Matt Smith

Culinary Arts
Matt Smith, CEC, CCA / Executive Chef

Named Chef of the Year for the Columbus, OH area by the American Culinary Federation
2001 Tri-Rivers graduate

From a Steakhouse in Marion to running one of the largest food service operations in Columbus, Ohio, Chef Smith has had a very exciting and challenging career. After Tri-Rivers, he continued his education at Hocking College. From there he rose through the ranks at the Hyatt hotels and resorts to become an Executive Sous Chef before taking over his own properties with the Westin, and Sheraton respectively; he now currently manages a 1.8 million square foot operation in the heart of downtown Columbus. Chef Smith has been nationally recognized five times for his efforts and contributions to the Culinary field, education, and community involvement.

…Tri-Rivers opened doors to a career path that suited what I enjoyed and hadn’t really thought of as a career. The
hands-on approach and fundamentals in the trade classrooms at Tri-Rivers offer an exponential leg up. Then I continued in post-secondary education. The end result is that the toolbox that Tri-Rivers offered me has been a huge asset to my success…