School Video Receives National Award

Tri-Rivers school video received the Best of the Best award at the annual National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) Conference.

“What is exciting about this honor is that our Digital Media & Entertainment students under the direction of their instructor, Mark Yannitell, did all of the video taping,” said Ellen Messenger, Community Relations Director for TRCC.”There was very little scripting and what there was Mark and I worked on it together. This was very low budget project, but Mark and the students’ creativity was fantastic.”

In fact, Messenger said the video won over videos costing $25,000. “The easiest way to put it is that Mr. Yannitell and his students’ creativity was priceless. One judge told me after watching the video she wanted to come to Tri-Rivers.”

Mr. Yannitell, far right, with his video crew—Digital Media & Entertainment students—pose after learning the school video—Be Amazing!—received a National School Public Relations Assoc (NSPRA) award for being the “Best of the Best” video. Community Relations Director Ellen Messenger submitted the video, saying,”I had a feeling they had created something special. I’m glad Mr. Yannitell’s and his students’ hard work and creativity was recognized. They are amazing!”

The school also received a Mark of Excellence award for its course catalog.


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