District Message

By Principal Chris Solis

Dear Tri-Rivers Families,

2222 Marion Mt. Gilead Rd • Marion, OH 43302

We hope all of you are doing well during this time of Stay at Home order from the Director of Ohio Department of Health. We understand that our students at this moment are thinking about school events such as graduation, prom, industry credentials, CCP, coursework, advancing to the next grade and spring extracurricular activities etc. and ultimately this has been put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we follow the order given to us by the Director of Ohio Health Department, we are being informed each day what the next steps are as we fight this pandemic together united to protect all Ohioans. Ohio officials are asking for all of us to help as they are developing strategies to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and every Ohioan has a part to play in helping to save lives. This pandemic is bigger than all of us but we can be united to help stop the spread of this virus by listening and following the orders of Ohio officials.

As we begin the second week of remote learning we ask all of our students and parents to please make sure they have access to our online platform CANVAS and they are logging in each day to check for assignments, messages and conferencing with their instructors. We understand this has not been the traditional model that students have been accustomed to but this will be the model moving forward to help our students reach their academic goals and their progression for the remainder of the school year. All of us working together will allow our students to be successful and prepare them for future endeavors. Thank you for being a valuable stakeholder and if you or your student have any questions please reach out to that teacher.

We recommend that students complete their online work between the hours of 8am-3pm. However, as long as students are logging in and receiving passing grades and meeting due dates, they are able to create their own work schedule. Please collaborate with your child on setting expectations for his/her schedule during this time of remote learning.

Please visit Tri-Rivers’ website regularly for updated information. We will continue to update you on the latest news and events taking place at Tri-Rivers. Please know that we miss working with all of the students face to face on a daily basis. We will get through this UNITED working together. Our building at this time is closed and if you need any assistance, please feel free to call the main office (740) 389-4681 or email connections@tririvers. com. Thank you again for your patience and being a valuable member to Stay at Home and stopping the spread of the virus and saving lives in Ohio.

Chris Solis Tri-Rivers Principal