TRCC’s Treasurer/CFO inducted into MTC’s Alumni Hall of Fame

Above, Tammi Cowell is picture with Dr. Amy Adams of MTC.

Tammi Cowell, Tri-Rivers Treasurer/CFO. 

Mrs. Tammi Cowell, Tri-Rivers Treasurer/CFO was inducted into Marion Technical College’s Alumni Hall of Fame Thursday, November 17, at a ceremony held in the Health Technolgoies Center on the Marion Campus.

Mrs. Cowell oftentimes talks about people today needing more grit.   Mrs. Cowell IS the definition of grit—she displays true grit. Her courage and resolve as she has faced life’s obstacles is truly amazing.

She started her career at TRCC.  She was a very young mom and a high school secretary at Tri-Rivers. She handled both roles—and her many other roles —with a confidence and maturity that belied her youthful age. She moved from that position to the Executive Secretary to the Superintendent. 

As a life-long learner she continued her education, here at MTC, then earning a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree from Mount Vernon Nazarene University. All along she continued to grow in her career. She left Tri-Rivers to become the treasurer/CFO at Northmor and then hired back at Tri-Rivers as Treasurer/CFO. 

At Northmor Mrs. Cowell improved their cash balance from $0 to $6 million in five year. And since returning to Tri-Rivers she has doubled Tri-Rivers’ cash carryover balance in just three years by implementing cost savings measures and managing or initiating several grants.


                          MTC Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees, l-r: Tammi Cowell, John “Tom” Gleespen, Sue Jacob and Darl Snyder.

Mrs. Cowell is also active in the Ohio Association of School Business Officials  (also know as OASBO) by serving as a board member and worker bee on many committees. 

Locally she is active in the Junior Service Guild and Marion Women’s Club Home. She’s also board member for the Women’s Business Council and has been active with United Way and the Salvation Army.

In 2019 she received Central Region Distinguished Service Award by OASBO’s Foundation for School Business Management. That same year she was selected as an Emerging Leader for OASBO. Tammi was named as an Outstanding Alumni at Tri-Rivers.

Mrs. Cowell has taken her Associate Degree and continued to build on it…She has continually given back to Marion Technical College by serving for many years as a business advisory committee member. She IS a proud MTC graduate and a wonderful ambassador.

Whatever job Mrs. Cowell has, she takes it to the next level. She not only has grit, she is disciplined, tenacious and a force in her field. She is very deserving of this award. Congratulations, Mrs. Cowell! All of us at TRCC are proud of you!