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Tri-Rivers honors Outstanding Alumni

The Outstanding Tri-Rivers Alumni awards were presented to Career Center and Adult Center graduates who have contributed to their communities, are outstanding in their career fields and/or have furthered their educations. These individuals are Tri-Rivers Success Stories.

DeeDee Farmer was a graduate of the first class at Tri-Rivers Career Center in 1977. After graduating from the Secretarial program, she worked in Customer Service at Central Soya in Marion. She then worked for Popped Right Popcorn, now known as Wyandot Popcorn, where she became the Customer Service Manager.

In 1988, while at Popped Right Popcorn, her three-year-old son, Darren, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. She left the workforce temporarily to care for Darren and his siblings, Corey and Nicole. She knew she would eventually have to return to work.

While caring for a child with a chronic illness, working various part-time jobs and raising her family, DeeDee started working on her nursing degree at Marion Technical College and graduated in 1993. After passing her NCLEX exam, she worked in the Oncology Unit at Grant Hospital. She then returned to Marion and worked in the ICU and then the ER at Marion Med Center. She then worked in the ER in Marysville, Bucyrus, St. Ann’s and Marion General.

Sixteen years ago, she started working for Tri-Rivers Adult Education’s Nursing program. She went back to school and earned her BSN. She currently teaches in the Practical Nursing, LPN to RN programs and is the coordinator for the Skills Lab. She also keeps all the records for 150 plus nursing students.

She exemplifies Tri-Rivers mission of educating students, giving opportunities to go forth and be prosperous in our own community. She inspires the students she works with, bringing her passion for nursing and serving as a positive presence in the lives of these students.

Drew Mosley graduated in 2007 from Marion Harding High School and was a top student in Tri-Rivers Engineering Technologies program. He was the student that given a project, drawing, or program problem would figure it out and help all his friends (which was everyone) figure it out. He was and is a natural teacher.

He went to Bowling Green State University (BGSU) and graduated as a Technology Education instructor. He honed his skills by student teaching at Cardington and coaching their Vex Robotics team. While finishing up his degree at BGSU he needed a few courses that he could take at Columbus State. He must have really made a big impression there. He was so good that Columbus State hired him and placed him as a Technical Training Instructor for Honda of America Manufacturing.

He has become a very valued part of the Honda team. He has taken on great responsibilities and is by far the youngest trainer at Honda. He has hosted many tours and has always done a great job with our Tri-Rivers students. He has judged the state SkillsUSA, Vex Robotics and the National Robotics Challenge contests.

This past Fall Drew also taught Mitsubishi PLCs and Yaskawa Motoman Robotics industrial certification courses for Tri-Rivers in the evening.

Wherever he goes, whatever projects he focuses on throughout his life the people around him will always be better off because he one of those people that will make a huge impact on the world around him.

Marion Township Fire Chief Ben Meddles has dedicated his life to public service for our Marion area. He began his Public Safety studies at Tri-Rivers 29 years ago when he enrolled in a Volunteer Fire Fighter Training class. He completed that training and continued right on with his Basic EMT class. After completing those studies, he was employed by the Marion Township Fire Department where he continues to serve our community today. In 1993 Ben enrolled in our Paramedic Program and he graduated from the Paramedic program in June 1994.

Chief Meddles began his career at Marion Township in 1989 as a part-time fire fighter / EMT, then in 1992 he was promoted to Dispatcher, in 1993 to a Career Fire Fighter, in 2004 he was promoted to Lieutenant, and in July 2016 he became Chief of the Marion Township Fire Department.

Chief Meddles values lifelong learning and has received additional training throughout his career; including Hazmat training, Technician Level, Water Rescue Technician, EOC Training and Advanced Fire Investigation training. As a Lieutenant he was in charge of the water rescue team. He has conducted multiple water and ice-rescue trainings over the years.In local paper archives there are articles detailing Chief Meddles commitment to community safety and training. In addition to responding to fire and EMS calls throughout his career, Chief Meddles has provided valuable safety training to instruct the public about fire safety. He has helped teach hundreds of community children lessons in fire safety.

Chief Ben continues to give back to Tri-Rivers by serving on our Public Safety Program Advisory Board.

Kathryn Keller not only graduated from Tri-Rivers Patient Care Technician (PCT) program, she also graduated from the Practical Nursing and the LPN to RN program—earning numerous certifications and licensures.
Through her education and mentoring, Katie has touched many lives—not only her patients, but her family, friends and the students she mentors.
In 2010 she enrolled in PCT program. She always showed excellent leadership qualities, which is a necessity in the healthcare field. With her care and compassion for others, it was obvious healthcare was her calling.
Upon Completion of the Patient Care Technician Program, she chose to enroll in Tri-Rivers LPN Program and completed it in 2012. During this time, she showed how truly driven she was, and no matter what obstacle was placed in front of her she would conquer. Upon Completion of the Practical Nursing Program she began working at a local nursing home. During this time, we were very fortunate to be able to stay in contact with her, while doing clinicals at that facility. The interaction and care she provided to her patients was phenomenal. The residents absolutely loved her, she could make them feel as if they were the only one she was caring for.
After working in the field for a year and completing her prerequisite courses, she then enrolled in Tri-Rivers LPN-RN program in 2013, which she completed in 2014. During this time, she exhibited exceptional growth as a nurse. Upon Completion of the RN program she quickly accepted a job at The Center for New Beginnings at Marion General Hospital.
This was definitely her calling. Not only had Katie dreamed of being a nurse, but she also dreamt of following in her grandfather’s Jim Schuler footsteps. Dr. Shuler was an OB/GYN in Marion for numerous years, and touched many lives.
She is currently working to achieve her BSN at the Ohio University, and is currently giving back to Tri-Rivers, by being a preceptor to our current students. Her lifelong learning goal is to become a Midwife.