Max Russell

Engineering Technologies at Tri-Rivers RAMTEC
Vitro in Crestline
2020 Tri-Rivers graduate
Max was hired as a maintenance tech with plans to become a general maintenance mechanic. He works on servicing and fabricating the equipment used in the production of the automotive glass.
From the first day to the last, we never stopped learning new things in Tri-Rivers’ RAMTEC. Whether it was about Industrial Robots, PLCs, Digital Electronics, or Life Skills, we had an opportunity to learn every day. The instructors at RAMTEC and Tri-rivers are amazing and passionate about what they do; they take pride in teaching the next generation. My favorite part about RAMTEC and Tri-Rivers is that the instructors treated us like adults, which helped tremendously, it gave me a view into the real world and helped me learn how to become an adult. I also loved all the opportunities to be involved in extra clubs and other events.  The Drug Free. Hire Me!™ club was one I was involved in; it was great to be able to show future employers that I was drug free through high school. I was also in the Ambassador Club, where we gave tours to the incoming 8th graders, 9th graders and 10th graders. Being in the Ambassador Club helped me to sharpen my public speaking skills as well as my people skills. RAMTEC has set me up a great future and helped me get placed in a great career!