Distinguished Service

TRCC honors Distinguished Service

Tri-Rivers/Lautenslager Distinguished Service recipients were honored at the 2017 Board Dinner, Wednesday, April 19 in the Multi-Purpose Room at the Career Center.

2017 Tri-Rivers/Lautenslager Distinguished Service Awards

The first Distinguished Service Award was presented in 1993 to Jack Lautenslager, who is oftentimes referred to as “Mr. Tri-Rivers.”  Lautenslager spearheaded the efforts to pass the original levy that provided the funds to build the Career Center that opened in 1976. He continued to share his expertise and talents with Tri-Rivers his entire life. Today the Distinguished Service Awards are presented in his memory to individuals or groups who donate their  time, resources and/or talents in order to make Tri-Rivers Career Center and Center For Adult Education successful.

Three groups/individuals received Distinguished Service Awards:

Fairhaven Community

One the necessities for implementing a successful nursing program is to have an effective collaboration that expands traditional clinical education boundaries and leads to new opportunities for nursing education and practice, said Richard George, the Director of Adult Education. “For over 15 years, the Fairhaven Community Nursing Center has provided a great deal of support to the Tri-Rivers Center for Adult Education nursing programs. They have partnered with us by allowing our nursing students many opportunities for hands-on clinical training. The varying levels of patient care allow nursing students to refine skills learned in classroom and laboratory.”

Fairhaven’s commitment to our school and the community extends to providing student preceptorship opportunities.  Preceptorship is a practical clinical experience, in which, a practicing nurse volunteers to give personal instruction, training, and supervision to a nursing student.

We sincerely appreciate the support that Fairhaven provides to our students – friendly staff, amazing facilities, high tech environment, and a highly reliable and efficient communication system. The best part is that when you walk through the doors, it feels like home, said George.

• Christy Biller, RN at Fairhaven Community Nursing Home

Christy Biller, RN, receives a Tri-Rivers/Lautenslager Distinguished Service Award. Presented by Richard George, Director of Adult Education at Tri-Rivers.

Another necessity for implementing a successful nursing program is to have an effective program advisory committee, particularly for programs that serve to enhance the workforce, said George.

“The opportunity to obtain input, feedback, ideas, and different perspectives from individuals with a vested interest in the success of our programs and most importantly, our students, is paramount to the success, growth, and improvement of a career school, as well as the design, development, and improvement of the programs of study,” said George.

It was an honor for us to recognize Christy Biller, a Fairhaven employee who has been a member of our healthcare advisory board for over 10 years and in 2015 accepted the position to serve as the Chair of the Healthcare Program Advisory committee.

Christy has a great professional reputation and is associated with a very reputable employer; she has been the Staff Development Coordinator and Unit Coordinator for rehab at Fairhaven Community Nursing Center.

Christy’s commitment is evident as she consistently attends meetings, is prepared and provides a meaningful review of the Healthcare programs in key areas including equipment, facilities, program curriculum, and student outcomes. She has assisted in scheduling, arranging, and managing meetings.

Her participation in our Healthcare Program Advisory Committee helps ensure compliance with our accrediting and regulatory agencies. She understands the skills and knowledge required in the profession and can connect that with the health and nursing program of studies.

She has been a great advocate for the Career Center and its students and shows a vested interest in the success of our institution. She is always willing to help out and her service in providing advisement and support of our programs and students is very much appreciated. She is a very deserving of the honor of receiving a Tri-Rivers/Lautenslager Distinguished Service Award.

• Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson has played an active role in providing technology training to area students. He has partnered with Tri-Rivers for years and has been a huge supporter of Tri-Rivers and RAMTEC,” said Chuck Speelman, TRCC Superintendent.

Mark has been teaching Industrial Technology at Harding High School since 2004. He has consistently worked at the National Robotics Challenge held at the Marion Veterans Coliseum and Fairgrounds.

He helped to host the original Vex Contest for Ohio at Harding in 2009. He has also helped to run every Vex Robotics camp since our first one in 2012. His support of RAMTEC includes being involved in RAMTECOhio Vex programming and being a teacher for Vex Robotics Train the Trainer.

His support of RAMTEC is one of the main reasons we had such a successful Level I Engineering Tech program this year. He sent us eight very well trained engineering students. He is part of the pipeline to fill the skills gap in Ohio.

Robinson truly was a very important piece on the creation of RAMTEC. He has helped us develop a great relationship with Harding High School. He is a tireless worker and has always been involved in all our contests, camps and events.

Mark was unable to attend the ceremony due to being at the World Vex Robotics contest in Louisville, Kentucky.