Emergency Medical Responder

This 64 hour course is designed to provide training in emergency medical care for those who are apt to be the first persons responding to an emergency incident.

Fire, police, civil defense personnel, school bus drivers, day-care providers, utility workers and industrial workers are a few examples of those persons who would benefit from this training. The student will receive both didactic and psychomotor skills training in CPR, patient assessment, fracture management, airway management and trauma management. Successful completion of this course will enable the student to sit for the First Responder certification exam

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EMS First Responder students receive classroom and skills training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), patient assessment, and fracture and airway management.

This class is recommended for:

  • people without a medical background who wish to enter the EMT program;
  • anyone who wishes to learn the basics of emergency medical care;
  • firefighters, police officers, lifeguards and others from agencies involved in public safety;
  • employees involved in company safety programs
    *This program is only offered as customized training to any agency requesting the training. A minimum of 10 students is required.
    For further information and current pricing please contact
    Emeline Kelly, director of Public Safety Services