more deserving person than Gene Wiley. Gene has always looked for ways to balance the needs of students while making sound business decisions. He works hard to make people feel respected and appreciated. As a board member he always comes prepared and organized. He takes great pride in being a board member. He enjoys meeting with students and is genuinely interested in their success.

Here are a few of his educational contributions & awards:
• Currently serves on several committees for the OSBA Northwest region
• 39 years of school board experience (TRCC, Delaware-Union ESC, North Union & North Central Ohio ESC)
• He has been elected vice-president & president on each of those boards through the years.
• Attended Board Leadership Institute – 7 years
• Named to the OSBA 2006 All-Ohio Board
• Represented TRCC numerous times at OSBA Capital Conference
• Ohio ESC award 1995 & 2002
• Recognized by OSBA for decades of service 2002

In his “free time” here are a few of his other activities:
• Member of the Richwood Church of Christ
• Licensed official by the Ohio State Racing Commission & United States Trotting Association
• Since 1975 he has served as a starter and/or presiding judge
• Active In North Union baseball
• Free & Accepted Masons
• Scottish Rite
• Shriners
• And the Richwood Fair Board

He is the proud father of three children & has been blessed with 7 grandchildren & one great granddaughter. He is accompanied here tonight by his wife Peg who retired after 9 years in the North Union School System.

When I think of Gene I am reminded walking into Mount Vernon Nazarene University student union for the first time and seeing the two banners hanging there as student entered. One read, “To be, rather than to seem” and the other was the college motto, “To seek to learn is to seek to serve.”

The statements challenged me during my years in college to truly understand their meaning and how I should apply them to my life. If I could have just watched Gene I could have also learned those lessons that took years to take root. In order to truly lead you must be a servant. Those with the heart of a servant can really make a difference in the life of those that they come in contact with and I see that in Gene every time I have contact with him. Thanks for being a servant for the students and staff of Tri-Rivers.

National Board Certification
(Introduced by Deb Rellinger, Director of Curriculum, Data & Profession Development)
National Board Certification is an advanced teaching credential. It complements, but does not replace, a state’s teacher license. It is valid for 10 years.

Lori Burkart
National Board Certification is achieved upon successful completion of a voluntary assessment program designed to recognize effective and accomplished teachers who meet high standards based on what teachers should know and be able to do. National Board Certification is available nationwide for most K–12 teachers.

As part of the certification process, candidates complete 10 assessments that are reviewed by trained teachers in their certificate areas. The assessments include four portfolio entries that feature teaching practice and six constructed response exercises that assess content knowledge.

Bottom line—National Board Certification is rigorous.

Every child deserves an accomplished teacher — one who is qualified to equip students with the skills to succeed in the 21st century global community. I am proud to recognize Lori Burkhart, Teaching Professions Academy Instructor. Lori received notice late November that she had received the designation of being Nationally Board Certified on her first attempt. Lori is here tonight with her husband David and son Allan along with Beth Bay Savage, TRCC Technology Resource Center Coordinator, NBC Mentor and holds the honor of being Nationally Board Certified. Also with us tonight is Patti Muir, NBC Mentor and previous Teaching Professions Academy Instructor.

The percentage for passage of National Board the first time is a very low percentage. Dave, you are one of the lucky ones who moved through this process with your spouse in a one year span.

Lori Burkhart started her teaching career at Bucyrus City Schools in a K-4 Learning Disability Class. Lori ‘s summer schedule was serving as a reading and math tutor for PIC. She then became PIC Youth Services Coordinator here in Marion.

Lori was hired in 1992 as a Job Training Coordinator, later moved to Career Assessment and now is our Teaching Professions Instructor. Lori brings a unique educational perspective to her Teaching Professions students because of her diversity of experiences. Less than a month ago I was observing the TPA Class, Lori and our new Transitions Human Services students and Becky Salyer. WOW what a unique amazing observation to see the TPA students shift to a teacher mode. More importantly was after Mrs. Salyer and the Transitions students left to listen to the conversation and reflection of Lori and her students. It was truly a memorable experience for all including myself.

Why is Lori so successful I believe it is her diverse educational experiences. For many years Tri-Rivers Career Center has embraced the FISH philosophy and so has Lori:

• Choose Your Attitude
• Make Their Day
• Be Present
• Have Fun

Lori Burkhart, I am proud to recognize you.

Outstanding Alumni

Chief Clint Canterbury

(Introduced by Adult Director Richard George)
It is my pleasure this evening to introduce a very special alumnus who has dedicated his life to public service for our Marion area.

These are our Vision and Mission Statements…I’m not going to read it to you. I just share a couple of items….the Tri-Rivers Career Center Mission is to prepare secondary and adults students to contribute, advance and succeed in the 21st Century workforce…to be responsible community members, and to embrace learning as a life-long process. Chief Canterbury story shows that mission in action.

Chief Canterbury is an alumni of both our Secondary and Adult Ed programs. Back in 1993 Clint Canterbury graduated from Tri-Rivers Ag-Diesel Program His instructor was Dan Hayman, who also just happens to have a love for Public Service and is now retired from Tri-Rivers but serves as Fire Chief of Pleasant Township.

After graduating from Secondary, Clint went to work for Marion Steel, he started in our Adult Ed Program in 1994 and completed the Volunteer Fire Fighter course in January 1997. He completed EMT Basic In January 1999 and graduated from our Paramedic Program in June 2000. In February of 2009 he completed the Instructor Course and is now certified to teach in our Fire / Rescue Program.

We just graduated our first Fire / Rescue class and Clint was a key instructor in the advanced training section of the program. He specializes in Technical Rescue Training, Rope Rescue, Confined Space, Trench Rescue, Haz-Mat, Heavy Rescue, and Auto Extrication.

Chief Canterbury holds certifications as:
• Certified Fire Officer III
• Certified Fire Safety Inspector
• Certified in Tower Rescue up to 500′
• And is also a Hazardous Materials Technician Instructor for the Ohio
Fire Academy

Training aside, Chief Canterbury’s professional resume includes:
Starting as a volunteer Fireman at Pleasant Township in 1994. After completing his EMT Basic Training, Clint was hired by Marion Township and worked as a part-time fire fighter until 1999 when he was hired full time. In February 2008 he was hired as Assistant Chief of 1st Consolidated Fire Department and then in January 2009 was promoted to Chief of 1st Consolidated. He also serves as Assistant Chief at Pleasant Township and is a part-time instructor at Tri-Rivers and the Ohio Fire Academy.

As you can tell Chief Canterbury lives our mission of life-long learning and continuous education.

Chief Canterbury is here this evening with Kimberly, Kennedy, and Carson and we would like to welcome them.

Julie Dunn-Sites

(Introduced by Dennis Swartz, retired Secondary Director)
I had been working at TRCC for 8 years when as the newly appointed Director, I thought that I should visit Cosmetology for a haircut. I thought it would be good to show faith in the students to have them cut the Director’s hair.

Well, the faith was proven true and about two years later a young lady began cutting my hair on a regular basis while a student. In 1988, that young lady graduated, received her certificate and began her career as a cosmetologist. For a year or so I lost track of her work record, but during one summer with TRCC closed, I decided to look her up in her new position as a hair stylist at Kingston Residence, where she again became my barber. Having attended and graduated from Barber school with her Barber’s certificate, she soon became an employee at Southland Barbershop working for then owner Richard Wallace.

I had been going to Wally’s shop off and on for some time and was pleased to see her working there. I always requested her for my haircut and one day when my turn came, Wally asked me “do you want a good haircut or are you waiting for Julie?” I said BOTH, and that put an end to those kind of statements from Wally.

Julie now owns Southland Barbershop, having purchased it from Wally several years ago, and she continues to have me as a regular customer. And, sometimes I have the opportunity to have my hair cut by two other Tri-Rivers alumni, Tonya Ritchie Flavel and Annette Temple Montis, who she has employed at her shop to provide good haircuts.

We’ve had a 24 year friendship and during that time, Julie has assisted me with Marionaires Barbershop ticket sales and promotions, Kiwanis pancake day and valentine day sales, and other events. I have learned of her trials and tribulations in nurturing and supporting her special needs child and also her sister Jodie’s child.
Her work with the school systems, and other agencies for her children are to be commended. I know he’s been back to TRCC for re-certification work in the cosmetology department and supports the work of Tri-Rivers in every way possible.

I was recently privileged to host both Julie and Tonya at a Kiwanis meeting and they made the comment… “it seemed like old times.” Well, it seems like old times tonight to be introducing a former student, a Tri-Rivers alumnus, and a successful career business person, and a dear friend, for the 2010 Outstanding Alumni award. Congratulations to Julie Dunn Sites on this honor.

School Video Receives National Award

Tri-Rivers school video received the Best of the Best award at the annual National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) Conference.

“What is exciting about this honor is that our Digital Media & Entertainment students under the direction of their instructor, Mark Yannitell, did all of the video taping,” said Ellen Messenger, Community Relations Director for TRCC.”There was very little scripting and what there was Mark and I worked on it together. This was very low budget project, but Mark and the students’ creativity was fantastic.”

In fact, Messenger said the video won over videos costing $25,000. “The easiest way to put it is that Mr. Yannitell and his students’ creativity was priceless. One judge told me after watching the video she wanted to come to Tri-Rivers.”

Mr. Yannitell, far right, with his video crew—Digital Media & Entertainment students—pose after learning the school video—Be Amazing!—received a National School Public Relations Assoc (NSPRA) award for being the “Best of the Best” video. Community Relations Director Ellen Messenger submitted the video, saying,”I had a feeling they had created something special. I’m glad Mr. Yannitell’s and his students’ hard work and creativity was recognized. They are amazing!”

The school also received a Mark of Excellence award for its course catalog.