James Emery

Engineering Technologies @ RAMTEC
James Emery
Design Operations Officer, Blueway Technologies
2019 Tri-Rivers graduate

James joined the Tri-Rivers/RAMTEC family as a sophomore. By the end of his first year, he had begun working with Blueway Technologies, where he is now a design operations officer. He also continued his education at Marion Technical College in Electrical Engineering. He is currently working with his company as the lead developer of a new product to sanitize water fountains. 

…I wasn’t sure I wanted to come to Tri-Rivers, but after a week I had easily adapted and made friends. I liked the relaxed atmosphere in RAMTEC. Most of all, I liked the project-based learning. As a junior I worked on two projects for Whirlpool. I love the freedom and creativity in engineering. Tri-Rivers was a great choice for me.